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Should You Mix Whisky

Should You Mix Whisky: 4 Best Whisky Mixers

A common misconception held by many whisky enthusiasts is that there’s a “right” way to drink the amber ambrosia and that it is a sin to mix whisky. But is that really true? It’s easy to feel inundated with do’s and don’ts when approaching whisky for the first time, but don’t let yourself fall prey

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How Should Different Types Of Whisky Be Stored?

Whisky is often referred to as a gentleman’s drink. There is more to it that its smoothness and fine taste. Good company and a glass of the finest whisky in the house is all you need to relax and unwind after a long day at work. If you are a whisky lover or a collector,

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Guide To The Different Types of Whisky

The world of whisky can be a very diverse and strange place. However, the journey to discover the best of what whisky has to offer is not that difficult when you take advantage of the resources available. What Are the Different Types of Whisky? “Rye whisky” can mean two different, yet closely related, varieties of

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Whisky Reviews

Lee Hill

Best Whisky Stones And Tumblers For Beginners

Drinking whisky is a full sensory immersion. The taste is only one component; it’s in the aromas that rise as you lift the tumbler and breathe in, the shimmering colour of the liquid, and the way the glass fits into your palm. That’s where the best whisky tumbler and whisky stones come in — a

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Lee Hill

17 Best Gifts To Buy A Whisky Drinker

Whisky or alternatively, whiskey, is one of the most popular distilled alcoholic beverages around. Created from fermented grain mash and aged in wooden casks, its proponents love it with the kind of passion that one usually associates with ardent sports fans. In light of this, we have created a guide to the best gifts to

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News From The Whisky Blog

New Colorado Whisky

New Colorado Whisky Jess Graber, majority owner and manager of Stranahan’s. Colorado Whisky has just tapped the distillery’s first barrel, produced in April 2004. The 2004 output was 1,000 cases only, so interested customers should hurry if they want a sip of the 2004 batch. Another chance will come next year when the 3,000 casks

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Five Millionth Barrel Of Kentucky Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., the nation’s largest independent family-owned distilled spirits producer and the world’s second-largest holder of aging Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, celebrated the 31st of January the filling of Bourbon barrel 5,000,000. Heaven Hill is only the second Bourbon producer to reach the historic benchmark. “Heaven Hill recognises this milestone first and foremost

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New Laphroaig Campaign

New Glen Garioch Visitor Centre The Glen Garioch Distillery at Oldmeldrum near Aberdeen has just opened its new visitor centre. The £200,000 facility is owned by Morrison Bowmore and is the newest addition to the visitor centers Morrison Bowmore are establishing on Islay and at Auchentoshan, near Glasgow. New Owner of Glen Grant Distillery Italian

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New English Whisky Company

Andrew Nelstrop, a 33 year old English businessman, is planning to open his own distillery. However the site of his distillery will not be Scotland or Ireland as most people would presume -but in Norfolk, England. Nelstrop plans to invest £1 million in the Norfolk Whisky Company, which will eventually include a bottling plant, shop

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Maxximum Acquires Canadian Club Whisky

Maxximum Acquires Canadian Club As a result of the recent Jim Beam Brands acquisition, Maxximum Canada announces the addition of Canadian Club Whisky to its premium spirit portfolio. Together with three other brands including Sauza Tequila this makes Maxximum the third largest spirits group in Canada as a complement to its number one position in

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