How to Support Local Food Businesses

Supporting local food businesses is a great way to elevate your community and its members. By supporting local businesses, you’re taking part in the maintenance of your community’s identity. However, there’s more to supporting a business than throwing your money at it.

There’s a lot you can do to promote local businesses and encourage others to do the same. Here are some tips so that you can effectively help local food joints thrive.

Mention Them on Social Media

When you share a picture of the restaurant or the food, make sure to tag and mention them on social media. The people that follow you will have an easier time knowing where you got your food this way.

Mentioning the business on social media also helps others find them faster when they get looked up online. The more you mention them, the more you contribute to the restaurant’s digital footprint.

Leave Online Reviews

Leave online reviews to boost the restaurant’s reputation. Make sure to leave a thoughtful, honest review. Many readers are skeptical of a perfect review that doesn’t go into detail. Talk about your thoughts on the service, what you ate, and the environment.

Leave pictures of the establishment as well as the food you ate. If you are a frequent customer, say so and state how often you go.

Recommend Them to Others

Recommend the restaurant to your friends and family. Whenever there’s an outing or a party to be planned, mention the restaurant and talk about how great the food is.

If you recommend the restaurant for different events but it never gets chosen, slowly introduce the place to your friends. Go on one-on-one dates and get-togethers with the people you know. If they fall in love with the restaurant as much as you have, you won’t be the only one promoting it.

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Use Them for Catering

Ask the restaurant if they have deals for big events. You can use them for catering instead of hiring an actual catering company.

If the restaurant is well-known locally, there is one major advantage to using them over a catering company. For one, the menu will be something everyone knows and loves already. Catering companies often use their own menus, so guests might not be completely satisfied if they aren’t familiar with the way the food is prepared.

Order Food Delivery with Discounts

Order from them through a food delivery app like Grubhub. Ordering takeout helps the restaurant more than actually visiting it sometimes. You can use a Grubhub promo code to get your delivery fee waived and get incredible discounts with every order.

Don’t be shy about ordering from your favorite restaurant frequently. Sign up for Grubhub’s loyalty programs and get access to exclusive deals and holiday sales that will keep you supporting your local restaurants for a long time.

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