Five Millionth Barrel Of Kentucky Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., the nation’s largest independent family-owned distilled spirits producer and the world’s second-largest holder of aging Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, celebrated the 31st of January the filling of Bourbon barrel 5,000,000. Heaven Hill is only the second Bourbon producer to reach the historic benchmark.

“Heaven Hill recognises this milestone first and foremost as a celebration of the legacy of my father and his four brothers. They played a major role in the development of a unique American industry,” said Heaven Hill Distilleries President Max L. Shapira. “This occasion is also testament to the craftsmanship of the Beam family. The result of their stewardship is unique and innovative American Whiskey enjoyed worldwide.”

Between yesterday’s milestone and the time the first barrel was filled on Friday, December 13th, 1935, Heaven Hill has seen dramatic changes in the country and the industry, but remains true to its mission as a family-owned and operated Kentucky company. “As we continue on our journey to ten million barrels and beyond, our family will navigate the future by building on the wisdom and hard work of earlier generations,” said Shapira.

The five millionth barrel was “bunged off” by sixth- and seventh-generation father and son Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam in a brief ceremony at Heaven Hill’s new cistern room on the Bardstown company’s campus. Every drop of Heaven Hill whiskey has been distilled by a Beam.

The occasion also recognized 45 years of service by Master Distiller Parker Beam. Parker Beam is a “Lifetime Achievement Award” winner by Malt Advocate Magazine. He will be presented with a commemorative yeast jug at the ceremony.

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The Bruichladdich Bar

The Spirited Soap Company uses whisky to make transparent soap. Ailsa Hayes, as a pharmaceutical research chemist with Glaxo SmithKlyne, learnt that to make transparent soap it requires alcohol to clarify it.

Made from vegetable oils using the traditional ‘cold process’ technique, the soap is cooked with sugar, vegetable glycerine and finally the spirit is added. The soap is then scented with essential oils – so you don’t smell like an alcoholic.

Commissioned by the distillery, The Bruichladdich Bar is made by the same technique to capture the very essence of whisky-making:

Instead of girly perfumes, the soap is naturally scented using whisky-drenched oak shavings from the inside a Bruichladdich cask. It gives a toasty, cold-tar sort of aroma – altogether more butch. And because the casks are charred on the inside in the barrel-making process the soap is both transparent and almost jet black.

Ideal for the true single malt enthusiast….

New whiskyrange from Wemyss Vintage Malts.

A new range of whisky is launched by Wemyss Vintage Malts. The company is Scottish and is owned by the family with the same name. They have just recently started and have had help from the whisky expert Charles Maclean to select casks for their whisky range. The whisky are bottled “by region” and are Highland, Speyside, Islay and Lowlands. ABV is 46% and they cost (RRP) £35 each.

Michael Collins -New Irish Whiskey From Cooley Distillery

Cooley Distillery, the only independent Irish-owned distillery in Ireland will release a new whisky brand in march 2006. The whisky has been named for Michael Collins, the Irish hero who was at the forefront in Ireland’s struggle for independence and the man behind the treaty of 1921 creating the Republic of Ireland.

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Michael Collins will be available both as a blend and as a single malt. The blend is a mix of pot- and column-distilled whiskeys which are aged for five years minimum. Because the whisky has been aged in small casks, the whisky has matured rapidly and should be in good ’drinking condition’. The single malt is pot distilled and created from both grain and barley. Peat is used during the drying process, which means that Michael Collins will be an addition in the peated range coming from Cooley distillery.

Cooley Distillery also produces Kilbeggan and Locke’s as well as Tyrconnell Single Malt, Connemara Peated Single Malt and a few others.

Michael Collins will be available in both Ireland and in the United States in March, 2006. The blend, Michael Collins Irish Whisky, will be available in the liter, 750ml, 375ml, and 50ml sizes. The Michael Collins Single Malt Irish Whiskey will be available in the 750ml size. Source: PR Newswire