Ardmore Distillery was founded in the year of 1898 by the blending company William Teachers & Sons. The Distillery lies next to the railway between Aberdeen and Inverness in the village Kennethmont.

The purpose was as with almost all distilleries started at that time to supply malt whisky to the blended industry. In this case it was the owners own blend -Teachers.

In 1974 Ardmore expanded its distillery from four to eight stills. Around the same time they ceased to malt their own barley. Ardmore purchased the distillery in 1976 but is now owned by Fortune Brands. It is one of the biggest distilleries measured in total capacity(4.2 million litres per annum). Most of the whisky is used for making blended whisky. Ardmore are among the few distilleries with their own cooperage.

Production at Ardmore

Ardmore takes its water from 14 springs south from the distillery at Knockandy Hills. Since the mid-70s they source their barley from Buckies Maltings. The barley is moked to approximately 10 ppm. The distillery has a 12 ton mash tun made from Stainless steel. They have 14 wash backs made from Oregon pine with a total capacity of 90.000 litres. All stills are onion shaped and hold 15.000 litres each. The spirit stills have longer necks than the wash stills.

Ardmore still uses direct fire. They store almost only on used bourbon barrels. . Ardmore Distillery produces around three million litres per annum.

Contact Ardmore

Ardmore Distillery
Aberdeenshire, AB54 4NH

Phone:+44 (0)1464 831213

Visitors: Visiting by appointment only. Open during summer 12.00-16.30.

Owner: Fortune Brands