Most Expensive Scotch in The World and Is It Worth It

What is the most expensive scotch whiskey in the world?

Well, did you know every year, there is a new Scotch that shatters the record of being the most expensive? The older the Scotch, the more costly it is.

There was a time when the taste masters used to taste the flavours and uniqueness of single malt or a double malt scotch. Then they would fix the price based on how original the flavours were and how they tasted. Taste is what makes a Scotch unique.

The Macallan, 1926, Valerio Adami is a 60-year-old single malt described as the most expensive single malt scotch globally.

And it is worth it because it tastes spectacular. The next in line are Glenfiddich, The Glenlivet, and The Dalmore. Besides these, the Balvenie is a 50-year-old Scotch that has remained untouched till now.

Facts About World’s Oldest and Most Expensive Whisky 

The Spanish Oak Sherry container for the Macallan 1926 was refined in 1926 and packaged in 1986. At that time, only 40 jugs were made.

Macallan engaged pop art specialists Peter Blake and Valerio Adami to think up names for a restricted release of 24 jugs – twelve each for Adami and Blake. One jug was hand-painted by Irish craftsman Michael Dillon.

The remainder of the container is part of The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection incorporates the Macallan 1926.

Why Is Macallan Single Malt Expensive?

The Macallan, a loved whisky maker in the Scottish ‘Highlands’ Speyside locale, set a precedent in 2015 when a six-litre Lalique precious stone decanter of the refinery’s “M” single-malt scotch sold at sell-off in Hong Kong for $631,850. Six litres were equal to eight standard jugs, so the cost came to $78,981 per bottle.

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That was a deal contrasted with the costs The Macallan is charging today. As per figures gathered universally by the wine and alcohol information base and web crawler Wine-Searcher, nine of the world’s 10th most expensive whiskies come from that one Speyside establishment.

The tenth most-costly jug may cost just $34,486. However, things heighten quickly from that point. It is the most expensive Scotch in the world. The Macallan, the Lalique VI 65-Year-Old Single Malt, goes for $83,073.

Experts say that Macallan’s idea of really old malts in elegantly designed decanters has been a winner for them. Everything adds to the price of these ridiculously expensive malts, from the Lalique crystal decanters to the brilliant strokes of art on it.

Few Expensive Scotch In The World

Here is a list of the most expensive Scotch brands in the world:-

Laphroaig Whisky 28 years old scotch

The Scotch is 28 years old, and with each passing year, it is gaining taste, richness, and well-balanced flavours. All the notes of the whisky like honey, apricot, and anise are not at all overpowering.

They work together to provide a very soothing fragrance and gives you warmth while sipping the whiskey. One single ounce of the whisky costs $75. Laphroaig Cairdeas Fino is costlier and sells for $80 —it is a blend of Bourbon and Fino Sherry casks.

Bowmore Mizunara Single Malt Whisky

The Bowmore Mizunara is perhaps the most expensive single malt scotch in the world.

The single malt whisky is a perfect balance of east and west spirits and is available for $1000. It is famous as it was aged in Japanese Mizunara Oak.

It gets its rich amber colour from the woody notes of the oak barrels. It has some spicy, smoky, fruity, and vanilla notes. The whisky is almost 15 to 20 years old, and its alcohol-by-volume percentage is around 53.9. for the best version of it, drink the whisky with water and ice.

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The Balvenie DCS Compendium 1961 – $35,000

One of the few most expensive Scotch whiskies includes The Balvenie DCS. In the book by David C. Stewart, The Compendium, he has written about his experience working in Scotch making for almost 54 years. It will help the young generation of malt masters to learn from his experiences.

Stewart has selected a few of Balvenie’s rarest and finest whiskeys so that they can be made in a limited edition.

In the year 1961, the maturation process. was done in the Sherry oak barrels. A floral aroma and the richness of honey and caramel make the whisky taste authentic.

Glenfiddich 1937 The Rare Collection costs $120,000

It is one of the most expensive scotches available in the world. The whisky is almost 64 years old. Do you know half a dozen bottles of Glenfiddich’s costs virtually as much as the price of a Porsche 911 Turbo? It has oaky notes with the taste of peat, toasted almonds, sugar, and coffee. Some notes of smooth toffee, wood, and burnt heater are also present in the whisky.

The Dalmore- it costs around $60,000

Dalmore is a 46 years old whisky that is a beauty in itself. With the charismatic notes of fruits and cinnamon, it is one of its kind.

It is a Highland Scotch whisky that is known for its unique taste and rarity. Richard Paterson is famous for his malt distillery that is located in Alness.

Reasons Why Scotch Is So Expensive

Multiple factors together make Scotch Whisky so expensive in the world.

  • Natural Evaporation from the cask: you must be thinking, is it true? But, yes, it is true. Every year almost one to two percent of the whisky evaporates automatically from the cask. Many call it Angel’s Share. Every year as the alcohol disappears, there is less of the aged whisky left in the barrel. Thus this increases the price of old whisky.
  • The number of bottles: when the distillery has more bottles, the whiskey can be cheaper. But, if the number of bottled whiskies is few, the price goes up substantially.
  • Diluted or whisky with cask strength: If whisky is filled in bottles without diluting directly from the cask, its price is high. Due to more extended ageing, the alcohol content of the whisky reduces. Thus, to increase its alcohol content, the whisky is diluted with spring water. If this is the case, the price is low, and if it is bottled directly from the cask, it is sold as a single cask whiskey with a higher price.
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Scotch is a famous whisky from Scotland. It has malty, smokey, and citrus notes. When aged for several years, it tastes more woody and oaky. The best part of Scotch is that its maturation process can occur in a fresh oak barrel and a used oak barrel—any scotch you pick up tastes excellent. Scotch not only tastes better but has lesser calories and is much healthier than other alcoholic drinks. The more the Scotch is old, the more expensive it is. Thus, enjoy every sip of it.