Wild Turkey Whiskey Review

Wild Turkey Bourbon is one of the top-selling whiskey brands in the country. Wild Turkey is a renowned Kentucky brand; it is straight bourbon whiskey distilled and bottled by Wild Turkey Distilling Company.

Wild Turkey is different for many good reasons; it includes all premium ingredients, selected barrels, and is made with a lot of patience. Wild Turkey whiskey is aged longer in American White Oak barrels with deep char, giving a distinctive and rich flavor. In this write-up, we will provide you with a detailed Wild Turkey whiskey review. 

The Appeal of Wild Turkey

Here are reasons why many bourbon lovers have Wild Turkey on their top list.


With so many popular whiskey brands in the market that have arrived in the last decade, Wild Turkey is a more trendy and famous brand due to its legacy. Back in the late ’60s, a 19-year boy named Jimmy Russel started working at the famous distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and eventually, he became Master Distiller.

Today he is 86 years old; the Bourbon Buddha and his son Edward Russell are manufacturing Wild Turkey the same way they used to originally.The manufacturer is still making the same whiskey with its original taste and aroma. 

Bartender pouring Wild Turkey Whiskey


With the current Bourbon boom, many brands have taken advantage by re-introducing their long-term flagship products. They have come up with fancier corks, more stylish and expensive bottles, and high price points. 

Wild Turkey prioritizes the liquid inside the bottle. Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is one of the most affordable bourbons and has remained so over the many years it has existed. Despite the international love for Wild Turkey, there has been no change in the price since it started. Wild Turkey has never stood out in popularity necessarily, but it has always been there on the shelf and people love it due to its reliability in taste and its highly affordable price. 

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Flavor Profile 

Just like time is also value for money, the same is the case with aging. Many less aged bourbons tend to be immature and may come with an arguably unfinished taste, but that is not the case with Wild Turkey 101. While there is a lack in the age statement, many barrels in the blend are kept for 6 to 8 years. In the time of bourbon shortage, there is nothing to sneeze at. It leads to more complex and flavored whiskey, with notes of caramel, vanilla, toffee, spices, and even nuts and berries. Wild Turkey is typically 100 proof.


The most famous Wild Turkey whiskey review is that it is best on the rocks. You may have too expensive whiskeys, and then mixing whiskeys does not give you the right palate. In that case, Wild Turkey 101 can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways, including in cocktails. Whiskey lovers say it offers enough enjoyment and complexity for neat sipping. 


When Rye whiskey saw a drastic increase in demand in the last decade, many bourbons distillers were unprepared for the competition. This did not phase Wild Turkey, which has continuously distilled rye whiskey since the 1970s. Their rye whiskey has a deep alligator char that unlocks intense and great flavor with hints of spices like cinnamon and mint. 

The Higher End 

Wild Turkey is well aware that bourbon is reaching high demand, and recently, there are more offerings on the top shelves. Wild Turkey is single barrel form, representing Kentucky Spirit and Russel’s Reserve. Since 2015, Wild Turkey has been the Master keep line, a great series of one-kind bourbon, handsome glasses of rye, and presentable luxury boxes. So far, the Wild Turkey series has come up with 17 years of bourbon and holds a designated bottle in hand certification. All Wild Turkey bottles have an exotic look. 

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Wild Turkey Whiskey

Wild Turkey 101 

Wild Turkey 101 whiskey is a Wild Turkey flagship brand. The Wild Turkey 101 offers a great aroma of toffee and caramel, with hardly an alcohol scent. It is a blend of spice and vanilla that provides a base with additional toasted oak and butterscotch.

It boasts sweeter notes with the right amount of intensity. Sweet hints of vanilla, cinnamon contrasted with oaks, spices, and char are served on the palate of Wild Turkey 101. The bourbon is well known for its high rye mash bill and bold flavor at an affordable price. 

Wild Turkey 81 

This 81 proof bourbon of Wild Turkey is a high mash kept in heavily charred casks for maturing into big flavor. The Wild Turkey 81 provides a fantastic aroma of raisins, blend cinnamon, popcorn, and black pepper. There is also a sweetness of vanilla and caramelized banana. The lovely and spicy hints of clove and hints of nutmeg are offered on the palate of Wild Turkey 81 whiskey. It is not too sweet but gives a fantastic flavor of tangy fruit. 

Parting Words

If you are a bourbon lover, then do not miss picking up a Wild Turkey from the shelf. The palate and nose offered by the brand at an affordable range are in a class of its own and definitely worth a try.