Best Whiskey Brands and Prices

Do you appreciate good quality whiskey? 10% of all Americans above the age of 21 regularly drink whiskey. Apart from this percentage, another 3% of Americans drink whiskey every day. Most of these whiskey drinkers consume it for its stress and anxiety-reducing nature. People who consume whiskey would always like to drink the best quality brew or mix.

The best whiskey brands make the best quality whiskey; if this high-quality whiskey is available to the people at a reasonable price, the brand would have more sales and exposure. We have listed some of the best whiskey brands and prices in this article given below.

Types Of Whiskey Drinks

Primarily, there are three main types of whiskies available in the market. These variants of whiskies are quite popular by their variant names. If someone asks you what type of whiskey drinker you are, then you should know the answer.


This is the first type of whiskey drink, and the name bourbon originates from a state in America, Kentucky. This whiskey uses corn as one of its main ingredients, and this whiskey is stored in casks. The bourbon whiskey requires to be at least aged for two years.


The rye whiskey is very similar to its name. As the name suggests, the most vital raw master ingredient in this whiskey is rye. According to the American whiskey brewing or manufacturing standards, rye whiskey should contain 51% of rye. Similar to bourbon, this whiskey should also be ideally stored for about two years. Nowadays, people store rye whiskey in charred casks.


The scotch variant of whiskey is mostly made and produced in Scotland, stored and aged in large oak barrels. The ideal time for aging scotch whiskey is at least three years. Barley is the main ingredient that is used for making this widely popular whiskey.

Types Of Whiskey Drinks

Some Best Whiskey Brands And Their Prices

Johnnie Walker

The Johnnie Walker whiskies are the highest quality whiskies made with extensive care from the best materials. You will love this whiskey brand if you are a big fan of scotch whiskey. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label has a $250 price, and it is among the most expensive whiskey brands available in America.

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Uncle Nearest Whiskey

The Uncle Nearest 1856 bourbon whiskey tastes good if you are into bourbon whiskies. This whiskey brand also won the award for the best whiskey two years in a row. You can get a bottle of this whiskey for $59 from your local supermarket or liquor store.

Wild Turkey Whiskey

This whiskey has a unique taste and flavor, and this alcohol drink is suitable for people who cannot choose or decide their flavor in between bourbon or scotch whiskey. This whiskey has a unique taste that is a combination of both scotch and bourbon flavors. You can buy this bottle of whiskey for just $39.99 from local stores near you.

Gentleman Jack Whiskey

This whiskey tastes nothing like the cheap and bad quality whiskey. This whiskey is refined and distilled two times to get a very smooth drinking texture and taste. This whiskey bottle’s cost is $41, and it is ideal for the drinkers who prefer to drink their whiskey neat without adding any external ingredients.

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

This whiskey brand is famous and well known because of its whiskey blend’s unique and spicy taste. This whiskey contains 28% higher or more than the average quantity of rye in it. The excess amount of rye in this whiskey has a distinct spicy taste with a kickback after taste.

This whiskey brand also uses fresh distilled water with a lemon base, and the freshwater gives this drink a smooth and fine drinking texture. You can purchase a whiskey bottle of Bulleit Bourbon for $43 all over America. This whiskey is also kept in special oak barrels for a proper aging process.

Maker’s Mark Whiskey

This Maker’s Mark Whiskey uses red wheat for the distillation process. Due to this process, this whiskey has a simple and sweet taste. This whiskey drink is not very hard or bitter for the people who like to kick after drinking whiskey.

The caps on these whiskey bottles are unique and famous; people can easily identify this brand’s whiskey bottles through their rid dipped caps. The price for a bottle of this whiskey is $35, and it has a subtle sweet flavor.

How To Read A Label Of A Whiskey Bottle

How To Read A Label Of A Whiskey Bottle

A whiskey bottle label has all the necessary and important information regarding the content, age, and whiskey. Most people do face difficulties while trying to read or understand a whiskey bottle label. This guide will surely help you out the next time you are out to buy a bottle of whiskey.

  • Alcohol Amount: The amount or quantity of alcohol in the whiskey bottle is given below on the label. Traditionally, this alcohol quantity is given as ABV. This ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume. If this rating is higher, then the whiskey you are buying is strong, and if this rating is low, you are buying a moderate or weak whiskey.
  • Age: Age on a whiskey bottle is among the most important statistic or figure that concerns the buyers. It is generally mentioned in the center of the bottle label. This age on the label indicates the amount of time the whiskey has spent in the barrel. An interesting observation is that whiskey ages faster in a warm or hot climate than in colder regions.
  • Place: The place where the whiskey originates from or where it is brewed is also mentioned on the label. As whiskey from different regions has a different taste. People can think about the whiskey’s taste with the help of this information given on the bottle. For instance, whiskey brewed in Scotland is tending towards being sweeter than the whiskey brewed in Kentucky.
  • Single Barrel: You are more likely to find this little fragment of information on scotch or bourbon whiskies instead of rye whiskies. Storing the whiskey in barrels or casks affects the taste and aging process of a whiskey.
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Some people prefer to drink a single or double-barrel whiskey in place of a batch or cask whiskey. Having this useful information on the front label of a whiskey bottle helps buyers make up their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Identify the Best Whiskey?

You can identify the quality of the whiskey from its characteristics. The best quality whiskey has a very appealing color, and if the color of your whiskey resembles light gold or brown, it is a signal of good quality. The aroma coming out of your whiskey should also be strong. It should instantly hit you with a relaxing sensation.

The age of the whiskey also plays a vital role in determining the quality of the drink. Older the mix or brew of the whiskey, the higher the quality and better the taste.

What Is the Average Price of Whiskey in America?

There are many whiskey brands in America, and each brand has a different tasting whiskey drink available at a different price point. You can get a bottle of whiskey somewhere between $20 to $40. If you go for the older whiskey bottles, then the price would also significantly rise following the mix’s age.

Similarly, there are cheap whiskey brands and drinks also available in the market. These drinks are of bad quality and are often made or produced by not-so-famous and well-reputed brands.

What Is the Standard Amount of Whiskey in a Drink?

The amount of whiskey in your drink depends on the type of drink you want to have. Typically, a single whiskey shot has 1.5 ounces of alcohol, and a nest or rocky drink has about two ounces of whiskey. People who like to have a double drink at one go take about three ounces of whiskey in one drink.

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You can change the amount you consume according to your preference and tolerance to alcohol. Some people prefer less alcohol in their drinks whereas some people prefer a lot.

What Is the Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Whiskey?

The main difference between expensive or cheap whiskey comes down to the quality of the drink. Cheap whiskey is not made from the best and finest ingredients. These whiskey bottles are not aged properly and are not produced in the authentic methods.

Expensive whiskey is made from superior and fine raw materials, and these whiskey bottles are properly stored in authentic whiskey cellars. Expensive whiskey bottles are older than your cheap whiskey bottles.

Final Verdict

Buying the best whiskey can be difficult to choose the perfect whiskey bottle from various whiskey brands with different prices. This article lists the best whiskey brands and prices in a detailed fashion. You will be able to get the best whiskey brand according to your budget with this list or article.