What Is The Smoothest Whiskey

Experiencing whiskey can be an art. Each whiskey is produced in a different city or country, and each bottle has its unique taste. In this article, we explore a list of some of the smoothest whiskeys available, with recommendations from expert bartenders. 

#1. Balvenie DoubleWood

ABV: 43%

Distillery: Balvenie  

Age: 12-year-old

Price: $69

Drinking Balvenie DoubleWood is a great experience for any drinker. The whiskey carries the character of a diligent crew of craftspeople, sweetness from the sherry, charred notes from the bourbon. It’s a classy way to introduce someone to whiskey. 

Nose: The nose carries dark chocolate & raspberries. The taste blends berries with exotic species, possessing a rich round that loiters on your tongue. 

Palate: It has a frosty & sweet palate with a tinge of vanilla, nuts, cinnamon, spice, nutmegs & dried fruits. Pour the whiskey in your favorite glass, put an ice cube & enjoy it neat. 

Finish: The finish is long and warming with notes of spices, sweetness, and nuts.

Adding water to it expands its flavor. Either way you have it, you will taste the love and care of dedicated distillers. The 12-year-old whiskey sets itself apart in taste & packaging. It has a slightly darker and warmer color than the rest of the whiskies of the same age. The DoubleWood has 40% alcohol. This Balvenie is a perfect drink for weekends.

#2. Aberlour A’Bunadh

ABV: 60%

Distillery: Aberlour

Age: 12-year-old

Price: $103.55

The Aberlour is a single ale and double matured whiskey. It is the first matured scotch whiskey in America. There is no modern process used while making this, as the original processes have been preserved.. It is memorably flavorsome and has an excellent raisin character. It is always a good choice when you want an amazing whiskey at a great price. It is produced with 100% malted barley.

Nose: It gives aromas of red berries, orange along with some spices of cloves and cinnamon.

Palate: It has notes of orange, cherries, dried fruits, and ginger, followed by notes of dark chocolate and charred oak. The finish is long-lasting with notes of spices and sweetness.

Finish: The finish is long-lasting with charred oak, spices, raisins, and chocolate notes.

This 12-year-old drink is bold and sweet. A’bunadh is an exclusively aged Spanish oak whiskey, and that is why it has a sweeter and softer flavor than most of the scotch whiskey in the market. It is not chill-filtered.This whiskey makes a great gift to give at special events. 

man pouring whiskey on glass

#3. George Dickel

ABV: 50%

Distillery: George Dickel 

Age: 13-year-old

Price: $44.99

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George Dickel bottled in bond Tennessee whiskey is reflective of cascade’s commitment to producing whiskey rooted in quality and authenticity. It is a limited edition balanced and strong whiskey. It highlights different tastes, consisting of warm spices, apple, light honey, and a tinge of smoke. This is one of the most popular and best whiskeys from Tennessee. 

Nose: When you smell it neat, it gives aromas of some fruity flavors along with cinnamon spice, vanilla, and candied nutmeg.

Palate: It has a fruity palate of baked apple, orange, spice of cinnamon, vanilla, and buttery pecan. This thirteen-year-old whiskey is one of my favorite drinks. This product is as smooth and high in quality as one of the best scotch whiskies.

Finish: It gives a dry finish with some spice and sweetness. Overall it is well balanced.

George Dickel is affordable for a limited edition whiskey. The best way to drink this is neat. You can also enjoy it on the rocks or as cocktails with sugar or a twist of orange or bitters. 

#4. Jack Daniel’s

ABV: 40%

Distillery: Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Age: NAS

Price: $22

Jack Daniel’s is another famous brand of Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is known as one of the oldest registered distilleries. It is the best individual whiskey brand in the world. This best-selling oldest whiskey was originally crafted by Jack Daniel’s himself in the United States. 

This premium quality whiskey uses iron-free cave spring water. It has a mash bill of 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye content. This whiskey is charcoal-mellowed and finally is matured in handcrafted white oak barrels. Jack Daniel’s is an authentic brand not only rich in culture but also heritage. Whether you want your whiskey neat, on the rocks, or punched in your favorite old-fashioned cocktail, Jack Daniel’s whiskey is there to the rescue. 

Nose: The aroma is light with a lot of sweetness. It has notes of vanilla, oak, and banana. It adds a layer of apricot and corn flavor to add some richness.

Palate: When you take the first sip, you will find it smooth and soft with notes of vanilla, walnut, banana. It gives hints of smoke, cinnamon, and maple.

Finish: The finish is somewhat sweet and oaky, along with some hint of spices. It gives a touch of warm caramel finish at the end.

Whiskey lovers may say that Jack Daniel’s is the best whiskey to have on any occasion. They make a very smooth whiskey, and it also has a lower amount of alcohol content. Jack Daniel’s has created one of the most diverse and well-structured portfolios in today’s whiskey market. 

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#5. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

ABV: 40%

Distillery: NA

Age: 25-year-old

Price: $150.00 

Johnnie Walker’s blue label is an intense and premium drink. The Blue Label consists of a few fantastic whiskies with strong flavors. Each bottle has an individual number associated with it. Each bottle gives an intense experience and unique experience to its drinkers. 

Nose: The toasty sweet aroma of the whiskey is complemented by a peaty and spicy taste that develops into dark chocolate and rich fruit cake flavors. 

Palate: When you sip it, you will get notes of honey-colored whisky with a tinge of a spicy and smoky fragrance. It is surprisingly sweet as honey followed by the smoke creeps like the fog at dawn which softly surrounds the edges of your tongue.

Finish: The finish is quite long with some floral and oaky notes. The notes of spices, honey, and grain fade slowly.

The Johnnie Walker blue label is an incredibly smooth and warm whisky with an ultimate blend of flavors.

#6. Uncle Nearest 1856

ABV: 50%

Distillery: Sourced

Age: NAS

Price: $45

Uncle Nearest premium whiskey is one of the best whiskey makers in the world. When you pour this 1856, it has a caramel color with a golden touch.

Nose: The nose has a sweet aroma of charred oak, caramel, and corn. Even at 100 proof, it does not lighten the aroma of the drink. You will notice the perfumed floral aromas of roses and iris.

Palate: When you first sip it, you will find it slightly sweet with a medium body. You will notice the notes of sweet and fruity flavor along with notes of nutmeg and a touch of caramel and chocolate.

Finish: It has a soft finish with some fruity flavors of raspberries and cotton candy, along with some woodiness.

Great cocktails start with an exceptionally smooth whiskey. Uncle Nearest 1856 adds equal amounts of honey and water in a saucepan when combined with the whiskey. It tastes the best and is a popular way of drinking this smooth whiskey. When you garnish it with lemon peel, it tastes great. It is one of the premium whiskeys with added flavors of sweetness and spices.

#7. The Glendronach Allardice

ABV: 46%

Distillery: GlendRonach

Age: 18-year-old 

Price: $58

This is a Scottish whiskey made near Forgue. James Allardes founded this whiskey in 1826. The Glendronach distillery was the second distillery to apply for a license to legally produce whiskey under the excise act of 1823, which allowed for the distilling of whiskey in Scotland.

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They are a bit of a one-trick pony, but they know how to make an excellent sherry malt.

Nose: The nose is fresh and sweet. You will find notes of raisins, dried cherries, coffee, almonds, and toffee, followed by some fruity flavors.

Palate: The taste of this whiskey is complex and is layered with notes of milk chocolates, assorted nuts, and tobacco leaves. When you have it with water, you will taste a more fruity and sweet flavor with a touch of Worcester sauce and spices.

Finish: It has a long and smooth finish with notes of sherry sweetness, chocolate, fruits, and raisins.

This excellent malt is very soft and round. It is very well-balanced and consistent with a wonderful combination of flavors. The best way to have this is sitting near a bonfire on a chilly winter evening. Try it neat, on the rocks, or punched with your favorite cocktail at a bar.

Pouring whiskey on shot glass

#8. Redbreast

ABV: 40%


Age: 12-year-old

Price: $65

This is a brand of single-pot Irish whiskey, originally produced by Gilbey’s. He was a Dublin spirit merchant who used to distillate sources from Jameson’s bow street distillery.

There are six variants available of the Irish brand. It has a deep copper color. It is produced with 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley with 100 proof. The bottle is of standard shape with a cylindrical body. It is capped with a wood and cork stopper.

Nose: When you have it neat, you will get a smell of fruity flavors with notes of strawberry, banana, and peach.

Palate: When you take the first sip, there is a dried fruity flavor on the front, followed by notes of raisins, honey, and grape juice. It has a great balance of sweet and spices. I loved the flavor of this whiskey, along with its smell.

Finish: The sweetness and the subtleness of this Irish whiskey are present, and the finish is smoother and lasts longer. The notes of vanilla, spice, and fruits fade slowly.

It has a good balance of spicy, creamy, fruity, sherry, and toasted nuts. Its complex flavor lingers on the palate and lasts longer. Overall a fantastic smooth whiskey to finish off our list of some of the best.

Parting Words

We have listed eight excellent smooth whiskeys made at different distilleries across the world. All these are 100% proof and are absolutely great options to try. I hope these suggestions will help you find a whiskey that suits your liking, or otherwise provide you with some new and refreshing whiskey experiences.