Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review

Heaven Hill distillery has made a prominent name amongst bourbon enthusiasts. Elijah Craig Bourbon has offered the consumers different selections; however, the confusion between the options provided is very noticeable among people.

Therefore, it is imperative to provide a detailed review of Elijah Craig Bourbons to differentiate each product. This way, consumers will be more aware of their choices by this brand.

#1. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof A119

The name ‘Elijah Craig Barrel Proof A119’ may sound complex at first place for one who has yet to develop a substantial connection with this liquor. Yet, the name is not as complicated as it looks. In A119, ‘A’ stands for the first release of the year, the first ‘1’ signifies the first month of the year, and ’19’ signifies the release year, i.e. 2019.

Collectively, the name describes that Heaven Hill released the liquor in January of 2019. 

Composition and Color

The release of the Barrel Proof A119 achieved tremendous appreciation amongst admirers. The bourbon is produced from corn (75%), rye(13%), and barley (12%) with a long, 12 year duration of fermentation.

There is no color added to Barrel Proof A119. It is a perfect example of pure liquor because it has 0% excess added water, and a bourbon lover will notice this after a sip. The gorgeous maroon color of this whiskey is also a positive point.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Composition


Customers will eventually come to appreciate Heaven Hill’s manufacturing thanks to the bourbon’s non-filtered quality. The product has a strong aroma, and it differs with every breath you take. The aroma is mainly because the product has 136 proof. When you smell it, you can sense multiple aromas, such as the smell of burnt caramel, a strong spicy scent of cloves and cinnamon, or an aroma of burnt oak.

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The first sip of the liquor may confuse you for some time as it tastes similar to its complexity of smells. The flavors are too intense and can burn the throat if consumed without dilution. It delivers a somewhat nutty flavor. Please do not consume without dilution.


Most everything about this bourbon is excellent until we come to its cost. Its price of $50 is somewhat expensive for its volume of 750mL. The limited availability of the bourbon is also an issue.

#2. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C917

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C917 was first introduced in September 2017. It was the third release of that year. Heaven Hill finally launched this bourbon after a lengthy fermentation/processing of 12 years, and it became widely celebrated among admirers soon after its release. Heaven Hill manufactures in the United States, but its liquors are famous all over the world.

The brand is popular worldwide due to its outstanding quality, originality, and trust that it has maintained. They keep introducing us to excellent new liquors, and Elijah Craig Barrel proof C917 is one among them.


If you love to taste different bourbon whiskeys, then the Barrel Proof C917 is a great one to add to your list. Its volume consistency is 65.5 Alc/vol, and the mash bill consistency is 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley. 65.5 ABV is going to provide you with utmost purity.


Looking into the color, it has a beautiful amber copper appearance with a slight red tinge. The combination provides a gorgeous look to the bourbon. There is no color added, which means you are getting a pure colored, non-chill-filtered bourbon.

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Speaking of the aromas, it is 131 proof, which should provide a pungent smell. You will discover a new fragrance with each whiff. At first, you will notice pleasant aromas of caramel and butterscotch; on second instinct, you will get aromas of slightly caramelized cherries, caramelized corn, and the sweetness of vanilla.

The third time, you will discover spicy scents such as roasted cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and fresh oak. There are numerous smells present in this bourbon that you will need to be very particular to appreciate them all.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Flavor


The taste also has a complexity like its aromas have. After first stirring and in your first sip, you will discover the taste of apple pie and sweet vanilla.

After waiting for some time, spicy flavors such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom will hit you differently. You will also feel the taste of butterscotch and caramelized dessert. The ABV is so high that it is not advisable to sip without dilution, and it can cause dehydration.


Elijah Craig barrel proof is not only bourbon whiskey, and can be appreciated for its texture and development. It is a silky bourbon that glides across your palate. It has a nice evolution and super long finish. Each bottle will cost you around 50-60 USD.

#3. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B519

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B519 was released in May 2019, and it was the second release of that year. Like other Elijah Craig Barrel Proof bourbons, it is also non-chill filtered and directly brought from the barrel after 12 years.

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It has a similar mash bill composition as C917, which is 78% corn, 10% rye, and 12% malted barley. Barrel proof releases always have a higher ABV value, but this bourbon has the least ABV so far, at 61.1%.


The color of this bourbon is a treat to the eyes. The dark cherry wood colors give the utmost satisfaction. As it is a completely natural, non-color added bourbon, the prices are typically around $60 (including tax) and up to $100 on special occasions.


The aromas are pretty distinct. It has 121.2 proof which is supposed to be less pungent than other barrel-proof releases. You will get a mixed scent of heavy caramel, spices (cloves, cinnamon peppercorn), vanilla, the sweetness of whipped cream, and corn.


At the start, this barrel proof gives you a kind of sweet flavor. However, the delicacy increases with each sip. You will feel the flavors of dry honey, orange peel, vanilla, and cinnamon at first, but at the end, the smokiness of burnt oak and malted barley will hit differently.


Like other brands, the price of this barrel proof stands between 50-60 USD.

Parting Words

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof by Heaven Hill is a well-known bourbon manufacturer, but there are many loopholes present in the marketing. Firstly, it is only available in developed nations, and availability is for a concise period.

Sometimes, Elijah Craig barrel proof batches will provide the same flavored bourbon whiskey with different price tags. Problems will always be there, but a true bourbon enthusiast will be able to figure out how to enjoy a good bourbon nonetheless.