Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Review

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Bourbon is Heaven Hill’s entry into the mid-level range of bourbons. It is one of the most popular bourbon brands in Kentucky. The Bottled In Bond honors the old heritage of production from pure sour mash.

There is no doubt that Evan Williams has to follow strict government rules to get the Bottled In Bond status in the market. The Evan Williams Bottled In Bond is 100 proof, as the drink is aged for four years.

What is the reason behind the caramel and hints of vanilla in the Evan Williams Bottled In Bond? Let us find out more about its consistency and quality in this Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Review.

#1. A Detailed Overview of Bottled In Bond Evan Williams

The key highlight that makes Evan Williams Bottled In Bond special is that distilleries must abide by the strict bourbon act by which they must age the bourbon for four years to make it 100 proof. Another certainty about the Bottled In Bond Evan Williams is that it is made in whiskey barrels that are four years old.

Before we move into the Evan Williams Bottled In Bond 100 proof review, let us understand BIB or bottled in bond in detail.

What is “Bottled in Bond” or BIB?

If you think that bottled in bond is a novel concept, you would be incorrect because it is a century-old term followed by distilleries. All distilleries must abide by the bottled in bond act of 1897, by which they are required to age their stocks for a minimum of 4 years.

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One of the main reasons the government had to indulge is to protect the integrity and rich heredity of whiskey. One can also add flavors or any other edible chemicals to make the drink taste like whiskey.

How Does a Company or Distillery Get the Bottled In Bond Title?

To get the title “bottled in bond,” the distillery has to be the only product of the single distillery in a single season like spring (January to June) or fall (July to December), aged for four years in federal warehouses, and bottled 50% ABV.

The intervention of the government ensures that bottled whiskey is legitimate, which helps both buyers and distilleries. The bottled in bond act also helps distilleries by offering tax incentives as they have to pay taxes post-maturation of the bourbon.

#2. Tasting Notes


If you have ever seen leather gloves, then you would notice that the Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond is quite similar in coloration to dark leather gloves. Every time you look at it, you will feel immersed in a deeply flavored barrel filled with darkly rich bourbon.


One thing about which I am sure is that the Evan Williams bottled in bond whiskey is incredibly sweet. When you open the bottle, you can smell a blend of flavors like caramel, vanilla, and gingerbread.

You must also not miss out on dark fruit pour, which balances the sweetness inside the drink. Evan Williams bottled in bond is quite low in alcohol and is a sweet-centric drink for people who enjoy sweeter elements oozing out from oak notes.

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Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Overview


When you drop just a small amount of Evan Williams white-label in your mouth, you will feel a bit of spicy flavor on your tongue. It will also help you to realize the difference between a premium quality bourbon and an ordinary one.

You may not experience the taste of oak sugar and flavors of wood as you would be immersed in the world of vanilla, caramel, and a pinch of black pepper. The drink is 100 proof and is quite smooth in terms of consistency and amount of heat. Undoubtedly, the drink is not for people who like complex flavors.

#3. Finish

Once the sweeter elements have showcased their power, it becomes time for the crispy oak to establish its presence in the Evan Williams bottled in bond. Again, I experienced a dry and medium-length finish.

#4. Ethnicity

Most of the Heaven Hill brands share the same mash bill hence the overall flavor profile of the drink will be quite similar in most of their drinks because of the same aging. If you make a contest between Evan Williams Bottled In Bond vs. Black, you will find that both drinks have distinct characteristics and flavors.

Evan Williams Black is similar to Evan Williams Bottled In Bond because it shares the same flavor profile. Most whiskey lovers feel that in the Evan Williams Bottled In Bond, its flavors are quite traditional and focused on sweeter elements. It offers a uni-dimensional characteristic to the brand by delivering aesthetic flavors.

#5. Value

If you compare the Evan Williams bottled in a four years old bond, priced at 15 US dollars, with Heaven Hill BIB, which is six years old, you may consider why the prices are high despite the drink being younger. You would be comparing different drinks having an exceptional value in the market.

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Both the drinks are quite different in terms of flavors. In addition, Heaven Hill is quite limited to Kentucky, while you can find Evan Williams BIB across the country. Moreover, the logistics charges are also one reason why Evan Williams bottled in bond is responsible for its 3 dollar rise in price.

Parting Words

Evan Williams BIB or Bottled In Bond is sweet, smooth, and versatile. It is a great option if you are looking for a BIB in your home for less than 20 dollars.

In simple words, Evan Williams Bottled In Bond is versatile and brings a lot of value to the table. You can also enjoy its rich flavors with cocktails, and most importantly, you get to enjoy true Kentucky flavors with nationwide distribution for only 15 dollars.

Happy Drinking!