How To Make Fireball Whiskey?

Do you know the story of fireball whiskey? The fireball whiskey journey has many ups and downs and has gone through a phase from being infamous and back to famous. It has had such a comeback that, according to Statista, the way the sales have gone up in the US between 2013 and 2019 is a huge surprise.

What brought this change? To know the answer, you have to meet and make the Fireball Whiskey.

How To Make The Fireball Whiskey?

Before knowing how to make the fireball whiskey let us understand why fireball whiskey has been made; whiskey Legends say that to combat the coldest days and nights in the winters; Fireball whiskey was created. It was said that drinking this whiskey would warm their days and nights.

Time To Make Fireball Whiskey


  • The fireball whiskey is a combination of Canadian whiskey, it is aged in the used barrels of American bourbon with cinnamon flavor and some sweeteners and peppers needed.
  • Cinnamon flavor or sticks: An essential ingredient of fireball whiskey is cinnamon. This is going to help you experience the most fantastic flavors of cinnamon.
  • Syrup and peppers: Adding peppers into whiskey is optional, whereas syrup will act as a sweetener and is a must.


  1. Pick the whiskey and now pour it into a big container that has a lid. Now add eight cinnamon sticks, three ounces of syrup. Shake the box once.
  2. This container has to be closed and kept aside for five days. It has to be shaken every day.
  3. After five days, six red chile peppers should be added to the container if you want it, and it has to be shaken to mix.
  4. This has to be kept aside for three to four days. Now, after each day, it has to be tasted. You know what taste and flavor you prefer the best. While tasting, when you achieve the best flavor, you can move the whiskey to the bottles after removing peppers. Your fireball whiskey is ready to go.
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How To Make A Whiskey Taste Like A Fireball?

If you want to make your whiskey taste like a fireball, you should add cinnamon, sweetener syrup, peppers and store them in the container for a prescribed time. After the required time is over, it is good to go.

How To Make An Applebee’s Fireball Whiskey Sauce?

If you are looking out to make Applebee’s fireball whiskey sauce join with the following ingredients three-fourth cup fireball cinnamon whiskey, one-third cup apple cider vinegar, four cloves of garlic, half onion, two cups ketchup, pepper, one fourth cup Worcestershire sauce, one teaspoon pepper flakes, half cup brown sugar and one teaspoon red hot sauce.

Applebee's Fireball Whiskey Sauce


  1. Take a pan, add oil, onions, garlic, and whiskey saute them until onions become translucent and soft.
  2. Keep the pan on a sim. Take a bowl to add ketchup, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, salt, pepper, and red hot sauce. Mix them well.
  3. Once the onion mixture is ready, add this sauce to it. Keep the flame medium-high and get the stove to boil. When it is boiling, go to medium-low and stay for 30 minutes.
  4. It is time for tasting; eat some sauce, add salt or pepper if needed. If you want it sweet, add more sugar; if you like eating spicy, add hot sauce.
  5. Store it in a box with a lid, and you can use it for up to two weeks.
    Your Applebee fireball whiskey sauce is ready to use. Enjoy it on chicken and beef when you grill it.

How To Make Fireball Whiskey Less Sweet?

Did you know that when you take a single shot of fireball whiskey, the significant component you are taking in is sugar? A fireball cinnamon whiskey which is 66 proof and 33 percent ABV when served in a shot glass that is one-fourth of the whiskey you consume is sugar.

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To reduce the fireball whiskey’s sweetness, you will have to lessen the quantity of sweetener you add when you make one; this will automatically get down the sweetness in the fireball whiskey you drink.

Other Ways In Which The Fireball Whiskey Can Be Consumed And Relished

Other Ways In Which The Fireball Whiskey Can Be Consumed

On the rocks: If you want to enjoy the fireball whiskey on rocks, pour it into a glass with ice and sip it slowly.

Shot glass: Pour the fireball whiskey into a shot glass and drink slowly. The final flavor of sweetness kicks in and lets you enjoy it.

Cinnamon toast shot: This shot drink will taste like you are eating raw cinnamon. Toast shot has cinnamon as the primary component in it.

Dragons Blood: Ever tried cranberry juice with whiskey? If not, this is going to boost your taste buds.

Ciderball: This is unique as it tastes like apple pie. Add apple cider vinegar to fireball whiskey and enjoy the apple flavor on a chilly night.

Caramel Apple fireball: Apple and fireball have the best output drink when mixed.

Girl on fireball: When you want to drink by paying something reasonable. You can undoubtedly opt for Girl on the fireball.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Alcohol Content in a Fireball Whiskey?

The alcohol content in it: Fireball whiskey is normally proofed 66 resulting in 33 percent of alcohol by volume in it. Compared to regular whiskey, the alcohol level in a fireball whiskey is comparatively less, nearly 20 percent less.

Is Drinking a Fireball Whiskey Safe?

Though many rumors came out saying antifreeze is present in fireball whiskey, and it has been banned in many countries earlier for this reason. It has come back proving that all rumors are false and there is no antifreeze in it. It is safe to drink fireball whiskey.

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Is Real Cinnamon Used to Make Fireball Whiskey?

Yes, real cinnamon is used to make fireball whiskey. Good quality sticks are chosen and added into the Canadian whiskey to bring the best output to give the best of flavors and preserve its authenticity and maintain its standards.

Are Any Nuts or Peanuts to the Fireball Whiskey?

No, no nuts or peanuts are added to the fireball whiskey. The fireball whiskey’s significant ingredients are whiskey, cinnamon sticks, sweeteners, and peppers if needed. The quantity of pepper and sweetener depends on your taste.

Is Fireball Whiskey Used in the Cooking Process?

Fireball whiskey is used for cooking. Many fireball whiskey lovers love to have it in every way possible. After the antifreeze rumors went down, many are experimenting with their dishes by adding this into the food. One of the best dishes made out of this is the sauce made out of it.


Fireball whiskey sets an example, saying it is never too late to have a comeback. It has flourished as best for years and then disappeared and now is back to be one of the best in the market today. It is unique because it goes great with any combination. So make one today and enjoy it, and share this with more.