Best Whisky For A Whisky Sour Cocktail

Do you know what the best whisky is for a whisky sour? Traditionally, talking about Whisky sour is a variation of “The Sour drink.” It is a mix of three core ingredients: Whisky, lemon juice, and sour that will make you fall in love with this cocktail. But with changing times, Whisky sour has also evolved.

Did you know that adding an egg white to whiskey sour makes the cocktail even more delicious? It not only tastes well but adds a smooth texture to the drink. A highly versatile and delicious drink that you can make after reading this article.

People came to know about whisky sour first in the year 1870. An article in the Waukesha Plain Dealer, a Wisconsin Newspaper, talked about this drink.

It is one of the best beginner drinks, an ideal refreshment for the summers. The taste of sugar, intense notes of whisky and lemon gives the drink a balanced taste of sweet and sour notes.

Read the article below, and you will get to know about the best whisky for a whisky sour cocktail. Try these variations and surprise your friends and peers.

How to Make Whisky Sour?

Whisky sour is one of the most simple drinks, but you need to follow a proportion. 2 ounces of liquor of your choice. One part of sugar syrup and one part of sour altogether make a perfect whisky sour. But making different variations of this drink is also possible. It is all about experimenting; thus, adding whatever you love to drink can be added like smoky Scotch, sweet Bourbon, or an intense Rye whiskey.

More About Whisky Sour

Did you know that when you add egg white to Whisky sour, it becomes Boston Sour? After you make your whiskey sour, adding a few spoons of red wine on top will make it a New York Sour. Alcohol-by-volume of Whisky sour is almost 27%.

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By adding egg white, it becomes more velvety and smooth in texture. If you love whisky with a more bitter taste, you can spray bitters of your choice. It will add an aroma of spiciness to the drink. The best-tasting whisky sour is the traditional or old American whisky sour as it has sweet and smoky notes.


Jerry Thomas mentioned the cocktail Whisky Sour in a book in the year 1862. The book was named “The Bartender’s Guide.” He said Whisky sour is a combination of three essential ingredients: lime, sugar, and whisky. Making it is a bit trickier and is not as simple as Margarita or an Old Fashioned.

Four Best Whisky Sour Recipes With A Twist

Bourbon based whisky sour

Pour three-quarter ounces of fresh lemon juice into a shaker, add half an ounce of egg white, and dry shake these two ingredients. Now add two ounces of Bourbon and three-quarter ounces of simple syrup. Add five ice cubes and shake everything well.

Take an old-fashioned whisky glass with ice and pour the mixture in it. For garnishing, add a slice of orange. Serve this classic style whisky sour with the spray of angostura bitters. The aroma of this bitter will make you fall in love with this traditional drink.

It has a beautiful balance between the sugary and the sweet taste. If you love an acidic flavor, this drink is for you.

Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon based whisky sour

Take two ounces of straight bourbon whisky in a mixer/shaker. Add 0.75 ounces of lemon juice and half an ounce of simple syrup into the shaker. Now, add egg white to one egg. Dry shake all the ingredients for 30 seconds. Add five ice cubes and shake the mix again.

Take a coupe glass, and pour the whisky sour with a less sweet twist and more acidic taste. Add a cherry on top, and you are good to go.

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100 proof Rye whisky Rittenhouse based whisky sour

Two ounces of the more robust whisky have a higher citrus component—one ounce of lemon juice and 0.5 oz of any rich simple syrup. Also, add half an ounce of orange juice for a perfect twist and egg white 0.5 oz. Shake everything for almost 30 seconds.

Now add ice cubes and shake again. Directly pour the whisky sour in a glass filled with ice and enjoy your drink. Garnish with a lemon or orange slice. The 100 proof whisky gives the drink a double kick and makes it stand out from the other recipes.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon

You might be wondering: what is the best bourbon brand for a whisky sour? Wild Turkey is one of the best bourbons if you consider its age, proof, flavour, and price. It is hard to beat the sweetness of caramel and spiciness of oak and char.

Make this recipe with a simple but exciting twist. Add two ounces of Wild turkey in a shaking jar. Then add one ounce of lemon, one ounce of lemonade, and half an ounce of simple syrup. Add one egg white and shake it all together. Take a glass, add ice cubes and then top it up with shaken whisky sour. Do not let the foam set; have a sip and enjoy.

  • The first one is a sweeter version for those who do not like to drink intense whisky.
  • The second variation has more citrus with strong notes of lime and less sugary.
  • The third drink has strong notes of rye whisky and has balanced sweetness.
  • The fourth recipe is more of a fluffy and smooth version of whisky sour.

Other Best Bourbon whiskies for making Whisky Sour 

Are you wondering what the best Bourbon for a whisky sour is? Here are some of the best Bourbon for whisky sour. Take a look!

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Eagle Rare (aged for ten years)

It is a Kentucky Bourbon that is aged almost ten years and is ideal for making whisky sour. It is the best brand for whisky sour. It has an alcohol percentage of 45 % that is a little stronger than other whiskies as it has bold notes of herbs, rich cocoa flavour, and the aroma of orange peel.

Knob Creek Small Batch

Knob Creek is made in limited quantities and is aged in charred American Oak barrels. It has a natural sweetness and woody flavor of oak and caramel. It has an alcohol volume of 50% and is ideal for making Whisky Sour as it has notes of candy floss, spice, chocolate, nut oil, and charred oak.

Michter’s U.S. 

It is one of the best whisky for making whisky sour. It has 45.7% of alcohol content. It has notes of green apple and caramel and is sweet to taste.

Old Forester Kentucky Straight

It is famous as the first bottled Bourbon in the year 1870. It is a smooth whisky and perfect for whisky sour. Its rich notes of vanilla and a hint of citrus flavour make it taste authentic. It has a chocolate caramel taste that is sharp, sweet, and oaky. With 40 % alcohol volume, this is a perfect whisky for many any version of whisky sour.


Whisky sour is a perfect drink to make at home and to order at the bar. It is delicious, has several flavors, and is highly versatile. Use any whisky of your choice and make a glass of fantastic whisky sour.

Making it is effortless and needs few ingredients that almost everyone has at home. It is a genuine classic drink that can be made in different versions. You need to keep the right balance between sugar and sour, and you are good to go.