Top Tips for Making a Great Mixed Drink

If you have a party coming up, you probably want your guests to have a good time. Even though you should think about location, guest list, and food, you should also consider the drinks you serve. You need to have a wide selection, and Matthew Iovane knows that it is essential to have water, soft drinks, and mixed drinks. Of course, there are plenty of mixed drinks available, and you need to make sure your guests enjoy them. They can act as an excellent social lubricant, encouraging everyone to relax and enjoy the party. What are a few tips you should follow to make a great mixed drink?

Use Quality Liquor

No matter how good a bartender someone might be, they will have difficulty making an excellent mixed drink without quality liquor. Matthew Iovane explains that it isn’t a great idea to use the cheapest stuff available. Cheap liquor can ruin even the most delicious mixed drink. People do not necessarily have to reach for the most expensive options, as many of these are expected to be consumed straight; however, it is a good idea for people to use something from the middle of the shelf to make a good mixed drink.

Chill the Glasses Before the Party

Some mixed drinks are meant to be poured over ice; however, this is not always the case. Matthew Iovane knows that most mixed drinks taste better when cold, but drinks can warm up quickly without ice. One of the ways to deal with this is to chill glasses before the party. Most mixed drinks are poured in small glasses, so take a few wells or highball glasses and toss them in the freezer a few hours before the party. That way, they will keep the drink cold when it is time.

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Use Fresh Ingredients

Even though liquor is the most important ingredient in the drink, it is crucial to think about the other ingredients’ quality. Matthew Iovane knows that fruit juice, fruit slices, and other mixers are common in cocktails. Their quality will impact the quality of the drink as well. A mixed drink will taste better if the fruit juice is fresh. Cocktails will taste better if the soda isn’t flat. Try to use fresh ingredients to make mixed drinks. Every ingredient matters and cocktails always taste better if the ingredients haven’t been sitting out for a long time.

Make Delicious Mixed Drinks

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to have a good time. Even though some people don’t drink at all, many people expect to have a nice drink when they go to a party. Mixed drinks can help people relax, encourage interaction, and ensure everyone gets the most out of the party. Of course, some cocktails taste better than others. It is important to use the right ingredients, and the drinks always taste better when they are cold. Finally, Matthew Iovane knows the best way to make delicious mixed drinks is to practice regularly.