How to Drink Whisky Neat?

Do you want to relish every note of your whiskey? If yes, then the drink is neat (or straight).

Between 2010 to 2015, about 3.7 billion bottles were sold. It is because whiskey is versatile and can be drunk hot, cold, and used in baking. Do you love whiskey? To all these whiskey lovers, have you ever tried Whiskey neat? If no, it is time to meet the best pleasure given by whiskey. Let us know how to drink whiskey neat.

How to Drink Whiskey Neat?

Whiskey neat is all about pouring a shot of liquor directly from the whiskey bottle into the glass. It is served directly with no mix, no flavor, no water, and no ice. If you want to try whiskey neat, remember to tell the bartender not to add even ice or other flavors into it and serve it at room temperature. Keeping it plain will help you to appreciate its real taste with no dilution.

  • Drink it: When you drink whiskey neat, there are some suggestions to be followed.
  • Choose the best glass: When you decide to drink whiskey neat, choose either of the following glasses: rocks glass, whiskey tumbler, or cocktail glass. The capacity of the above glasses is nearly 7 to 12 oz.
  • Pour right: Make a note that two ounces is the correct serving size of this drink. Serve it raw with zero additions of flavors or ice into it.
  • Time to drink: Always drink neat whiskey sip by sip if you want to enjoy its purity. Never gulp it down in a go.
  • How else to try it: Though it is best when you try whiskey neat directly, some say we can relish its flavors when we add little drops of water into it. They say the aroma and flavors of neat whiskey show out because of the hydrophobic nature of compounds.
  • Not a big no to ice cubes always: If you are a beginner, try neat whiskey raw after some sips; you can even add up some ice cubes to see how the dilution has changed or influenced the flavors and temperature variation.
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How to Drink Neat Whisky

How to Drink Jameson Whiskey Neat?

It is an Irish whiskey that is very flexible and very popular. It tastes the best when drunk neat and is a clean whiskey without many flavors. Flavors like spicy, tangy, citrus, coffee, and caramel go with it the best. It can either be drunk neat or mixed with water or as a mixed drink. Let us talk about Jameson whiskey taken neat.

Whiskey can be drunk in any glass, but picking a rock glass for this purpose would look cool and give you the right feels. When you choose a rock glass, it should accommodate about 180 to 300 ml of whiskey in it.

  • Take in neat: Let us try it neat, enjoy its best flavors, don’t add anything to it, and relish its originality. Pour about 50 ml of Jameson whiskey into a rock glass at room temperature. Remember to serve limited as Jameson whiskey is stronger, preferably drink the whiskey within the limit. And to enjoy the best of the flavors, sip it slowly, don’t gulp the things in a go.
  • Enjoy the Aroma: You can slowly get the glass closer to your face, smell the aroma, then take a sip; this will help you enjoy the rawness and its unique scent in a better way. Jameson whisky gives the taste of all of its natural flavors when you drink it raw.

Tips For Beginners

Are you a beginner and are not up to drinking it neat? If so, you can even try this by adding either ice cubes or some drops of water into it.

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Add some water:

If you cannot drink much of the drink raw, try adding little water and taste it; you can continue to add more until you feel the best of your taste buds. Adding little water won’t eliminate the flavors of the whiskey.

Add some ice cubes:

If you can’t enjoy the flavors warm or at room temperature, it is ok; you can add up some ice cubes to get your desired temperature. When you get the desired chilled temperature, you can drink your whiskey. But this is going to mute the flavors.

Adding Ice Cube to Neat Whiskey

If you are worried about diluting the Jameson whiskey by adding ice cubes (water), don’t worry, we do get special ice cube trays for whiskeys with stainless ice cubes out in the market. These steel ice cubes will help in the prevention of dilution as well as help you achieve your desired temperature.

Jameson Whiskey neat will give you the best-balanced flavors and also peppery and floral aroma. It is going to take you on a journey where you can meet up with Irish tradition. It is one of the most appealing whiskies of all to be drunk, either neat or with a mixture. So do try it!!

We are moving on to our next choice of neat whiskey, a must-try- Rye whiskey Neat.

How to Drink Rye Whiskey Neat?

Rye whiskey is one of the most popular whiskeys we see around. This whiskey has set up a history with the way it has given a comeback. It has a backstory where it went to the peaks of its sales collapsed and rose again today to make a place in the top lists of the best whiskeys—time to know the secret of its success.

Rye has given a tough competition to Bourbon these days. Many love it for the spice and the pingy flame it provides on our tongue. Popularly known as Bastard whiskey, it stands to its name by being bold and spicy. Rye whiskey is chosen by many as it retains its flavors no matter with which it is mixed. If you want to experience the spice of pepper, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, take it raw.

  • Drink it neat: Pour 50 ml of rye whiskey into a rock glass at room temperature and start sipping it slowly. Sipping is going to make your taste buds experience the best of flavors.
  • Dilute it: If you are a beginner, you won’t drink much of it as it is very bold with spiciness. To enjoy it in a better way, add a little amount of water into it. Rye can show its flavors, so this won’t impact its flavors, and they remain intact.
  • Chill it up: To reduce the intensity of spiciness, try to mute the raw flavors by adding small ice cubes to cool the whiskey. Muting it may help you to feel less of a burning sensation and take small sips often.
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Rye whiskey is one of the whiskeys which are in the excellent category. Don’t forget to relish its flavors and appreciate its uniqueness.


Whiskeys act as peace givers for many after a long tiring day. They work as stress busters and also help us to sleep better, reducing anxiety. It is time to experience its uniqueness rather than working them out with cocktails. They offer a wide variety of notes to satisfy our taste buds. It is time to give them a chance to help us relax. Try any whiskey neat today, and tell us what was your favorite. Do share this if you find this article useful.