Best Whisky Under $100

Are you overwhelmed with tons of whiskeys in the market? Are you looking for affordable ones with excellent taste? Check them here!

Whether it is New Year, first date, night out with friends, or a chilling vacation, Whisky comes first! Whisky has been so famous that any special occasion without it is difficult to enjoy.

Whiskey sales volume reached up to 16.9 million 9 liter cases in 2019. These trends indicate the craze for whiskey, and if you wish to relish the same, start with some affordable ones.

Here are the five best Whisky under $100 to surprise your drinking partner next time you sit to drink!

5 Of The Best Whisky Under $100

5 Best Whisky Under $100

Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Not every time you want rich and decadent liquor. Sometimes you might crave something light. Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey can only satisfy your craving.

Kilbeggan is an island distilling company founded in 1757.

The term single grain stands for a single location. This Whisky is made in unique copper columns. The note is a result of caramel, Vanilla, grassy, and new suede shoes.

It is light in body and comes in a low box weight. People who prefer soft and smooth rounded whiskeys end up holding this bottle forever. This Whisky of Kilbeggan range is a result of 94% corn and 6% malted barley. Although it is light and straightforward going, you can enjoy it in mixed drinks or just before meals to stimulate your appetite.

It has well-balanced spice. Imagine it as slightly salted with a pinch of cinnamon butter popcorn. Butter takes the credit for its smoothness. It gives a little thin mouthfeel, but it is not terrible. If you like having it straight, you can.

Maker’s 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Who told you that you have to munch on snacks to enjoy Vanilla and nuts flavor? This Bourbon whisky allows you to enjoy Vanilla and nutty flavor in a drink! Maker’s Mark Bourbon costs you 31.9 dollars. This Whisky has a strong taste; it encompasses flavors of nut and Vanilla. It is now the first-class bourbon that has been distilled since 1953.

It looks amber. If you have tried out many bourbons of similar age and proof before, you may discover it to be a bit lighter. Glass coating is dense and offers drops with few tears. It takes the base of seared French oak staves put inside the barrels to give a finishing. This idea was born from scotch blender bottler The Spice Tree.

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It comes with sweet toasty or closes with the loaded caramel and Vanilla notes. It will stay forward on your whiskey list without giving that bitter bite of old whiskeys. If you’re looking for the best Whisky under $100 that can be taken neat, try this out for sure!

100% Straight Rye Whiskey WOODINVILLE

If you are among the drink explorers, this drink will give you rejoice. This Whisky takes everything you love in a single glass. It is beautiful and Amber hued with 90 proof. This Whisky is straight rye pot-distilled by the Woodinville company. The grains come locally from a family farm. It is 100% rye with no trace of corn, malted rye, or other mixed grains. While bottling, it is kept at a reasonable 45% ABV.

Technically any street rye bottle does not have a statement on it. You can consider it four years or older than that, which lets it be legal. If you want to know about its note, you can think of it as buttery, dripping with sticky cherries. It also includes the note of fresh Apple Cider, a bit of eucalyptus, and some rye spices like cinnamon and clove. These all are in their candied form.

All notes are well balanced, and there are no off-notes. The palate of this Whisky is medium body type. The finish is of medium length. It has a finishing oaky taste without tannins. You get this great stuff at $40 only. You can have a glass of this neat without any afterburn.

STARWARD Australian Single Malt Whisky

STARWARD Australian is the best single malt whisky under $100. It is prepared at a new volt whisky distillery in Victoria. It is a result of Australian malted barley. Then it is aged in fortified wine casks. It is full of spice on the palate that suggests this is youthful. It has picked up tons of flavor in a long time from wood. You get both freshness with complexity here.

The great thing about this Whisky is that it is a gold medal winner at the San Francisco world spirits award. In the beginning, it is a fruity drink with a double distilled single malt. Intrudes Australian barley and brewer’s yeast to give that extra joy.

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It is prepared from lightly charred or streamed barrels, making it a great shiraz and pinot noirs.

It is filled fresh in the bottle when the barrel is wet with wine. This Whisky matches Melbourne’s varying climate for around three years. Its end taste is of red berries, Vanilla, orchard fruits, caramel with some soft oak pieces. Whether it is a note, palate, or finish, each element is well-balanced that can make you its fan! But if you dislike dark and spicy flavors in a drink, we have more on the list.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky

This is the best Japanese Whisky under 100, is a blended Japanese whisky that you can afford easily. As the title suggests, this Whisky has a nice balance of blended Whisky that gives away harmony. This Whisky is prepared from malt whiskies of Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries. It also includes grain whisky from Chita distillery.

This Whisky is not a normal one, but it is drawn from five different kinds of casks like American white oak casks, Mizunara oak casks, and more. The note of Hibiki Japanese harmony e is a contribution of rose, lychee, rosemary, sandalwood. Some find its red berries, green apples with layers of rich honey.

When it comes to taste, it is honey-like sweet. It has melted butter with caramelized dates. A small hint of sandalwood creates a warming and oaky spice. This Whisky falls on the mid-palate with a mature oaky finish. The elegant expression of honey wax orange and herbaceous touch with a pinch of oak makes it unique.

The after finish is something like brown sugar with lots of citrus peels. Your tongue catches the taste of black pepper and white grape. Even if you are trying a Japanese whiskey for the first time, you will love to grab another bottle. Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky is the number one smoky honey scotch to put on the top shelf.

5 Whisky Categories That You Should Know Before Starting

You are at a celebration, and you’re exposed to tons of fancy drinks. Some questions occur to your mind: what is that? Where to start with? What to try first? If it’s you, you are not alone. The world of Whisky is vast and can surprise you. Here is a small guide that tells you how to start!

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5 Whisky Under $100


It is like American whiskies, which are a lot fresher and younger than scotches. It doesn’t indicate low quality, but it is just that they mature fastly. Bourbon is sweet in flavor and smooth.

Anyone can try bourbon, but it is mainly for those who are just starting.


Right now, American whiskey has a lot of styles to offer you. In the case of bourbons, you will get many sweet drinks, but you will discover spicy, punchy, and rich whiskies when moving to

American whiskies. It is typically for those who like to explore different and robust flavors. You can appreciate its sweeter side.

If you don’t understand which one to try first, you can go for Baby Blue Balconies, in which toffee and oak notes are arguably superb.


Now Irish whiskey has grown too much in recent years. Irish whiskey makers make it a chilled-out drink that anyone can enjoy.

When it comes to trying out flavors, you can expect them to be smooth and rounded with perfect sweetness. You can go for Jameson Caskmates as it is a classic Jameson that almost everyone knows and loves. It has a fruity, malty note.


You will meet a lot of passionate fans of Canadian Whisky on this planet. The brilliant stuff is not too different from bourbon. If you are a proper whisky explorer and want something different flavor, this whiskey is of your type.

Those who don’t have an idea you should try can try out Dillon’s Rye. It is a new release of this company. It is warm and spicy with an oaky flavor and plenty of liquid notes.


Indian producers make whiskies with molasses making it close to rum. There are some genuinely well-made whiskies of this subcontinent. All explorers with an expansive mind can try this. Paul John peated is a brilliant drink in this range that has no bounds. It has a diverse flavor profile.


We hope you were able to select one of the most affordable whiskeys for your next party. Don’t worry about the quality and notes. We have selected here ace in the class and can surprise your taste buds with every single sip.

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