Slow and Low Rock and Rye

Rock and Rye by Slow and Low is a fantastic whiskey available at every bar or liquor store.

It is a bottled and canned old-fashioned rye whiskey manufactured by The Copper Spirits, Hochstadter. Today we take a deep look at the Slow and Low and explain why it has gained the reputation that it has.

History of Rock and Rye Slow and Low Whiskey

Rock and Rye is a nickname for old-fashioned cocktails that emerged in the late 1800s and came with water, sugar, and spirit. 

When we talk about the late 1800s, Rock and Rye was a traditional American staple where rocky syrup was added to Rye whiskey to take the edge off of added fruits and spices. 

The Rock and Rye made its way to American Prohibition, officially used as medicine, and then slowly emerged into a savoy Cocktail book in 1930, where Harry Craddock himself had the drink. 

Rock and Rye is not a whiskey brand; instead, it is a cocktail category, and most bartenders put their own stamp on the drink. With the demand for vodka in the ’80s, Rock and Rye’s long-standing popularity started fading away. 

With the boom of American whiskey and the high demand for flavored whiskey in the market, Rock and Rye has taken back to the market. It is straightforward to make a drink like Rock and Rye, but Hochstadter has really tried to master it.

History of Rock and Rye Slow and Low Whiskey

The Story of Slow and Low Rock and Rye

While we go ahead with a slow and low whiskey rock and rye review, it is also essential to know the complete story behind the whiskey. Let’s get started. 

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The Rock and Rye by Slow and Low is made with rocky candy and orange peels. The drink traces its history back to the 19th century when bartenders used to pour a shot of Rye and then allowed the customer to add their own rock candy or honey.

By this time, Rock and Rye had created a blurred line between enjoyment and remedy. Many doctors or pharmacists prescribed Slow and Low’s Rock and Rye as a medicine for cough, cold, asthma, and pneumonia. 

Rock and Rye’s reputation continued even after prohibition. At the 1952 conference, Sr Thomas Ward, a famous virologist, reviewed Slow Low Rock and Rye as a favorite treatment against rhinovirus.

Rober Cooper started Slow and Low Rock and Rye after getting inspired by Rock and Rye recipes. The third-generation distiller, Rober Cooper, crafted the drink with all delicious old-fashioned cocktails in mind. 

Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock and Rye are manufactured in Philadelphia, the birthplace of Rock and Rye with a backbone of Rye whiskey. The Slow and Low comes with orange peels before it is infused with honey. Additionally, Rober Copper adds hints of horehound, a famous herbal perennial plant, before the bottle is filled with liquid. 


Hochstadter slow and low rock and rye has pepper and slightly spicy notes to offer on the palate. But as soon as you sip, it quickly gives you a mellow and most refined and smooth sweetness with hints of rock candy, honey, and orange, which is more a subtle note. The finish of Rock and Rye is slightly long and sweet. 

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When we talk about the aroma of Rock and Rye Slow and Low, the first thing that comes to mind is the scent of orange sweetness. Also, you can feel the aroma of black tea as you sip the drink. 


The average price of Rock and Rye Slow and Low whiskey is $29.99, but different countries sell at different rates according to their regions.

Slow and Low Rock and Rye Can Review

Slow and Low Rock and Rye Can Review

The 84% proof Slow and Low Rock and Rye comes in cans; it is specially created for drinkers who love classic cocktails mixed to offer sweet and straightforward gratification of mixed drinks. Of the two versions, it has solid orange notes and a sweet aroma. There are also notes of stale that may remind you of a well-aged paper book along with peppery spices. 

It offers sweet notes with slight herbal bitterness. The sweetness comes in the way of caramelization. The drink is somewhat on the thinner side; when it is mixed with ice, it offers incredible flavor and body to drink. 

To conclude, the 84 proof version of Rock and Rye Slow and Low gives you a feeling like you are on the bridge between more sugary mixed drinks that you can serve as an old-fashioned or legitimate cocktail. The version has a rating of around 7 out of 10. 

Slow and Low Rock and Rye 100 Proof

With the release of Slow and Low’s Rock and Rye, its 100 proof version is a limited edition. It comes with a higher grade of Rye and higher proof. It is a winner between the two, and the difference is that the 100 proof version is made of 8 years old Rye; on the other hand, the 84 version does not have any age statement. 

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It certainly smells and tastes like more aged and refined whiskey. With deeper notes of caramel, pepper, and baking spices, it offers a fantastic aroma. There is a high intensity of orange, which gives a balanced taste. 

It provides a richer and sweeter taste on the palate. The rye spice and cinnamon bark play an essential role when it is about taste. The 100 proof version is what you want in a cocktail bar. 

Parting Words

Our detailed Slow and Low Rock and Rye review has laid out all you might want to know about this special concoction. With its bold orangey sweetness and a history of remedy, this is one American whiskey worth trying.