Best Whiskey For Whiskey Ginger

Have you ever heard about the classic cocktail combination of whiskey and ginger? This particular cocktail gives you fantastic spicy notes of whiskey blended with sweet notes of ginger ale. Add a squeeze of lemon and an ice cube to really bring out the flavors in a whiskey ginger. In this article is everything that you should know about the best whiskeys for mixing with ginger ale.

What Is Whiskey Ginger?

Whiskey ginger is a name for the combination of whiskey and ginger ale. It is the same as whiskey Highball, a classic cocktail introduced in the 1990s. Highball is a family of drinks that combines non-alcoholic ingredients and alcohol like vodka, soda, and gin tonic.

The whiskey highball was initially mixed with soda water, and ginger ale makes for a great substitute. Here are popular ingredients that you would need for whiskey ginger:

  • Whiskey – Rye whiskey is used most often for this purpose, but you can also use Irish or Bourbon whiskey.
  • Ginger ale
  • Lemon slice for garnishing.

Why Pair Whiskey With Ginger Ale?

Whiskey and ginger ale is an excellent combination; they both complement each other very well. The whiskey comes with spicy and intense notes, and ginger ale is mixed to balance it out, offsetting the drink with its bubbly and sweet taste. Whiskey and ginger ale makes a stellar pair, similar to whiskey and coke.

Can We Use Ginger Beer In A Whiskey Ginger?

Absolutely, mixing ginger beer creates a fresh profile. Adding ginger beer to whiskey produces an outstanding flavor. Kentucky Mule or Irish Mule are some of the best ginger beers for whiskey ginger.

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Ginger ale

What Is The Difference Between Ginger Ale And Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer and ginger ale are very different drinks, though both are carbonated. Ginger beer comes with a spicy ginger flavor, whereas ginger ale has a subtle and sweet taste. Ginger beer is too spicy for most folks to drink on its own without diluting, while ginger ale is as common as any other soft drink.

Best Whiskey For Whiskey Ginger

You can use any whiskey for whiskey ginger; every whiskey will give you a different taste with ginger ale, so find a whiskey that tastes good to you. Let us look at different types of whiskeys and how their flavor changes the drink.

  • Rye whiskey – Rye whiskey is the most common preference when it comes to whiskey ginger. The spicy and pepper taste of rye whiskey is a perfect complement to ginger ale’s sweet and subtle flavor.
  • Bourbon whiskey – As we all know, Bourbon has a sweeter taste than other whiskeys, with a hint of vanilla and oak. When you add Bourbon with ginger ale, it gives you a fantastic cocktail.
  • Irish whiskey – Irish whiskey is a perfect choice for whiskey ginger. With its light and fruity flavor, you would love adding Irish whiskey with ginger ale. The whiskey also gives you hints of vanilla and nuts tones.
  • Scotch – Scotch also works best with ginger ale. The Single malt scotch gives you an oaky and woody taste with smoky notes and sweetness when added with ginger ale.

Best Ginger Ale For Whiskey

There are some popular brands of ginger ale that are readily available on the market, they are:

  • Q Ginger Ale – It is one of the best ginger ale for ginger whiskey. It is a leading ginger ale that comes in a small can, making it easy for you to use as little as you want.
  • Fever-Tree Ginger Ale – The best part about Fever Tree ginger ale is there are no artificial sweeteners added; only natural ginger is present.
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Best Whiskeys For A Whiskey Ginger

For Classic Whiskey Ginger – Jameson

Jameson and ginger is a classic combination. This Irish whiskey has a peachy and sweet taste, and it is an excellent match for sugary ginger ale and a subtle drink. The two blend together to offer refreshing and affordable whiskey ginger.

whiskey shot glass with ginger on the side

For Extra Gingery Whiskey Ginger – Virgil Kaine Bourbon

The Virgil Kaine Bourbon is A ginger-infused whiskey. There is no artificial sweetener added in the whiskey; it is infused with heirloom ginger that gives zesty ginger on the nose and the palate. The ginger notes are more when you add ginger ale into it.

For Light Whiskey Ginger – Tincup American Whiskey

The whiskey is pretty on the spicy side due to its high rye content, and an ice cube takes the spice away when it is added with ginger ale. The lemon notes and the ginger ale makes it a perfect summer whiskey ginger drink.

For Spicy Whiskey Ginger – Ragtime Rye Whiskey

We know that Rye whiskeys are spicy and smokey, and when we talk about Ragtime Rye whiskey, it is distilled in Brooklyn, and it is a spicy option. It is specially designed for cocktails. This makes a perfect cocktail for people who want to have the authentic taste of whiskey ginger.

For A Sweet Whiskey Ginger – Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is a delicious option for whiskey ginger that adds sweetness to the drink. The high amount of corn in the Bourbon gives smooth drinkability when it is added with ginger ale.

Parting Words

In this article, we have looked at whiskey ginger in detail, as well as some of the best whiskeys you can try for creating some of these delicious cocktails. If you love whiskey and ginger ale on their own, we hope that you are able to give whiskey ginger a try.

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