Best Whisky To Mix With Ginger Ale

Are you looking to make your Whisky tastier? Try drinking whiskey with ginger ale as Whisky is a very diverse alcohol. Mixing it with ginger ale brings out spiciness, sweetness, citrus flavour and makes the drink very refreshing. Once you drink this cocktail, we guarantee that you will fall in love with it!

Ginger ale helps relieve gastrointestinal symptoms and is one of the best remedies for indigestion. Mixing it with Whisky will give a nice flavour of soda and ginger to the cocktail. It will also help you to digest the drink with ease. Top it up with lime, and you are good to go for a nice evening.

What is Ginger Ale, And What Are Its Different Types?

Ginger ale is a soda that is a carbonated soft drink with the flavour of ginger. Ginger ale has real ginger or ginger syrup that adds to the peppery taste of any beverage. One of the best ginger ale brands is Canada Dry, which also has a lemony flavour.

It is sweet, peppery, and has citrus notes that make it blend with any whisky. Many drinkers also like drinking it alone as a refreshing drink.

The best Whisky to mix with ginger ale is Jameson. Jameson is a sweet Irish whiskey that makes a delicious drink when you mix it with ginger ale.

There are two ways to make this drink: the Golden and other dry or pale styles.

Popular Ginger Ales

Blenheim hot

It is one of the best ginger ales in South Carolina. It is available in three varieties.

  • The hot ginger ale is sweet as well as hot. The first sip of it seems sweet, but the follow-up notes are peppery. The ginger ale has a perfect balance of this sweetness and pepperiness. It gives a nice kick when mixed with Whisky.
  • The other one is Blenheim’s Not so hot- The heat effect is lower than other types of ginger ale, and you get a smaller kick as well.
  • Blenheim’s Diet is not at all sweet but has a heating effect.
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With its intense citrus flavour, it is a bang-on drink. It has notes of tanginess and a peppery flavour that makes the ginger ale great in taste.

Canada Dry and Lemonade

This is a mix of Lemonade and ginger and the most famous ginger ale. It has a sweet, sour, and bubbly flavour that makes any whisky taste fantastic

Canada Dry

When you are looking for a sweet, light soda bottle and is a great appetiser, go for buying this ginger ale. Canada dry is the best you can try. It has more soda effect than other ginger ales.

List of Best Whiskies That Goes Well With Ginger Ale

Jameson Irish Whisky and Ginger Ale

This is the best combination of cocktails. It is smoother, has vanilla notes, and is mixed with ginger ale; it is one of a kind drink. Sip it and feel on top of the world.


  1. Take a large chunk of ice in a glass.
  2. Add a shot of Jameson Irish Whisky, then squeeze a generous amount of lime juice.
  3. Add half a can of ginger ale.
  4. Garnish it with a slice of lime, and cheers.

Irish Whisky

Another cocktail that is very famous for ginger ale is whisky ginger. It has a softer note, and when you mix it with lime and ginger ale, it becomes a perfect beginner’s drink.


  1. Add a cube of ice in a glass and two ounces of Irish Whisky.
  2. Now add half a glass of ginger ale. It is that simple to make.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

It is a super drink for young drinkers. It has smooth and smoky notes and is available with a label of Black Label.

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Recipe: Mixing Jack Daniels to Canada Dry will be an ideal combination.

  1. Fill a whisky glass with ice.
  2. Now add two ounces of Jack Daniels to the whisky glass.
  3. Top it up with an ample amount of Canada dry ginger ale.
  4. Squeeze half a lime, and that’s it! A super delicious cocktail is ready to sip.
  5. Adding honey also works well in this drink.

Bulleit Rye

One of the most versatile whiskies available is the Bulleit. It has a rich taste. While drinking this cocktail, you will feel strong rye notes, the sweetness of Lemonade, and spicy notes of ginger ale in your mouth. A perfect drink for the summers.


  1. Pour 30 ml of Bulleit Rye in a glass.
  2. Pour Lemonade and 60 ml of dry ginger ale and mix these two.
  3. Add lots of ice and top it up with some more rye whisky.
  4. Add a straw and the drink is ready to be served.

Cranberry Bourbon Sour

Bulleit bourbon tastes incredible as it is spicy and has the sweet aroma of oak. With smoother notes of nutmeg and maple

Recipe: It is an all-season drink but especially for the cooler months.

  1. Squeeze half of a lime in a glass, add two small sugar cubes to the lime and muddle them.
  2. Add the mixture to the shaker.
  3. Add 2 ounces of Bourbon to the shaker.
  4. Now, add three ounces of cranberry juice.
  5. Shake it for thirty seconds, and then pour it into the glass with ice cubes.
  6. Add your favorite ginger ale and garnish it with mint leaves and enjoy.
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Kentucky Bourbon

It is also famous as Kentucky Straight Bourbon whisky. It has notes of vanilla, corn, sweet caramel fragrance, and fresh fruit taste. It goes very well with ginger ale.


  1. Fill a copper mug with three ounces of Kentucky bourbon, half an ounce of lime juice.
  2. Top it up with carbonated ginger ale.
  3. Garnish it with a stem of mint, and there you go with one of the best drinks to have during summers.


Ginger ale is a soda that completes Whisky. It has a sweet, sour, and a mix of spicy flavour (due to ginger syrup). Ginger ale is one of the best mixers, used for making numerous superb cocktails. It goes well with almost all types of whiskies.

When you are out with your friends, don’t forget to order a ginger ale drink and tell us how it was.