How to Make a Whiskey Dispenser?

Are you in search of a fun way to mix up your favorite cocktail? Are you the DIY-type who doesn’t mind getting a bit of elbow grease to create something? Then you can try to make a whiskey dispenser at home.

Bar accessories always add charm to your bars. A whiskey dispenser is one thing that can enhance the look of your watering hole. Building your own alcohol dispenser can be a lot of fun. Even better, making your own whiskey dispenser will save you a couple of hundred dollars. There are DIY ideas that can prove to be of great help to you.

So without further ado, let us see what whiskey dispensers are and how to make a whiskey dispenser?

What Is A Whiskey Dispenser Useful For?

A whiskey dispenser is a container which you can use to easily dispense spirits and wine. These vessels are normally made from glass or crystal.

These liquor-dispensers use something known as a mini-flow meter. The flow meters are attached directly to your liquor bottles and track how much whiskey is poured.

If you are a beer drinker, the meter can be inserted between your keg and the tap that dispenses your beer just behind the bar.

Can a Whiskey Dispenser Be Used With Other Spirits?

The short answer is, yes. But please be careful to calibrate the dispenser to dispense the right amount of alcohol. You may not want your favorite whiskey to be dispensed in the same quantity as your favorite beer!

Whisky Dispenser

How to Make a Whisky Dispenser?

Making a whiskey dispenser is not as tough as it seems. Follow these simple steps to make a whiskey dispenser easily. You can take some ideas and use your own creativity to make a DIY whiskey dispenser.

Wood Whiskey Dispenser

A dispenser not necessarily needs to follow the prescribed steps. To make an easy dispenser, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

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Step One: The Base

The base of a whiskey dispenser needs to be strong. You can use a piece of scrap wood that is readily available. Cut the wood into two parts and make a 4 inches hole inside that. You can easily create a hole with the help of a drill.
You can finish with three to four layers of polycrylic. Wood base is always a solid option to make a whiskey dispenser.

Step Two: Plumbing

You can use a combination of steel and brass hardware. Then you can use metallic gold spray paint to match the color of the bottle.

Step Three: Attaching a Bottle

How do you screw a bottle for a perfect fit? You can use a regular coke bottle cap. It is easy to screw on various bottles. It is easy to remodel the hole and fit on your dispenser.

Step Four: Results

Screw all the pipes together and attach them carefully to the base.

Step Five: Troubleshooting

Vacuum is created in the bottle to prevent or restrict the flow of liquid. You can also add a tube connecting to the pour vent and use it for various purposes.

Metal Pipe Dispenser

Making this type of dispenser is very easy. You can make this dispenser without putting in many efforts. With a flat wooden base and pipes of copper and stainless steel, you can make this dispenser. The steps to follow are:

  • The first step will be to use a wooden block as it is durable, and with stain and sand, the finish comes out well.
  • Next, with a fitting made of stainless steel and paint of your choice, color the wooden block. Using a dispensing valve and a garden spigot while making the dispenser will be good as it will support it.
  • With the use of a bottle cap, you can easily dispense the drink/alcohol. You need to make a hole in the center and push the lid into the fitting and then attach the pipes together.
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This unique single bottle dispenser is best to make for a father’s day gift. You can also gift this dispenser to your friend on his birthday.

Level Upped or Push Up Liquor Dispenser

The liquor dispenser gives a chance to take your creativity to another level. On such kinds of models, the spout acts like a hose. You can also add a little electricity to this DIY dispenser. The unique dispenser gives an easy way to put your favorite alcohol into it. The dispenser makes it convenient to dispense alcohol without messing up the place.

Wall-mounted Liquor Dispenser

If you want to display the alcohol bottles on your wall, this is one of the best ways to do it. By fixing glass bottles to a wooden back panel, you can create a rustic look that not only looks realistic but classy. This vintage look with old smoky wood is possible if you use grey color. It will make the dispenser look modern and unique too. Add valves made of stainless steel to make the dispenser long-lasting.

One important thing to do before mounting the dispenser is to add individual pourers. Finally, mount the dispenser on the walls and fix it to the studs for extra security.

Ready-Made Whisky Dispensers

How to Make a Whiskey Dispenser

If you are not upto it, there are some brilliant whisky dispensers available online to purchase as well:

#1 Jillmo Whiskey Dispenser

This is a beautiful whisky dispenser in the shape of a bottled ship at the top that imparts whisky below. The top bottle is made from glass, with a stopper to prevent your liquor from evaporating. The bottled vessel is placed on a handcrafted wooden base. The dispenser holds 42-ounce of liquor.

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#2 Wyndham House Four Station Whisky Dispenser

This is an easy-to-use four-station metallic dispenser with chrome plating. The arms are designed to make sure that the bottles do not fall. They are held in place with rubber inserts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Use of a Whiskey Dispenser?

A whiskey dispenser is good to make your whiskey more fashionable. You can keep your whiskey in these easy to make dispensers. It allows flavors to bloom through oxidation and remove the sediments from old vintages. These dispensers are suitable to make at your home.

How Long Can You Take Whiskey in These Dispensers?

If you are using the decanter with a proper airtight seal, then the spirit inside it will last for a long time. Wine can, however, lasts only for a few days. But vodka and other spirits can last for many years in these dispensers.

Does Your Whiskey Taste Better With These Dispensers?

Whiskey has few tannins, so only the trace amounts are picked up from the barrels in which the whiskey is aged. Tannins can, however, lead to specific changes over time. There is no change in the taste when you shift your whiskey into these dispensers.


Making a whiskey dispenser at home is not as tough as it seems. You can make it easily without putting in much effort. You can take simple DIY ideas and can make the dispensers.

The best thing is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it as you can make the dispensers from the items available at your home. Thus, it gives ease to preserve and enjoy your drink.

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