Dram Cigars for Whiskey

Do you enjoy a nice smoke with your whiskey? Dram cigars can be a good pair with the different kinds of whiskey, and it is bound to bring out the profound taste of the whiskeys and tickle your tastebuds like never before. The dram cigars bring about the different flavors of whiskeys.

What is a Dram?

By now, you might be wondering what a Dram is. A Dram is a term referring to a portion of whiskey. In technical terms, it accounts for about 1/8th of a fluid ounce. The word is known to be coined by the ancient Greeks. In the early days, it was the measure for treasure and weight. How it ended up being a measure for liquids and whiskey is not known.

Things to Consider While Choosing Dram Cigars

Are you looking for a fine smoke with your whiskey? There are some specific things to consider while choosing dram cigars for whiskey, and I will list them down for your best interests.

  1. Flavor: The flavor of the whiskey you choose is an essential factor in deciding what kind of cigar you choose. Each type of flavor goes well with the help of a different class of cigars, so pick your cigars wisely.
  2. Taste: Your taste and liking will vary from mine or someone else’s, so decide on the strength of the dram cigars for whiskey,  based on whether you want it strong or mild.
  3. Firmness: The firmness of the cigars can help you select the best one out of the lot. If the roll is too tight, it might not be possible for you to smoke it. It could be dry and cause difficulty in taking each puff.
  4. Drink to be paired: Deciding the Dram Cigar can depend on the kind, flavor, strength, and type of whiskey with which it is about to be paired.
  5. Cigar Wrapper: Did you know how crucial a cigar wrapper is to its flavor? The crunch and make of the wrapper allow you to puff in the right way and hence should be a key factor in choosing the Dram.
  6. Experimentation: Apart from all the set rules and points to choose your dram cigars for whiskey, I insist that you do your bit of experiment as well. Choose different whiskeys and different brands of cigars and try to pair them up. Let your tastebuds decide what goes well with what and what.
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What Are Dram Cigars for Whiskey

What Are the Kinds of Flavors for the Dram?

Initially, I was unaware of the four basic kinds of flavors for whiskey. However, after understanding, it made it easier for me to choose my dram cigars for whiskey. I want to share my knowledge with you. The four kinds of whiskey flavors are:

  • Citrus: It is the mildest flavor for the dram cigar, and as the name suggests, it has a predominant citrus flavor. Smooth and creamy whiskeys go best with it.
  • Woody: If you do not prefer the too heavy flavor, the woody flavored whiskeys can be a good option. For example, Balvenie, Wild Turkey, etc.
  • Spicy: Are you fond of spices and looking for something in those lines for your whiskey as well? Whiskeys such as Angels Envy, Bourbon, etc., are good varieties for you.
  • Smokey: These are the strong-flavored whiskies. They come in a strong flavor and can tickle your tastebuds like no other.

Dram Cigars for Whiskey – Explained

There are four types of dram cigars to pair with whiskeys. Read on to know more about each cask of cigars.

Dram Cask 1

Are you wondering: “What is Double Connecticut Dram Cigars for whiskey?” They are smooth flavored with mild strength and can be paired effectively with lighter whiskeys such as Balvenie Single Barrel and Glenmorangie.

Double Connecticut consists of flavors such as citrus, creamy, woody, nutty, toasty, caramel, spice, leather, cedar, and vanilla, each of which you can experience at different stages of the cigar. Mind you; big cigars take a lot of time to get over. So, if you are a beginner, you can choose a medium-sized cigar instead.

When you light the cigar, it has a smooth and creamy flavor that gives a citrusy flavor at the center and a mix of several flavors at the final section of the cigar. You are sure to get overwhelmed by the surprise elements in each drag of the cigar.

The Cask 1 comes in a US Connecticut wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut Binder, and a mild plus strength, pairing best with mild whiskeys. It gives a citrusy and woody flavor to the mild whiskeys.

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Dram Cask 2

Are you fond of spice-flavored whiskeys and looking for dram cigars for whiskey that goes well with it? The cask two Double Cojoro can be the one for you. How would you feel if you got the citrus and caramel taste from the same blend for a great experience?

You can pair a medium-strength whiskey with cask two Cojoro. The cigars come with a Dominican Cojoro wrapper, Honduran Cojoro binder, and in a 6-inch size. You need to smoke at least 3 of them to be able to review it.

When you take the first few drags of this dram cigar, you will get a predominant pepper flavor, followed by an oak flavor and a tinge of sweetness. There is a cinnamon taste as well. On the third, I found oaky and cedar woody flavors with a considerable amount of smoke.

Compared to cask 1, cask two has a more or less consistent combination of flavors throughout the cigar. You can also get some fruity flavors at times during the third of the first set. Pair it up with a medium-strength whiskey for the best flavors.

Explaining Dram Cigar for Whiskey

Dram Cask 3

With a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper and a Nicaraguan Habano Binder, the Cask 3 goes best with bourbons with a high amount of spice in them. Right after you light these dram cigars for whiskey, you will experience an earthy flavor while you smoke, which will change to a sweet taste soon. Next is a smoky and woody flavor and traces of bittersweet cocoa, espresso, malt, dried apricot, and dry fruits.

In the third section, cask 3 shows its flavors, it develops into a creaminess, and the bittersweet taste changes into a sweet gooey, fudge-like taste. These tastes further develop to give a malt, caramel-like taste that improves your overall experience of indulging in the different flavors.

The cigars end smoothly as well, and the creaminess continues till the end. The cigars come in four sizes, the Robusto, toro, Gigantor, and Churchill.

Dram Cask 4

If you are looking for some rich and intense flavor, the Cask 4 dram cigar is the one for you. It goes well with medium to high strength drams and is known for its woody and smoky flavors. If you wonder about Double Connecticut Dram Cigars for whiskey, the cask 4 comes with a double Connecticut Broadleaf binder. It is 7 inches in size, and you need to smoke 3 for reviewing the product right. The best thing about this dram cigar for whiskey is that it comes with a combination of creamy oak and leather. Other predominant flavors of the cigars include the expresso, tea leaves, cocoa, white pepper, etc. The cigar has a strong and smoky flavor and goes best with Laphroaig and Jack Daniels and other such strong yet smooth whiskey blends.

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Cigar Smoking Dos and Don’ts

If you are a newbie in smoking cigars, here are a few suggestions I have for you:

  1. Do not share your cigars. If you are sitting in a group, everyone who wishes to smoke a cigar should have one solely to themselves.
  2. Look where you are blowing your smoke. Please don’t blow it on someone else’s face. It will create an unpleasant situation.
  3. Light your cigar, not from someone else’s. It will not let your cigars burn evenly.
  4. Butting out cigars is a no-no. After smoking them, leave the cigar on the ashtray and let it burn out.
  5. Removing the band is a standard cigar smoking etiquette.

Wrap Up

There are four casks for dram cigars available, each of which sets different expectations for the smoker. Knowing what kind of taste is accompanied by each cask and how to pair it with the flavored whiskey, you can make the best choice for yourself.

If you are a newbie, it might take you a while to get accustomed to the different flavors and pair the whiskey, but as your taste buds develop, you will be able to do it yourself.

Did you know? The different flavors of whiskeys keep changing slowly at various stages as your taste buds grow for it. The same whiskey and dram cigar pair can present different flavors at different stages to a newbie and an experienced whiskey drinker. Pair your whiskey with the right dram cigars for whiskey, and have a wonderful afternoon be it at a party or by yourself.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Dram cigars. Do share your experiences in pairing whiskey with cigars in the comment box below.