Types of Whiskey Glasses

Having a great whiskey glass can help to improve your drinking experience and make whiskey more enjoyable. Whiskey glasses come in different shapes and styles, and with all the variety, it can become tough to choose. Here is a complete guide on types of whiskey glasses.

#1. Glencairn Glass 

Glencairn is a type of whiskey glass with all three characteristics of a whiskey glass, with an easily drinkable mouth, a pedestal base, and a tulip shape that allows the whiskey to breathe and pass aroma right in your nose when you lift it towards your mouth.

Glencairn glass shines in its elegance among the whiskey glass options. The Glencairn shape was derived from the traditional nosing capital of Irish and Scotch whiskey Distilleries. The Scotch Whiskey Association first endorsed this glass style.


  • The Glencairn glass is designed to maximize the aroma of the whiskey.
  • It is made of translucent glass, which is lead-free.


  • It has a thin base which is not suitable for clumsy drinkers.
  • It has a fairly small capacity.

#2. Tumbler Glasses

The Tumbler is one of the most renowned yet basic glasses, with its straight walls and heavy base. The thick wall and heavy base prevent breakage.

The Norlan Tumbler

The Norlan is an innovative whiskey glass specially designed by Norlan to capture the flavor and aroma of the whiskey and deliver them to the senses of the drinker. The glass is well made of borosilicate glass, which is great for maintaining a steady temperature.

There is a protrusion in the glass responsible for creating a wave when you swirl the whiskey, which results in increased evaporation and oxidation, which further gives a smoother and softer aroma from whiskey. The outer side of the glass prevents the absorption of warmth of the hand.


  • It is specially designed for drinking whiskey.
  • It is both a social tumbler and whiskey lover’s glass.


  • The glass is fragile and delicate, with higher chances of breakage.
  • It is an expensive whiskey glass compared to others.

#3. Highball Glass

The highball is designed to hold mixers. These glasses prevent spills and are easier to hold.

Highball Glass

Highball whiskey glass

Paksh Novelty Italian Highball Whiskey Glass

This highball whiskey glass comes with a modern and contemporary look that is suitable for everyday use. The thick base helps in keeping the tall glass balanced and prevents spills. Because of its height, the glass is best for cocktails with higher proportions of non-alcoholic mixers.

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  • It is a versatile glass suitable for all occasions.
  • The lead-free glass is best for daily use.


  • The walls are fragile and delicate.

#4. Stainless Steel Noser

Nosers are similar to tumblers, but the stainless steel helps retain temperature and looks unique.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Nosing Glass

This glass is a stylish glass that has a sleek and sophisticated design. The stainless steel has better temperature retention than glass tumblers, minimizing heat transfer and keeping alcohol cool. The glass is great for outdoor activities, like camping, beach, and more outdoor trips.


  • It is specially designed to accentuate the whiskey’s aroma.
  • The glass is rust-resistant due to its double-walled stainless steel.
  • Temperature retention.


  • It is a bit pricey.

#5. Snifter

The snifter, as the name suggests, is designed to allow the drinker to take in the aroma of the whiskey before drinking. This is a great way to have aromatic whiskeys.

Snifter Whisky Glass

Snifter whiskey glass

Luxbe Bourbon Whiskey Glass

This is a tulip-shaped whiskey glass with a thin stem with a broad pedestal. Many people use this glass mainly for cordials; its narrow mouth makes it suitable for drinking fine whiskeys.

This snifter whiskey glass is ideal for bourbon or whiskey. If you want whiskey and a cigar in the same room, then Snifter whiskey glass is for you. Its extravagant vast body and narrow rim give you a great drinking experience with original spirits and aroma.


  • It comes in a great size of 7 ounces that reduces frequent refilling.
  • It is a dishwasher-safe glass.


  • Not suitable for cocktails .

#6. The NEAT

The neat is scientifically designed to take in aromas without burning your nose.

The Neat Glass Official

The neat glass gives original spirits of whiskey, and it is perfectly shaped to direct harsh vapors away from the nose. Enhance the experience by savoring aromas of bourbon, scotch, or gin with this peculiarly shaped vessel.

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  • It is a versatile glass.
  • The unique style makes it an ideal choice for whiskey lovers.


  • The neat glass is not dishwasher safe.

#7. Rocks/Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned whiskey glass is the quintessential wide-bottomed whiskey glass that many of us have seen or used. There are many varieties of this glass, so I have shared three examples of this type below.

Old Fashioned whisky glass

Old fashioned whiskey glass

Whiskey Globe On the Rocks Glasses

This glass comes under a luxury collection of hand-blown glasses with an indented bottom that features silhouettes of various world mountains.

The base is created to give the drinker a sensation of drinking whiskey literally on the rocks. This lowball glass is undoubtedly eye-catching. It is made up of high-quality lead-free crystal with a thick-walled design and heavy bottom. The glass is dishwasher safe.


  • It is an ideal gift for whiskey lovers who love their whiskey on the rocks.
  • The glass is topographically accurate.


  • They are delicate glasses, and should be handled carefully to prevent breakage.

Maketh the Man Whiskey Glass

This is a fantastic whiskey glass made up of stunning premium quality. It is a lead-free bourbon glass that adds style and luxury to your drinks.

The glass will give you an old-fashioned feel in your hand. They are best if you want to have one shot of your favorite scotch with ample amounts of ice or water.

The MakethThe man whiskey glass has a solid and heavy base, making it perfect for making cocktails. Unlike traditional crystal, the glass is made up of non-leaded crystal, allowing for a safe drinking experience.


  • As the glass comes with a great and friendly gift box, it makes for an ideal gift for whiskey lovers.
  • The lead-free crystal ensures an excellent drinking experience.
  • It is shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe whiskey glass.


  • Its retro design may not be for everyone.

Marquis by Waterford

Is your boss coming over for a drink or some special guest? This Marquis By Waterford whiskey glass would be a great choice for such an occasion.

The glass is made of lead-free crystal, making it a durable whiskey glass. It is a rust-resistant glass and a more accessible option for whiskey lovers.

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  • The lead-free crystal offers more sturdiness.
  • It is a stylish whiskey glass.


  • It is not a dishwasher-safe glass.

Buying Guide – Features of Whiskey Glasses 

Before you head to the market to buy a whiskey glass, you should know some characteristics of whiskey glasses.

Features of Whiskey Glasses


The composition and design of a whiskey glass have a valid effect on the appearance of whiskey. Check the overall quality of the glass in terms of grip, weight, and girth.

Are you able to hold it properly? Does it fit well in your hand? How does it look when you serve whiskey in it? All such characteristics are essential to have an excellent drinking whiskey experience.


Drinkability here means how easy you can drink from the glass. It all depends on the base of the glass, wall slope angle, and brim’s diameter.

It is not recommended for a soothing drinking experience to get a tilted drink; otherwise, when whiskey reaches your mouth, it may go up to your nose, and we do not want that to happen! It is advisable to buy a straight wall angled glass.


For a complete whiskey drinking experience, the aroma is an important aspect. This part of the experience relies on scent and smell.

Many drinkers prefer narrow-mouth whiskey glass so that when they lift the glass, aroma heads right to the nose. At the same time, some prefer a wider mouth to provide more room for taking in the scent of their whiskey.

Parting Words

Everyone has their taste and choice when it comes to enjoying their whiskey. Some like their whiskey on the rocks, while others may like to slowly take in the aromas of their whiskey before sipping bit by bit.

If you want to enhance your drinking experience, it is essential to get a perfect whiskey glass, and different glasses will enable you to enjoy your whiskeys differently.

The types of glasses that we have listed are great, popular options, and they will provide you a starting point in your search for some excellent glasses to enhance your whiskey experiences going forwards.