What to Eat With Whiskey?

Is it good to pair whiskey with food? This question comes to the mind of all whiskey lovers. The idea of pairing your whiskey with food is good and interesting. This divine amber-colored drink can go extremely well with different kinds of foods.

Although, this practice is quite common in European countries and some parts of Asia. But it is also gaining huge popularity in the USA. What to eat with whiskey is one of the most common questions that people ask.

The article on whiskies will guide you in choosing the best food to pair with your whiskey so that you can efficiently enjoy this drink.

Why Pair Food With Whiskey?

Flavors of whiskey can vary from light to full-bodied. They can also vary from more complex and bold and too earthy notes. The food is paired with whiskies so that both will not dominate each other’s flavors.

Right Kind of Pairings

  • Bourbon whisky comes with a caramelized sweetness. So it can go well with foods that have caramelized components in them. It lets you enjoy your food and whiskey.
  • Medium whiskey can go well with meals having high-protein.
  • Light whiskies are good to pair with seafood and other spicy meals.
  • Full-bodied whiskies can go well with hearty dishes. You can enjoy it with food having high-fat.

Foods That Go Well With Different Kind Of Whiskeys

Dark Chocolates

When you think of what to eat with whiskey, dark chocolates always come to mind. Both dark chocolates and whiskey complement each other. You can opt for a good quality chocolate bar than sweet sugary chocolate. You can mix different chocolates till you find the perfect match.

  • Dark orange-flavored chocolate is good to experiment with scotch. The scotch has citrus content, which helps to enhance the orange flavor of chocolate.
  • Milk chocolates or plain chocolates work well with rye whiskies.
  • Salted chocolates go well with single malt scotch whiskey.
  • Plain dark chocolates are good to eat with strong whiskies.
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Dried Fruits and Nuts

You can never go wrong with nuts and dry fruits. However, you can be more innovative to mix and match. With strong peaty whiskies, you can always serve some sweet nuts. On the other hand, you can serve some varieties of bitter nuts with smooth and sweet whiskies.

Grilled Steaks

At a dinner party, grilled steaks are the perfect answer to what snack to eat with whiskey.

Whisky has a rich and smoky flavor, which works well with beef. You can experiment with the flavors that you are putting in your steak. Like bourbon goes well with the leaner steak. Other steaks can also go well with the medium-bodied rich whiskies.


A meatloaf is a good option for strong party whiskies. Meatloaves go well with high-alcohol content whiskies like single malt or rye whiskey. Meatloaf served with barbecue sauce can go pretty well with the strong whiskies. However, you can choose the flavor according to your wish.


Both whiskey and cheese come in so many different flavors. If you relish smoky whiskey flavors, you can try some cheddar cheese. On the other hand, spicier whiskies go well with blue cheese.

Food to Eat With Whiskey

With the light fragrant whiskey, you can pair goat cheese as it has a very soft texture that balances the flavors and leaves you in awe.

Smoked Salmon

The smoked salmon can go well with the high rye content.

The smoky flavors of salmon give the spicy, fruity taste to your bourbon. These two complement each other well.

Pies and Crumbles

Desserts are also good to go with the whiskies. You can have fresh apple pies with light and fragrant whiskeys. Drinks with the flavors of caramel, honey can go well with various crumbles.

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Whiskey with high rye content and spicy herbals help you cut through pies that are rich in sweetness. Malty drinks with peat smoke can complement the rich chocolate taste.

Top Pairings For Light Fragrant Whiskies

The dishes with a touch of sweetness can go well with light fragrant whiskies. Such as:

  • Sushi
  • Smoked salmon
  • Dressed carb
  • Cullen skink
  • Soft and creamy cheese
  • Bread and butter pudding
  • Parsnip soup
  • Medium-bodied whiskies
  • Smoked mussels
  • Smoked oysters
  • Smoked duck
  • Smoked venison
  • Seared scallops and bacon
  • Roasted or braised pheasant
  • Full-bodied, rich whiskies
  • Char siu pork
  • Seared or grilled steak
  • Christmas pudding
  • Dark chocolate and ginger biscuits
  • Pecan pie
  • Washed-rind cheese
  • Mature cheddar

Food And Whiskey Pairing Rules

Before you know what to eat with whiskey, you must know some of the pairing rules. To fully enjoy your food and whiskey pairing, you must consider certain things.

What are Foods to Eat With Whiskey

Rule 1: Master the Art of Whiskey Yoga.

If you are new to whiskey, you must know about the effects of alcohol burn. Alcohol burn is the primary reason that people don’t think to take food and whiskey together. But whisky yoga can eliminate the burn and allow you to pick up the subtle nuance.

Rule 2: Know the Proper Technique.

You must know that you are sipping your whiskey with the proper technique with each sip. The residual alcohol can unlock and enhance the flavors in the food. It allows you to enjoy everything the food and spirit have to offer to you.

Rule 3: Match Your Food With the Elements and Features of Your Whiskey

You must know which features of your whiskey can go well with your food pairing. The roast chicken is good to pair with roasted peatiness and with the sweetness of scotch. Oven-roasted half chicken and garlic stuffed chicken can also pair nicely with the scotch. The acidity of lemon would bring the contrasting sweetness of scotch.

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Rule 4: Spicy Food Is Not Your Friend

Spicy food can do the opposite of what you can expect. It can amplify the alcohol and intensify the burn to the point that it can be unpleasant. So this pairing should be done with full consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Drink Whiskey With Food?

Whiskey and food pairing complement and enhance each other’s flavors. Smokey, peaty whiskies are good to go with the oysters and with smoked fishes. The sweet and sour pairing is always preferable by whiskey lovers. You can pair different sorts of foods and can enjoy your drink.

What Are the Health Benefits of Whiskey?

Whiskey contains few calories in comparison to other drinks. Moreover, it does not contain sugar or carbohydrates. It helps in reducing body inflammation and can lower the risk of obesity. The drink is also good for your skin.

What Juice Is Good to Go With Whiskey?

Orange juice is a good option to go with whiskey. It is one of the preferable whiskey mixers—most of the whiskeys pair well with the orange juice. The juice is lower in acidity compared to lime or lemon.


Whiskey is always good to pair with different kinds of foods. Pairing it with food, you must know the type of spirit. You must consider the food that can reduce the burning effect. The food rich in fat content can reduce the burning effect. The flavor of whiskey can enhance the flavors of food. You can do experiments with the pairings of food and whiskey.

The different flavors of foods enhance the spirit of whiskey so that you can enjoy your drink.