Best Whisky To Mix With Coke

Is your whisky and coke combination not giving you the kick you desire? Finding the perfect Whisky that blends well with coke is not tricky. The Whisky that suits your taste and gives you the kick you want will go perfectly with coke.

Everyone has a different perspective and preference when choosing a Whisky. Whisky has everything to do with aromas and spirits. Some people like its smokiness and some love its sweet notes. Trying Whisky with coke is the safest combination.

Did you know Jack Daniels and coke is one of the best combinations to drink? It is not only refreshing but is it famous amongst young whisky lovers? Through this article, I have selected the best whiskies to mix with coke.

Read the article, and I am sure you will find your best way to mix Whisky with coke.

Why Choose Coke With Whisky?

Coke is simple, yet it is extraordinary in itself. It is one of the best ingredients you can have with your friends when they come home without informing. Mixing Jack Daniels and coke is the best whisky to mix with coke and the best you can offer to anyone.

Another combination that works well when pairing with coke is Bourbon and Canadian Whisky. Coke has its flavors, and together with Whisky, it turns out to be extraordinary especially, for young drinkers.

For those who do not prefer drinking whisky alone, coke is the best. These two ingredients are the most common ingredients that are available at the bar and home. It is one of the most straightforward and most amazing cocktails to make.

Top Seven Whiskeys That Go Well With Coke

Top Seven Whiskeys That Go Well With Coke

Jack Daniels And Coke

It is a classic combination that works well together. Jack has the flavor of vanilla, and its smoky sweetness makes it stand out from its counterparts. When mixed with coke, it makes a refreshing drink that gives an ideal alcoholic kick without losing the Whisky flavor.

Maker’s Mark And Coke

It is one of the best Whisky to mix with coke. It is a smooth bourbon that blends well with coke. Maker’s mark has a taste of hazelnut, oaky notes with a touch of rye notes and barley malt. When all these flavors mix with coke, it makes a beautiful cocktail; top it up with ice to feel the magic.

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Jim Beam And Coke

Jim beam has both sweet and sour notes with some notes of vanilla and corn. The Whisky is fermented in oak barrels and is made with corn mash; thus, it has an oaky taste of barrels and sweet flavors of corn and vanilla. It is one of the best Whisky’s to mix with coke as it provides its drinkers sweet and sour notes at a budget-friendly price.

Wild Turkey With Coke

Wild turkey whisky has sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon. Its woody scent, when combined with coke, doubles its taste. It enhances the taste buds and makes the drink noticeable. The combination of this Whisky and coke is popular amongst young drinkers as coke controls the drink’s flavor and blends perfectly well with a wild turkey.

Laphroaig And Coke

Another best combination for those who love to have scotch in any and every way. It is a spicy combination, and people love to have it.

Laphroaig is a ten years old whisky and has a strong aroma and spirit. It also has a smoky taste that people love. Try mixing Whisky, coke, and lots of ice as it will maximize the Whisky flavor.

Crown Royal With Coke

This Canadian Whisky and coke is an outstanding combination. It gives a taste of maple syrup with the smokiness of oak barrels. The soil-like flavor of coke and the sweetness of Crown royal is an ideal combination.

Ardbeg And Coke

Ardbeg tastes sweet and has caramel notes with a touch of both smokey and salty notes that make it taste authentic when combined with coke.

Best Way To Mix Whisky And Coke

Mixing one part of Whisky to three oz of coke is the best you can drink—some like intense whisky, and some like it to drink it in its standard ratio. To adjust the flavor of these two drinks, try using a mixer in the form of lemonade, ginger ale, lemon, sugar cubes, and more.

Best Way To Mix Whisky And Coke

However, the two combinations in their pure form are the most popular drinks available anywhere. When cherries are available, the best way to mix Whisky and coke is by making cherry coke whisky mash. Try making it with Crown Royal.

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Cherry Coke Whiskey Mash


  • Take 4 ounces of Crown royal.
  • 1.5 cup pitted cherries.
  • 3 tsp of sugar.
  • Twelve ounces of coke, you can use diet coke if you want to lessen the sugar content.
  • ½ a lemon and mint leave for garnishing.


  • Take a shaker, add sugar and pitted cherries. Muddle it together and squeeze half a lemon.
  • Add crown royal and shake everything well.
  • In a glass, add ice cubes and strain the above mix into the glass.
  • Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

You can also try this cocktail with Rye bourbon or any bourbon of your choice. It is a perfect cocktail for any occasion, and mostly it is a females drink. Women will love it.

Prepare it for women’s day or mother’s day. Surprise your wife, mother, or sister with this fantastic cocktail. The sweet taste of cherries and the smoky taste of Whisky will make them fall in love with the drink.

Irish Cola Whiskey

Another drink you can try experimenting with is an Irish cola whisky.

You can make Irish cola Whisky recipes with Jameson Irish whisky and coke. It has notes of fruit, vanilla, and the smokiness of Jameson will make you fall in love with the drink. The drink is topped with Baileys Irish Cream; as it has creamy notes and a blend of cocoa and Irish Whisky, it will taste authentic.


  • Add ice cubes to a whisky glass.
  • Add one oz of Jameson Irish whisky of your choice.
  • Then add one oz of Baileys and stir it with a spoon.
  • Now, add almost 1.5 oz of coke, and your Irish cola drink is ready to be served. It is the best Whisky to mix with coke and is an ideal drink to make on any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coke Go Well With Bourbon Whisky?

Yes, bourbon and coke make a great combination, and together, the drink is flavorful and attracts the drinkers. But, one thing to remember is, not all Bourbons have the same spirits. All are different and produce different flavors that one may like and others will not.

Therefore, choose the bourbon that suits you and gives you the kick that you desire.

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What Are the Names of a Few Whisky Combinations That Go Well With Each Other?

  • A few whisky combinations that go well with each other are
  • Coke along with rum and a few lime drops is a great combination that works well together. Both together are popular as a drink named Cuba Libre.
  • Rye whisky and coke is a mix of spicy flavors and enticing coke. Together both the flavors together make a great cocktail. Whisky daisy is well known for its sour and sweet combination.
  • Chivas Regal and coke also is a classic combination. Pour these two together in a glass and top it up with ice, and you are good to go.
  • Making Manhattan with coke is another combination that works well. It will go with a barbecue. It has some intense spicy notes. A mix of spicy flavors with saucy barbecue is something authentic.

Does Whiskey and Coke Get You Drunk?

One way to get more drunk (if you want that) is to mix Whisky with Diet Coke. The sugars in regular Coke get in the way of your body absorbing the drink. But Diet Coke has no such problems since it has very little actual sugar.

Apart from this, diet coke is certainly lower in calories. So if you want to get drunk quickly and watch your calories at the same time, mix your drink with diet Coke.


The best whisky is one that mixes well with coke and gives you the kick you desire. All those who cannot handle the smoky notes of

Whisky can try it with coke. You very well know Whisky is all about flavors, and each sip of Whisky will give you a different taste.

Everyone who drinks Whisky will experience unique notes and flavors that will be different from each other.

Choosing the best whisky to mix with coke will become more comfortable after going through the article. It depends on the drinker’s preference, which Whisky he/she wants to socialize with coke to bring out explicit flavors of the drink.
In the end, don’t forget to share this article with everyone on your contact list if you liked it.