Chocolate Milk And Whiskey

Chocolate milk and whiskey, surprisingly, make a perfect pair. The complex nature of whiskeys complements the luxurious and creamy texture of chocolate milk. However, mixing the two together actually requires a bit of careful thought.

Although the idea of mixing chocolate milk with whiskey may seem strange at first, many popular whiskey cocktails blend the two ingredients well. The old traditional recipe consisting of chocolate milk, bourbon, and sugar gives you a very creamy and delicious drink. Chocolate milk added to whiskey can actually make for a really warming cold-weather cocktail.

Here are some recipes that you can try by combining chocolate milk and different brands of whiskeys.

Chocolate Milk And Whiskey Drinks

#1. Ancho Reyes Original

Ancho Reyes Original is a complex liquor with a great spicy taste and a hint of sweetness. It is a well-known smoky whiskey that is great for incorporating into cocktails. When you add chocolate milk to this whiskey, you will get a unique and surprisingly comforting cold-weather cocktail.

whiskey with chocolate drink

All you have to do is get a saucepan, boil the milk with chocolate mix, pour it into a coffee cup, and add a shot of Ancho Reyes Original; stir it until you get a creamy and rich consistency.

You can store this cocktail in a refrigerator for future use. This cocktail has a spicy and milky nose with a sweet, chocolaty, and smoky taste on the palate. You can garnish with cinnamon and orange peel to add more character.

#2. Sailor Jerry Rum and Hot Chocolate

When we talk about hot chocolate and whiskey, the first thing that comes to our mind is Sailor Jerry rum and chocolate mix. Sailor Jerry rum is a spiced rum produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd. The rum is a perfect blend of Caribbean rums infused with different spices and natural flavors like cinnamon vanilla.

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If you want a perfect cocktail in cold weather, you cannot go wrong with mixing rum with hot chocolate milk. Ingredients you would need to make this cocktail are one shot of sailor jerry rum, a cup of almond milk, some dark hot chocolate, a pinch of sea salt, and whipped cream; now you are all set to make your sailor jerry rum hot chocolate.

First, add equal parts of liquor to hot chocolate after heating the milk with hot chocolate until you get a smooth consistency. Now add other ingredients like sea salt or butterscotch schnapps. Next, get a taller mug, pour your cocktail into it, and then garnish it with whipped cream and cinnamon powder for a delightful hot chocolate and whiskey cocktail.

#3. Skrewball Peanut Butter Cocktail

This is a decadent cocktail consisting of chocolate liquor, hot chocolate, peanut butter whiskey, and cream. A mixture of Screwball whiskey and Godiva chocolate liqueur gives a fantastic cocktail that tastes like peanut butter. The whiskey itself has an excellent chocolate base with a perfect taste of peanut butter whiskey and chocolate liqueur.

The cocktail has a strong yet creamy and smooth flavor. To prepare this cocktail, you need a few ingredients: they are Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, Godiva Chocolate liqueur, cocoa cream, ice cubes, heavy cream, and if you want, you can add chocolate syrup also.

The best way to prepare your cocktail is to start with placing peanut butter on the rims of your glass, add some peanut butter chopped cups. You can also add some chocolate syrup on the glass base and pour liquor like Screwball whiskey and Godiva Chocolate liqueur and shake the shaker well, and there you go – your cocktail dessert is ready.

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Irish Coffee with whiskey

#4. Irish Hot Chocolate

Irish whiskey has a distinct flavor; due to its aging process, it has oakiness and a caramel flavor. Irish whiskeys typically have a light and fruity taste with cereal grain notes, but a less sweet taste than other whiskeys. For an Irish hot chocolate cocktail, you need almond or whole milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, chopped chocolate, Irish or bourbon whiskey, and whipped cream for sprinkling.

The first thing you need to do to make this cocktail is get a saucepan and heat the almond milk; put chocolate into it with cocoa powder and let the chocolate melt. Now add brown sugar, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. Once the mixture cools down, you can add a shot of Irish whiskey, and your cocktail is ready. If you desire, you can add whipped cream or sprinkle cinnamon for extra flavors. A good Irish whiskey for a hot chocolate cocktail is Jameson.

#5. Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate

Bourbon spiked hot chocolate is a rich and creamy cocktail that makes your winter days warmer. To make a perfect whiskey and chocolate milk combination, get a Bourbon whiskey, marshmallows, reduced-fat milk, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, and a dash of salt.

While you want to learn the cocktail from scratch, the first thing you need to do is boil water, add the cocoa powder with sugar and vanilla extract, let it boil for a few minutes. Now it is time to add milk and melted chocolate. Once the milk is ready, pour it into a jar and add a bourbon whiskey shot.

You can also sprinkle cinnamon or whipped cream, as per your taste. Bourbon is a hot and robust whiskey; when it is added with hot chocolate, you have a great drink for winter.

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Whiskey with chocolate and choco sticks

Parting Words

The above recipes are some great chocolate milk and whiskey combinations that can be made in the comfort of your home. They are easy to make and require only a few ingredients. With chocolate milk or hot chocolate infused with whiskey, you can make cold winters feel a bit warmer and enjoy some celebrated whiskeys in a new way.