Best Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey

You’ve had a long day, and the pressure never ceased at work. You drive back home and plonk yourself on the sofa, too tired to remove your shoes!

Usually, you peck your partner’s cheek and slip into something comfortable. But today is different. You wish you had a chilled whiskey in your favorite glass with the best Ice cubes that would last till you finished your drink. But the question is, where would you get such ice?

Here, we suggest the best whiskey glasses for ice ball makers with all the alternatives and one that would suit your budget.

#1 Zoku Set of 2 Silicone Ice Sphere Molds

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, then these spherical molds will be one of the best buys for you. Zoku silicone ice sphere molds can make ice spheres very quickly. The ice ball maker for whiskey is worth the money spent.


  • A chill that lasts longer
  • It can open easily
  • Saves space in your freezer
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Space saver: it’s a double unit but can be stored vertically in your freezer.

Easy to Open

It would be best if you pulled apart the halves. The rest is easy. Just push at the bottom and pop the ice.

Chillness Extended

Along with creating spherical ice, which measures 2.5 inches, the ice balls melt slowly and evenly for the whiskey to stay colder.


  • It weighs less than 3.5 ounces
  • It is a great gift for a fellow whisky lover
  • You can remove the ice balls from the mold easily


  • The output is not exactly spherical but more egg-shaped
  • The taste is sometimes odd.

Your fascination for spherical ice ends with this lovely product. It is effortless to fill in water, and space served because of the vertical arrangement is more.

#2 Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays

Are you not the person who prefers the ice cubes with precision? That would translate into a ‘Not so big or too small ‘size. The Tovolo ice cube maker delivers one-inch cubes, which are perfect in dimensions. The silicone is harmless and user-friendly but durable too! You can extract the cubes one by one or many at one go.

It provides you with long-term chilling power, especially when you sip your whiskeys in a stretched manner. It is the easiest to wash as the Dishwasher does it for you every time and for best results, add some vinegar to the water.

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  • The one-inch cube never fails., and one
  • There are two of them to fulfill your everyday needs
  • The cubes fall out perfectly
  • Material is food-grade silicone and BPA free
  • It makes washing easy as it is Dishwasher friendly.

Perfect Sized Cubes

The Tovolo does that precisely as it measures a perfect 7x 4.5 x 1.5 inches to produce that dimension.

Two Trays, Not One!

You my run out of cubes at the last moment. Tovolo provides you with two trays of 15 ice cubes each to cater to your different needs.

Dishwasher Friendly

Tovolo does accommodate washing issues by making trays that can be washed in your Dishwasher, advising you to add a small amount of vinegar to the water.


  • A colorful range of trays like red, pink, green, and blue are available.
  • It is a good buy for restaurants. And it is ideal for when you throw a party at home.
  • Every whiskey glass would suit this ice cube which has precise dimensions.
  • You can stretch your drink to any length as the cubes provide the chill.


  • The mold leaks into the ice, making it taste odd.
  • The ice cube does not fall out easily, one needs to pry it out.

You would adore this ice cube maker from Tovolo as it does not look or feel fragile. You would appreciate that the ice cubes have the perfect density, shape, and size. In other words, you get ice cubes at home, which you may see in the expensive bar you usually enjoy a drink in.

#3. W&P Peak Silicone Everyday Ice Tray

If you are on the lookout for a product that forms big cubes and easy to remove from the tray, we should consider the W&P Peak. It comes with a lid and a metal frame that ensures the opening and closing of the tray and allows for easy release of the cubes. You should be aware that this metal frame will enable you to carry the cube maker filled with water to the refrigerator without spilling a drop! The necessity to turn the tray upside down is unnecessary.

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  • Steel Frame
  • Independent cubes
  • A lid that holds tight and protects
  • Single cube pop-out
  • Bad odor elimination in freezers

Allows Mixes

The W&P peak silicone allows you to mix herbs and fruit into the ice. You can save milk or make different drinks every day.

Meets Standards

The product meets all the statutory requirements along with the food-grade standards set by the EU. It is also BPA and lead-free.

Everyday Needs

The W&P can make a maximum of twelve ice cubes a day which should accommodate your daily requirements.


  • It uses Flexible silicone material to ease the cube out
  • It is ‘ raised ‘ at the top to prevent over-pour of water from spillage
  • It keeps off freezer odors
  • The cube melts slower and lasts for three drinks at least.


  • There are a few complaints online that the product has a chemical flavor in it.
  • The lid does not seat well unless extra pressure is applied.

I love this Ice Cube maker as it allows me to extract those big lovely cubes with complete ease. The metal frame does enable the lid to close tightly and prevents spillage, which I always find irritating. The best part is that you can infuse the cubes with fresh herbs.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey

Cube’s Volume

It’s the fundamental consideration as one needs to determine how much quantity of ice cubes he needs to be in the freezer at any point. Therefore decide after considering the storage space available along with requirements to buy the right Ice cube maker.

Buying Guide for the Best Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey

Size and Shapes of Cubes

The choice of what the cube should look like varies from person to person and the whiskey glass they usually drink in. Therefore it is best to consider this issue before buying the ice cube maker.

Special Features

A few cube makers come in with extra bells and whistles. These features are to alert you when the ice cube maker is to the brim. In other cases, the alert would be on water not being complete, or it needs some cleaning.

Drain pipes

Drain pipes in ice cube makers have their uses, but it comes in handy with the larger ones. These drain pipes serve well and especially stretch the longevity of the product.

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The ice cube extraction is the last but most important point that we consider. You should be able to extract it piece by piece with ease and avoid forcefulness at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey

What Would Be the Speed at Which Ice Cube Makers Can Produce Ice Cubes?

Generally, they make it in a matter of minutes. One cannot compare it with the standard Ice tray, which takes the longest time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey

Do Ice Makers Promote Hygiene and Cleanliness?

Yes, an ice maker for whiskey does, provided you wash it manually or in the Dishwasher after every time you finish the cubes in it.

Is It Complicated to Handle an Ice Cube Maker?

No, it is not. There are no technical features, and it is easy to handle.

Can the Ice Maker Cater to a House Party?

Yes. But it does not include large numbers as ice makers can produce 30 cubes in their trays. The other fact is that if you load the water in the first tray as soon, it’s empty, you can cater to more.

Do Ice Cube Makers Come in One Size Only?

No, it comes in various sizes. They do look like your bread toaster, and the design is for a perfect balance on the countertop. Water lines are unnecessary for these models, and manual filing is possible. You can opt for Round ice maker barrels for whiskey available at various prices as well.


Coming to the end of my list of the best ice cube maker for whisky. All of the above can be a good way to enjoy a chilled whiskey at the end of a hard day.

If you ask me my personal favorite, the Zoku ice tray is the best. It produces beautifully shaped ice cubes that are spherical. It consumes less space and is competitively priced.

The W&P Peak silicone is second on the list as it is durable and eliminates foul odors.

Next on our list is the Tovolo Perfect Cube which comes as double trayed. It is extremely easy to handle and wash apart from producing ice cubes at precise measurements. The price is low and very competitive.