How To Drink Irish Whisky?

Are you a beginner at drinking Whisky? If yes, why not try Bushmill single mantle Irish whisky. Irish Whisky is known for its fruity, vanilla, and caramel notes. It has a balance of flavors that is not too oaky nor too off-beat that makes it ideal for beginners.

Did you know Jameson is one of the most popular Irish whiskies in the world? In 2019 Jameson sold almost 8 million cases of their Whisky.

If you are a beginner, you must be confused as to how to drink Irish Whisky? Try mixing it in different cocktails like lemonade, salt, and honey, and in hot coffee. Drinking a cup of Irish coffee will not only make you feel refreshed, but its flavors will make you fall in love with Irish Whisky.

Read the article further to know in detail how to drink Irish Whisky?

List Of Top 5 Irish Whiskies And How Should You Drink It?

3 Best Cocktails You Can Make With Irish Whisky

Jameson Irish Whisky

Jameson is one of the best Irish Whisky for a beginner. Beginners are confused as to how to drink Jameson Irish whisky? Try mixing it with Ginger-ale or make whisky ginger with it. One of the most popular cocktails named after this combination is “Jumbo and Ginger.”

This combination is earthy and has fruity notes that make the drinker feel excellent after drinking it. Jameson’s light flavors make it ideal for mixers, cocktails, and even for food. Try mixing it with Irish coffee and ginger-ale to bring out its spicy spirits. Jameson is one such Whisky that you will always find in bars and houses of whisky lovers.

Health Benefits of Jameson

Jameson has its health benefits too. Drinking Jameson reduces the chances of Strokes, dementia, and heart diseases. Almost 25 to 40 percent chances of heart disease reduce for those who drink Whisky as per Harvard University study.

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Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whisky

How to drink a single pot of Irish Whiskey, which is aged for 12 years? Don’t worry as this article will be there to guide you.

Drinking Redbreast single pot still Irish Whisky is very delightful. It is made from both malt and unmalted barley and is added to Bourbon oak barrels for maturing and developing flavors.

Even though you are a beginner, try drinking it neat to get the best flavors. It has a sweet, velvety, and nutty flavor. It is rich, and you can easily smell the notes of dry ginger peel and orange peel that make it peppery and citrus. It also has a hint of sherry that will make you fall in love with this Irish Whisky. After you drink this Whisky, its taste remains in the mouth for a long time.

Teeling Single Malt Whisky

Are you looking for a whisky that you can enjoy all the year? If yes, this is one of the best to choose. This single malt whisky is smooth, nutty, oaky, and has a fruity flavor that regular drinkers love. If you are a beginner, try adding 20 % water to the Whisky and then consume it. You can also try this single malt whisky with ginger-ale, soda, and lemonade.

Connemara Peated Single Malt Whisky

All those who love the sweet notes of Whisky will love this one as it has the smoky notes of peat and barley. It has a unique flavor that tastes authentic. Try drinking old-fashioned whiskey cocktail, uppercut, Douglas, and canal street cocktail with this peated single malt Irish whiskey.

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Powers Gold Labels

If you plan a party for friends and relatives, offering them a glass of Powers gold label Irish whiskey will be the best. It is aromatic and has a taste and notes of oak, cinnamon, honey, and pepper. As you keep drinking it, you will also experience flavors of nutmeg, sugar, vanilla, and orange. Mix this Whisky with lemonade, ginger ale, soda, and you can try it on the rocks too.

Top 5 Irish Whiskies

Three Best Cocktails You Can Make With Irish Whisky

If you are a true whisky lover, you will want to drink an Irish whisky neat. If you are a beginner at drinking Whisky then, mixing it with other drinks will make you a hardcore whisky lover. Irish Whisky is very diverse; thus, making some cocktails will bring out the Whisky’s hidden flavors.

Cameron’s Kick

Ingredients and method

  • Squeeze lemon juice into a glass and measure it, as it must be around 1/2 oz.
  • Then add 15 ml of Orgeat that makes it ½ an oz.
  • Add one ounce each of Johnnie Walker Black label and Bushmills Black Bush.
  • Add lots of ice and shake everything in a shaker.
  • Strain the drink and garnish it with a freshly cut orange peel.

Tipperary Cocktail

This is a light and herbal drink that you will enjoy, and it is a variation of Manhattan. After trying this drink, you will know how to drink single pot still Irish Whisky.

Ingredients and method

  • Add two dashes of orange bitters in a Whisky glass.
  • Add half an ounce of green Chartreuse and two-third oz of sweet Vermouth.
  • 2 oz of pot still Irish Whisky, add the one you like the most. Add large ice cubes and give it a quick stir.
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Note: for an extra flavor, put a coupe glass in the freezer for 15 minutes and strain the drink in the glass.

  • For the garnish, peel the skin of the lemon and cut the white part so that it adds a citrus note to the drink.
  • Finally, squeeze the lemon peel on top of it and put it in the glass for an extra boost of flavor.

Irish Coffee

On a cold winter day, soothe yourself with a cup of Irish coffee.

Ingredients and method

  • Take two ounces of fresh cream and whip it so that it becomes frothy.
  • Now add 4 ounces of coffee into a glass.
  • Add any Irish malt whisky to the glass, almost 1.5 oz, and add half an ounce of sugar syrup in the same glass.
  • Stir everything nicely and then add whipped cream and let it settle down a bit, and enjoy your Irish coffee.
  • Adding a bit of nutmeg or cinnamon powder is up to you for an extra flavor.


Next time you order a glass of Irish Whisky or a cocktail in the bar, you will not be confused about how to drink Irish Whisky? Now you very well know which one to order. I hope the details about Irish Whisky are now clear to you, and you are ready to taste each note of the Whisky. Remember never gallop a whiskey but taste it sip by sip and enjoy its sweet, velvety, smooth, and oaky spirits.