Does Whiskey Go Bad After Opening?

Are you worried that your whiskey will get worse if you don’t finish it sooner after opening it? According to statistics taken by NIH, around sixty-nine percent of people drank alcohol in the past year. And out of this, many whiskey lovers also have this question in their minds. We will answer that today.

Does Whiskey Go Bad After Opening?

Whiskey has a good percentage of alcohol content in it. The alcohol content varies based on the whiskey you choose. Before we talk about it, we would like to tell you that whiskey’s age is based on keeping it in the barrel and shifting it to the bottle. Its age remains constant no matter how many years you keep it unopened in a bottle, unlike the case of wine. As there is a considerable alcohol content in whiskey, chances of going bad when unopened are less as bacterial growth will be less.

Can Whiskey Go Bad?

We need to consider specific criteria like quantity in the bottle, where it is kept when we talk about this.

  • Quantity: When a whiskey bottle is opened, and half of it is finished, then for one or two years, it won’t go bad. But when it has less quantity left or less than half, it can go bad in six months. When a bottle is empty when half is finished, oxidation can occur, and whiskey can go bad or taste better. To avoid this, you can take small containers and transfer whiskey into them so less oxygen will be there.
  • Place where it is kept: When you keep in sunlight, whiskey can evaporate. Sometimes rays from the sun can even break the whiskey, so the whiskey’s flavor can also come down.
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Does Whiskey Go Bad In An Opened Bottle

Does Whiskey Go Bad In A Bottle That Hasn’t Been Opened?

When you don’t open a whiskey bottle, the chances of going bad are less. But whiskey has an expiry date, so you can’t store it very long without drinking. But don’t leave your whiskey bottle exposed to the sun because evaporation and flavor changes can happen at any time.

Till What Time will an Unopened Bottle Taste Good?

When you don’t open a bottle of whiskey and leave it like that, it won’t spoil anytime. But there are chances that the bottle expiry date can cross. Even though fewer options of spooling are there, our maintenance also matters to keep it safe. So to keep it safe, reserve it in a closed space.

How Far Does An Opened Bottle Of Whiskey Last?

When you open a whiskey bottle, drink little and leave it; some of the whiskey can evaporate into the air. Time taken to last will depend on the rate of evaporation. Air reaction with whiskey will also decide the time whiskey lasts. This rate, in turn, depends on the quantity of whiskey in the bottle. So time taken for the whiskey may vary between two years to three months, depending upon the factors mentioned above.

Does Whiskey Go Bad In An Opened Bottle?

There are very high chances that when you open a whiskey bottle and leave it for long, it can go bad.

  • When you keep it in an area where sunlight is there, temperatures will continuously spoil it.
  • When air is more in the bottle, also whiskey can taste nasty. Oxidation takes place, and it will spoil the whiskey by breaking the components of whiskey. So when a bottle is half full, it will take more time to spoil, and when there is very little quantity in the bottle, it will spoil or go bad faster.
  • Evaporation can also happen when the bottle is not closed properly. Evaporation can change the flavor in the whiskey this way; it will go bad. So transfer the content into the tight container where air can go less.
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Can whiskey go bad

Frequently Asked Question On Does Whiskey Go Bad After Opening?

How Should I Keep My Whiskey After Opening It?

As the main reasons for whiskey to go bad are air, light, the position of the bottle, and place. Always place your whiskey bottle in a cold area where sunlight doesn’t reach the bottle. Keep the bottle straight so that spirit won’t damage the bottle. When you open the bottle, always try to shift the liquid into small bottles whose caps are tight, reducing the bottle’s oxygen. Finally, plan to drink the whiskey and finish it to avoid any other chances of going bad.

If My Whiskey Is No Longer Good, How Will I Know It?

When you doubt that your whiskey has gone awful, taste some of it; there will be a change in the flavor so you can know it. You can also get a bad smell; this is one way to find it. One more way is from the change of color. If it is because of bacterial growth, you can see mold or bacteria in the bottle. Out of all these, taste, smell, and color are significant ways to identify if our whiskey has gone bad.

When a Bottle of Whiskey Expires, What Will Happen to the Liquid Inside? What Will Happen if We Drink It?

When the expiry date is crossed on the bottle, the whiskey’s taste and smell will change.

The original flavor may no longer remain in the whiskey. Drinking such whiskey may not deteriorate one’s health, but it is better to avoid such a situation and finish the whiskey bottle before it expires.

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Can I Drink Whiskey Which Is Opened and Kept Aside for a Long Time?

A. It is ok to drink whiskey, which is opened and kept for a long time. There can be a little change in the taste. It is safe to consume it until the time it doesn’t smell or taste bad.

What Are the Main Factors That Spoil Whiskey When You Leave It Opened?

The main factors that spoil whiskey are sunlight, oxygen, and heat. When oxygen is more in the bottle, whiskey will taste bad or smell bad. Keeping outside and inside continuously also will spoil the whiskey as there is a change in heat. When sunlight is more near the bottle, whiskey will evaporate slowly from the bottle.

Will Leaving Whiskey Longer in the Bottle Increase Its Taste?

This phenomenon is generally seen in wine. When we come to whiskey, it is based on storage time; it stays in the barrels. So it won’t make a difference in taste or quality.


Some may love to store their favorites to relish them longer. But everything has an expiry date, and properly holding the contents plays a vital role in preservation. Though chances of whiskey going bad are less, it is better to follow the tips to keep them safe. This article will help you in keeping the whiskey longer. Please share this article to help and guide more like us.