Best Whiskey To Drink Straight

Are you a person who loves the taste of whiskey in its natural form? Don’t you want to add some additional flavors to it? Whiskey is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Nearly 350 million liters of pure alcohol are produced for consumption each year. It has many rich flavors and a complex fragrance, making it an enjoyable drink without any mixers.

Here is a list where you can find the smoothest whiskey of all.

12 Best Whiskey To Drink Straight

  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked: The Woodford Reserve bourbon is among the best smooth whiskeys on the list. They are distilled three times and are left to get matured for six to seven years. Then it is blended and moved into the new barrels, where it stays for nine months before being bottled. The drink has forty-five percent of alcohol content in it. It has a pleasant smell of blackberry, honey, toffee, and marzipan. Each element gives different flavors, which makes it the best-tasting whiskey to drink straight .
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed: A whiskey is a pure form of classic bourbon. There is no filtering and no cutting with water. The whiskey has fifty-eight percent of alcohol content in it. The whiskey has mild pipe tobacco, fresh mint, orange zest, and a little Christmas spice. A woody flavor is added to the orange oil and spices. It gives that Christmasy feel to the consumer, which is the highlight of the traditional bourbon. This whisky is a straightforward drink with a bold bourbon taste and soft vibes of orange and mints.
  • Barrell Bourbon Batch 025: It the newest in the bourbon group from Tennessee and Indiana. It is left to mature for five to fifteen years. It is packed in a cask strength, which gives a beautiful shine to the drink. The whiskey has fifty-five percent of alcohol in it. It has an aroma of fruits like a Mellon. The creamed corn and the maple syrup give a sweet flavor to it. The dark chocolate with orange tobacco gives a different flavor to the drink. The last portion of the drink has a bitterness of espresso beans and surprisingly a saltiness of mineral water.
  • Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2020 Limited Release: The whiskey is barreled in two staves: the French and the American oak. The French oak is roasted in the oven. The American oak stave is baked in the oven very slowly. The whiskey has fifty-four percent of alcohol in it. The whiskey mainly contains vanilla and caramel. It also has a little bit of Christmas spices. The whiskey taste likes vanilla with caramel. The warm tint of the Christmas spice makes it different from all other beverages. This whisky is perfect for an after-dinner party, and it surprises the consumer every other time they consume it.
  • Thomas S. Moore Port Cask: The drink is a news release from Barton 1792 distillery. The drink is finished in a port wood cask which gives a nice layer to the bourbon. It has fifty percent alcohol content in it. The beverage has a nice blend of red fruit, Christmas spices, and vanilla. It gives a taste of good nuts, spices, dried fruits, and vanilla. It is a nice and smooth drink to end your day. It is very approachable and is soft in aroma and taste as well.
  • Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon: The whiskey is the single barrel bourbon. The drink has forty-six percent of alcohol in it. The drink has eggnog and vanilla in it. With the Christmas spice, fresh honey, and caramel, the drink tastes surprising to the consumer. The beverage is very refined and accessible, which makes it the best whiskey to drink straight.
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12 Best Whiskey To Drink Straight

  • Elijah Craig 18: The spirit is matured for eighteen years in the barrel and is the best in the category. Once the whiskey matures, it is cooled with soft Kentucky limestone water and is then packed in a bottle. It is one of the expensive whiskey. The drink has a mixture of dark chocolate, vanilla, orange, honey, and brown spices. The vanilla compensates for the spiciness of the mix. The oak has a touch of the rock-hewn cellar. The vanilla gives a nice and smooth finish to the drink. The drink has forty-five percent of alcohol in it. The whiskey is so refined, and the consumer will appreciate every flavor of the oak and other ingredients. The whiskey is worth every penny you spend on it.
  • Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: The Basil Hayden is Jim Beam’s high-end shingle drink. The drink contains forty percent of alcohol, making it the best whiskey to drink straight up for beginners. It is a mixture of caramel and vanilla with a pinch of oak and dried fruits. The brown sugar sweetness and pepper spiciness give a different experience to the consumer. There are no hard edges in the drink, which is best if you want to drink it straight and enjoy the whiskey’s taste.
  • I.W. Harper 15: The whiskey is made at Heaven Hill’s new Bernheim distillery. It is left for fifteen years to mature in the Diageo’s Stitzel Weller distillery. The best combination of two distilleries gives a perfect blend of whiskey. It has forty-three percent of alcohol content in it. The juice has a mix of sweet corn and berries, with orange zest, cedar, and vanilla. The drink starts with cedar, passes through spicy tobacco, and ends with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel. The different layers of flavors make it more interesting for the consumer and avoid any additional flavor.
  • Woodinville Bourbon Port Cask: The beverage is matured for five years in the cascade mountains of Washington, and after that, it is finished for six to twelve months in a port cask. It is one of the best cheap whiskey to drink straight. It has roasted nuts, fruits, and vanilla flavors in it. With a pinch of spices and plummy sherry, it gives a taste of Christmas cake. The drink starts with all the spiciness and ends with a sweet vanilla warmth. It has an alcohol content of forty-five percent.
  • Four Roses Small Batch Select: The drink is a mixture of high and low rye with yeast strains. It is left to mature for six years in the barrel, and then a tiny portion of Kentucky’s soft limestone water is added to it before it is packed. The drink has fifty-four percent of alcohol in it. With raspberry and cloves in it, the drink gives a pleasant aroma. The drink has a sweetness of dark berry and tartness of stone fruit. When you take a sip first, you will feel mints with oak and vanilla flavor. Then slowly, vanilla and spice will come into the picture, and then it will fade out. Gradually, the flavors will expand in the mouth and will give a refreshing sip of whiskey.
  • Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old: The drink needs to be matured for twenty years in the barrel. This drink is a blend of eight to twelve barrels from three different bourbons. The drink has nutmeg with honey in it. The drink has spice in it with cinnamon bark, vanilla, and butter toffee. The drink starts with a spice of tobacco and fades out with the sweetness of different ingredients. The beverage has an alcohol content of forty percent.
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How to Drink Whiskey Straight

How to Drink Whiskey Straight?

Whiskey neat means it is served without any mixer, dilution, or additional flavor. Two ounces of whiskey is the correct size to serve it at room temperature. The drinking glass should also be perfect for the whiskey. Few options in this category are Solo cups, rock glass, whisky snifter, etc. One will think what’s the logic behind the “perfect” glass. Let’s take a whiskey snifter. It has a large bottom that goes thin as we move up. This catches the fragrance of the whiskey and consolidates them in one place. You are supposed to drink neat whisky slowly to enjoy all its flavors.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Harmful Effect of Drinking Whiskey Neat?

While drinking neat, it is possible to consume a large amount with a high content of alcohol in it. If taken in a large quantity, it can cause alcohol poisoning. It can cause vomiting, irregular breathing cycle, confusion, etc. It can also impair the judgment of the person.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Whiskey Straight?

Whiskey contains a high level of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that is good as an anti-aging element. It can also counterbalance bad cells, which reduces the chance of cancer. If taken in a limited quantity, it can lower the risk of heart diseases.


Next time you have a glass of whiskey, try not to add ice or any additional drink to it. You can always enjoy a neat whiskey that will flow smoothly from the neck down and give you all the flavors you want to enjoy.

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