What to Mix With Honey Whiskey

Has the flavor of honey whisky taken you by surprise, and now you are looking to expand your taste buds. If yes, then read further.

Honey whiskey is a very versatile drink. You can add various ingredients to alter this drink’s change. According to Harvard University’s research, consuming a moderate amount of whiskey is good for your health. Whiskey drinkers often find themselves thinking about what to mix with honey whiskey so that the whiskey’s taste turns out to be the best.

Read further to know what to mix with honey whiskey to make it one of the best drinks of the evening.

Why Do We Need To Mix Stuff In Honey Whiskey?
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You can add or mix alternate stuff to your honey whiskey whenever you are out of options. Many whiskey drinkers prefer adding natural ingredients to their drinks as opposed to sugar-filled soda. This sugary soda is not at all healthy and has harmful effects on your body if you consume it in an excessive amount.

Mixing different ingredients in your whiskey drink is exciting. Your taste buds also get to experience different variations of a plain and simple honey whiskey drink. Experimenting with different flavors and ingredients can help you find a perfect drink that tastes according to your preferences.

5 Best Things To Mix With Honey Whiskey


You can add lemon or lemonade to your honey whiskey drink if you are looking for a sweet and tangy taste. You may or may not have consumed lemonade frequently as a child or teenager but adding lemonade to bourbon gives the drink a new identity and taste.

You can even add blueberries and some other berries to give your drink a more fruity punch and taste. Lemon is also an antioxidant that cleans the lungs and other areas inside your body. So consuming lemon is not harmful to your body as well. You will enjoy this honey whiskey drink with lemon more when it is chilled and filled with ice. This honey whiskey drink is also a perfect drink for beating the heat in the summer.

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Lemonade Mix With Honey Whiskey


Club soda is also a great addition to the honey whiskey drink. The soda feels like a more natural ingredient. The fizz and the bubbles from the soda enhance the taste of your whiskey. People who only want to enjoy their honey whiskey without any added taste can enjoy the taste of soda and whiskey.

Soda has a naturally bland or neutral taste, due to which you can enjoy your whiskey drink. Adding club soda to your honey whiskey is also useful for deciding the concentration of your drink. If you want to have a hard whiskey drink, you will add less soda, whereas if you want a soft whiskey drink, you will add it in a higher quantity. This honey whiskey drink is very refreshing, especially after a difficult day at home or work.

Sweet Vermouth

According to many wine and whiskey drinkers, the combination of Vermouth and whiskey is just absolutely perfect. Sweet Vermouth is a fortified wine with added sugar syrup. The best way to enjoy a combination of sweet Vermouth and honey whiskey is to add one part of Vermouth to 2 parts of honey whiskey and serve it with ice.

Adding a few drops of something bitter would be ideal for making this honey whiskey drink more distinct. This whiskey drink also has a higher level of alcohol in comparison to other drinks on this list. This drink has a zesty taste due to which this drink is suitable for drinking on hot summer days.


A cup or glass of coffee in the morning is the perfect source of caffeine in the morning. A lot of people drink this coffee so that they have an active start to their days. Similarly, you can add coffee to your honey whiskey drink in the morning. Drinking honey whiskey with coffee gives you an added boost to carry out your daily chores actively.

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The best combination of honey whiskey and coffee drink has two parts: coffee and honey whiskey parts and a little bit of water. This energy caffeine drink tastes very good when you serve it cold filled with ice. Top this drink with whipped cream and serve it with fresh eggs and bread to have a complete morning breakfast.

Apple Cider

If you want to give your drink a fruity and zesty punch, you can also add fresh apple cider juice. This apple cider juice will complement the sweetness of your honey whiskey drink. Your whiskey would taste great if you use apple cider juice made from freshly pressed apples. The taste of the apple juice balances the sweet caramel-like taste of the honey whiskey.

Apple Cider Mix With Honey Whiskey

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Whiskey and Honey Good for You?

Yes, a perfect mixture or blend of honey and whiskey is good for the body’s health. Whiskey has hot and mature. Due to this hot nature, drinking whiskey opens up blood vessels. You will experience better blood flow in your body once you drink whiskey.

Similarly, honey is also a healthy natural ingredient. It has antibacterial and antioxidants. Consuming honey improves the immune system of the body. Drinking honey drinks is also very helpful if you are suffering from a cold and cough. Honey provides you with instant relief from a sore throat or blocked nose. If you suffer from the common cold, then having a few sips of honey whiskey will make you feel better instantly.

How Is Honey Whiskey Made?

The process of making or brewing your homemade honey whiskey is pretty simple. You just have to add honey to your whiskey, but do bear in mind instead of adding the heavy and thick natural honey to your whiskey, you should prefer the honey syrup.

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Honey syrup has higher consistency because it seamlessly infuses the whiskey, giving your drink a consistent taste. Mix this honey syrup with whiskey in a bottle or jar to get a homemade blend of fresh honey whiskey. You can also serve this honey whiskey to your friends and family, and this drink can also be a perfect party or outdoor activity companion.

Can We Drink Whiskey Daily?

Yes, we can drink whiskey daily. Drinking whiskey is a healthy habit, but only if you regulate the quantity, you consume. Your blood flow improves by drinking whiskey. According to some research studies, your life expectancy also increases if you consume whiskey on a moderate basis.

If you consume a large quantity of whiskey far too often, then your life expectancy can seriously reduce or lower as well. Consuming large quantities of liquor or alcohol is not good for the proper functioning of the body. If you enjoy drinking honey whiskey, then make sure you consume it in moderate or less quantity.

Final Verdict

Honey whiskey is a very versatile drink. The above article informs you about what to mix with honey whiskey. You can add the ingredients mentioned in this article or come with your unique recipes and ideas. Did you like the list of ingredients this article had? If yes, share this list or article with your friends and family to create their honey whiskey recipes. You can steal everyone’s attention at getting together or parties by serving the guests with your version of honey whiskey.