What Do You Mix With Scotch Whisky?

Are you new to drinking Scotch? Or perhaps you have always had it neat and are wondering if it tastes better as a cocktail?

If yes, then you can always try your hands on some fantastic drinks mentioned in this article. These cocktails taste amazing and add a zing to your Scotch. Scotch whisky tastes superb if you are just willing to experiment a little bit.

What Do You Mix With Scotch Whisky?

  • Ice Cubes: Add ice if you’re just starting with whisky. But make sure to use pure, clean ice made from filtered water. If you don’t want to dilute your drink very much, use large ice cubes as they melt slowly.
  • Whisky Stones: Puritans would argue that adding ice to your whisky will always dilute the drink and rob you of the rich flavour and texture of your whisky. Whisky stones are an ideal way to drink your Scotch whisky chilled without the ice turning to water. Whisky stones are made of soapstone, which is a great conductor of heat (or cold). Once you cool these stones to a chilled temperature, just add them to your drink, and enjoy a nice chilled glass without worrying about dilution.
  • Water: If you want to enjoy every flavour of whiskey without burning your tongue thoroughly, add water. But try pouring one drop at a time till the alcohol burn goes away. Water helps open up the flavour of the whisky and makes it tastier and easier to drink.
  • Cocktail: If you aren’t a fan of neat drinks, then blend your whisky into a cocktail to enhance the flavour of whisky and your drinking experience. There are many cocktail recipes you can always try.
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Below we have given some of the best cocktails that you can have made from Scotch whisky.

What Do You MIX Scotch With To Make Drinks?

Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is one of the oldest cocktails and one for all ages. You can never go wrong with this classic mix. This drink is just a basic two-ingredient cocktail mix including Scotch, Soda, and a ginger ale hint.

The hint of peppery ginger will give a twist to your drink. And if you are the one who doesn’t like that peppery or fiery taste, you can always add something sweet to it, like a hint of honey that can add to its floral notes.

Coconut water

If you are on the Caribbean side of this planet, you will always get this very old and classic Scotch and coconut water mix. Obtained from the land of Scotland, this mix is their staple cocktail.

The natural sweetness of coconut water with a hint of fiery Scotch (either single malt or double malt) will give a punch of sensation while it rolls down your throat. So the next if you plan to prepare a Caribbean-themed night with friends, this two-ingredient drink will be a hit.

Scotch and Soda

Keen on drinking your whisky with no other flavours? Scotch and Soda is the mix for you! Requiring only the two essential ingredients for this great cocktail is more than enough. This cocktail is the most recommended and demanded cocktail at all restaurants and clubs.

Scotch and Soda is also an excellent beverage for the girls who wish to keep their drink plain yet peppy. Just a good Scotch mixed with Soda and lots of ice cubes; there you go with your drink.

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Apple Cider 

A lot of complex Scotch mixed drinks fuse a type of apple blender alongside different ingredients. However, all you require to drink well on a lazy day is apple cider vinegar.

So if you have that lazy Sunday noon, and all you want is peace and tranquility with you and your glass of Scotch – do try this out. Whiskies, rich marzipan, or warm margarine will blend best with fresh juice.


In case you’re stressed over a hectic week, you can blend your valuable Scotch with Drambuie (scotch-based alcohol loaded with spices, herbs, and honey). It makes the ideal supplement to Scotch in a Rusty Nail and is excellent if you want to taste Scotch on Scotch with a bit of pleasantness.

Scotch Sour 

The exemplary Scotch sour is minimal with its ingredient list. This two-ingredient beverage is all that you’d want to ease your after-office headache. All you need is a portion of your favourite Scotch topped with soda/water with lots of ice cubes or crushed ice. All you need to do is to add half a lemon to this drink.

And voila! There you go with this fantastic mix of drinks with a fiery, peppery, and sour taste. It’s also a splendid way to upgrade a portion of the milder parts of an incredible whisky. The blend is pretty much as straightforward as adding a hint of new lemon squeeze and shaking the two.

Blood and Sand

If you are looking for the answer to what do you mix with Dewars Scotch? Then this is the cocktail you should try out first.

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The blood and sand is a unique and perplexing drink. Like Manhattan, this cocktail uses Scotch and Sweet Vermouth. We suggest Dewar’ Scotch for blood and sand.

However, it includes cherry juice and some freshly squeezed orange juice that gives a punch of sweetness to this cocktail. The outcome is a brilliantly fruity and delectable cocktail. The girls and ladies would love this drink as it contains their favourite orange juice flavour.

Grapefruit Soda 

Grapefruit soda retains that typical tequila-like flavour to your cocktail mix. To balance the Scotch’s peppery taste, you need to mix flavoured Soda like Jarritos, Ting, or Squirt with Soda. Lighter, fruitier scotches from the Highlands truly sparkle when matched with the correct grapefruit blender.

Smoked Rose

The Smoked Rose is a slightly more complex cocktail. This cocktail adds to the smoky notes of the whisky.

The bartender begins with smoking a glass with consuming rosemary and then, at that point, pours rosemary syrup and Green Chartreuse. And your smoky and delectable cocktail is ready!

Final Words

This weekend doesn’t settle with just your standard Scotch. Try one of these Scotch Whisky cocktails and explore an entirely new world of flavour and delight.

These are some classic mixes that are loved by all, regardless of age. We hope that you also will like them.