Best Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls

Whisky is my favorite alcoholic beverage. Till two years ago, I used to take whisky with ice and have my drink. But I always thought that the melting water took away the sting of whiskey after a few sips.

The brewer makes a lot of effort in making whisky.  They put focus on color and flavor to get the finest product out there. But I like to drink whisky chilled. So, I put ice cubes on my whisky glass.

Whiskey is expensive, and good whiskey is more so. So I didn’t appreciate the loss of flavor because of ice. Then I searched on the internet and came to know about whiskey stones.

These stones are nonporous and can replace ice in whiskey. So I started buying whiskey balls. But to find the best stainless steel whiskey balls took a lot of time.

Why Is It a Big Deal to Choose the Best Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls?

Excellent stainless steel whiskey balls never deteriorate the taste of your whiskey. It maintains the color and flavor in it. As they are nonporous, the constituents of your whiskey cannot enter into the ball.

You need to put whiskey stones in the freezer four hours before drinking whiskey. After 4 hours, please remove them and put them in your glass tumbler. It makes your whiskey glass chill.

In the market, various whiskey stones are available.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls

If you search online, several websites are selling whiskey stones. So, you are confused. So, to find the best stainless steel whiskey balls is a hard nut to crack. You were investing money on whiskey, and now it will start investing in whiskey balls. If that will enhance your taste and flavor, then your money will go to waste.

Well, I have used various stainless steel whiskey balls. So, I will share my experience here regarding the best stainless steel whiskey balls. You can choose any of them and make your whisky drink excellent.

Best Balls of Steel for Whiskey

#1. Nifty5 Whisky Stone Gold Edition

The Nifty5 whisky gold edition has eight diamond shape ice cubes. They are non-toxic and don’t dilute your drink. When put into a glass tumbler, the diamond shape whiskey stone with gold color grabs the attention of any whiskey lover.

These whiskey stones consist of 304-grade stainless steel. So, it is not harmful to your body. It does not have any poisonous material. So, they are just entirely safe. They don’t impart any unnecessary taste or flavor to the whiskey.

There is a freezer gel inside the whiskey ball. So, whenever you store these whiskey balls in the freezer, this freezer gel makes them extraordinary.

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The package of these stainless steel balls is incredible. You will find a storage tray inside it to store these whiskey balls. There are tongs whose tips consist of silicon. With the help of these tongs, you can directly pick the whiskey balls and put them in your glass tumbler. You don’t need to touch these whiskey balls in hand.

But these balls may be so heavy for some whisky lovers. So, if you like to have lighter steel balls in your whisky glass, then I don’t think these stainless steel balls are for you.

You can gift these whisky balls pack to any whisky lover. He will surely love it.


  •   Lovely gold and diamond color
  •  Storage tray and tongs


  • These balls are heavy

#2. Barme Grenade Shaped Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, Set of Four

The Barme Grenade Shaped Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones don’t dilute your whiskey. These whiskey stones have grenade shapes. It’s adorable to see this shape on your glass tumbler. You can chill them within a short period. These balls consist of 304-grade stainless steel, which will not rust easily. They are durable. It is safe for human beings.

These stainless steel balls are 1.8 inches in length and height. So, you can fit two to three balls in a tall glass and enjoy your whiskey.

The packing is excellent and attractive. In the package, you will find a bag. The purpose of this bag is to store these stainless steel balls in the freezer.


  • Nice Package
  • Good storage bag


  • No presentation gift as such.

#3. Amerigo Exclusive Whiskey Stones, Pack of Eight

This Amerigo Exclusive Whiskey Stones, Pack Of Eight are best for giving gifts to any whisky lover. The eight cubical whisky stones have rounded edges that will not harm your glass. The finish work on these stones is just fabulous.

You will get a velvet pouch, ice tongs, and two crystal glasses on this pack. An ice tong is there to pick the whiskey stones from the freezer to your glass tumbler.

These whiskey stones will not dilute your drink. So, you can enjoy every sip of your whiskey.

But, the sad thing is that whenever you shop online, they look pretty big, but actually, they are not that big.


  • Attractive finish work
  • Smooth surface on edge, so it does not harm your glass.


  • The balls are not significant, as shown in the pictures.

#4. Spirit Lux King – Stainless-Steel Sized Whiskey Stones, Set of Two

The Spirit Lux King – Stainless-Steel Sized Whiskey Stones are suitable for a new whiskey drinker. These whiskey balls of steel are 1.5 × 1.5 m in size. The spirit lux logo inscribes in these whiskey stones. It’s perfect to see this logo. The corners smooth finish so that they will not harm your glass.

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Again in the package, you will find a storage container where you can store these whiskey stones, double jigger glass, and the asset of cork coasters.

The unique gel in the whiskey stones keeps them cool in the freezer.

These stones don’t dilute the whiskey and do not hamper the taste and color. So, you will feel good to drink whiskey.

But it’s sad to say that there are only two whiskey stones in this pack. I wish there could be some more whiskey stones in this pack.


  • A good gift set for the whiskey lover
  • Good grade stainless steel. So it does not rust easily.


  • Only two balls in the package

#5. Spirit Stones Whiskey Stones, Pack of Four

The Spirit Stones Whiskey Stones never hamper the taste and color of your whiskey. These whiskey balls of steel are perfect. You require just two hours to keep them in the freezer. Then they are ready to drop in your glass tumbler. You don’t need to store these stones overnight to enjoy your whiskey.

If you prefer to buy this whiskey online, then you may sometimes get a discount offer. It is perfect for whiskey lovers.

Well, I have used these whiskey stones. It was simple for me. But, the taste differs from one person to another. You may like this taste.


  • Nice design
  • Classy look


  • Too small whiskey stones

#6. Servino Select Whiskey Stones, Set of Eight

The Servino Select Whiskey Stones never dilute your whiskey. These balls of steels for whiskey are pretty attractive. The S design on the stones is excellent. You can give this pack as a gift to any whiskey lover. You find these stones and ice tongs and a tray to keep safely in the freezer in the package.

The stirring stick is there in the box. I ordered it once and wondered about the purpose of this stick.


  • Attractive, classy stones
  • Nice gift box


  •  Stirring stick in the package which has no use

#7. Southern Chill Whiskey Stones Luxury Gift Set, Set of Eight

The southern chill whiskey stones are just perfect for cooling your whiskey and other beverages. The unique pack of four gold and four silver whiskey stones are eye-catching. These ball of steels for whiskey never dilute your drink and maintain the color and flavor of your whiskey. Like all other packs, it has ice tongs and a tray so that you can keep them safely in the freezer.

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I ordered these stones and used them. These balls of steel for whiskey don’t stay cool for a more extended period.


  • Two different colors of whiskey stones
  • Nice presentation gift
  • Storage tray and tongs


  • Cannot stay cold for a longer time

#8. Balls of Steel, Pack of Two

The  Balls of Steel are good for whiskey drinkers. They maintain the coolness needed by your whiskey. The whiskey balls of steel are reflective and shiny. It’s quite lovely to see these balls in the glass of whisky. They are smooth and round. But you will find only two whiskey balls in a pack.


  • Good finish whiskey balls


  • Only two whiskey balls in the package

#9. BonBon Whiskey Stainless Steel Balls

The BonBon whiskey stainless Steel Balls will never dilute your beverage. The smooth balls of steel for whiskey consists of 304-grade stainless steel. That’s why they will not rust easily.


  • Never dilute whiskey


  • Need to store 4 hours before you drink whiskey

#10. Korea Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

The Kollea balls of steel for whiskey never spoil the taste of your beverage. You need to store them four hours before drinking whiskey. Whenever you desire to drink, take them out with the help of ice tongs and put one or two in your glass tumbler.

They consist of 304-grade stainless steel. So, you can use these balls for several years without any tension.


  • Never hamper the taste of whiskey
  • Good grade stainless steel
  • Durable


  • Almost four hours are needed to store your drink whiskey.

How to Choose the Best Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls?

The best balls of steel for whiskey should consist of 304-grade stainless steel. Again they should maintain the coolness of the beverage for a more extended period without hampering its taste and flavor. The whiskey stainless steel balls should be durable, and they should have a smooth finish at their corners.

Wrap Up

I have mentioned all the best stainless steel balls for whiskey. I hope you like them. However, you need to know that choosing the best stainless steel balls for whiskey matters a lot to whiskey lovers. That’s why I have shared my thoughts with you.