Can You Put Whiskey In The Freezer?

Did you know temperature changes the flavor, aroma, and spirits of whisky? Yes, it is true; keeping a whisky in the freezer will dilute its spirits. The type of whisky also helps you to decide if you can put whisky in the freezer?

You will agree that a whiskey kept at room temperature is much smoother and helps bring out the real spirits and flavors in it. A warm whisky brings out the bitter, spicy, and smokey notes which most people love. Did you know Elijah Craig is the most famous American Whisky as it has intense and oaky notes?

Always remember, anything that is colder has less taste as the flavors get eliminated. That is the primary reason that you cannot put whisky in the freezer like you can Vodka.

At What Temperatures You Can Put Whisky In The Freezer

Every bottle of whisky is different from the other. It depends on the whiskey’s alcohol content that will decide whether you can put whiskey in the freezer or not. One thing to remember is, the higher the whiskey’s alcohol content, the slower it will freeze, or it will freeze at low temperatures.

You can put whiskey in the freezer also depending on the Ethanol variation in different whiskies. If you make a cocktail using whiskey as the main content, keep the whiskey in the freezer to bring out its real flavors when you pour the whiskey in the cocktail.

Different Temperatures Needed For Whiskies With Dissimilar ABV

Whisky with 20 % alcohol content can be stored at minus seven degrees celsius. Rum and Vodka have 40 proof. The alcohol will not freeze, but its texture changes into ice particles. All the whiskies with 60 to 64 alcohol can be stored at minus 23 degrees celsius.

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You can keep any whiskey with lots of flavors in minus 23-degree temperatures, and its taste will not dilute. Simultaneously, you can store whiskies with 80 % alcohol content at a minus 27 degrees Celsius temperature.

Devil Spring Vodka and Sunset Rum have almost 80 % alcohol. All the alcohol with 100 proof is kept at minus 32 degrees Celsius. One of the best examples of this is Bruichladdich has 92 %, and Everclear has 95 % alcohol and is one of the most intense whiskies.

Can You Put Whiskey In The Freezer

Can You Put Whisky In The Freezer, Unlike Vodka?

Both Vodka and Whisky are alcoholic drinks, but both are different from each other. The original flavor and spirits of whisky are lost if you store it in the freezer. The chemical elements that whisky releases evaporate at low temperatures.

This reaction is why small chunks of ice are not suitable for whiskey, diluting the whisky spirits. It will not taste enjoyable if it loses its real oaky taste. Whisky is known for its aroma and smokiness, and if it loses it, the existence of whisky in the cocktail vanishes.

On the other hand, Vodka is plain and straightforward and has spirits that do not evaporate when put in the freezer. When served chilled, it tastes exotic and more refreshing. The freezing process enhances the notes of Vodka.

People love to drink old whiskies that have been in the oak barrels for a long time because it tastes more authentic, and your tastebuds can feel different flavors of the drink. But the freezing process of whisky will make whisky lose its spirits. Any extreme temperature will affect the alcohol and its flavors.

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Recipe Of Whisky Cocktails Using Frozen Whisky

Make Frozen Whisky Sour With Your Favorite Bourbon

  • Take a blender and add 2-3 large ice cubes.
  • Next, add four ounces of bourbon whisky of your choice and make sure it is cold.
  • Add one whole can of lemonade and make sure it is in the concentrated form.
  • Now add one teaspoon of sugar and ½ an ounce of orange juice.
  • Blend everything well and enjoy Frozen whisky sour.

Whisky Cocktails Using Frozen Whisky

Frozen Whisky Slush In A Different Way

  • With two essential ingredients, coke and frozen whisky, making icy slush is easy.
  • In a mixing jar, add frozen whisky to almost about two cups.
  • Add coke half a can and blend it.
  • Taste the slush; if required, add half an ounce of whisky on top of it. Enjoy with friends. Coke and whisky are one of the best combinations, and when served chilling cold, it tastes authentic and is ideal for a get together with friends.

Pineapple Whisky Slush

  • In a bowl, add one bottle of whisky, add one can of pineapple juice, half a cup of sugar, and one can of lemonade.
  • Mix everything well. Take pitted cherries and mash them with the other ingredients.
  • Add everything in an air-tight box and freeze it overnight.
  • Whenever you want to have pineapple whisky slush, scoop out the slush into a whisky glass, top it up with fresh lime juice, and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, whisky will not freeze in the regular home fridge or commercial freezers. It can only freeze in temperatures that are lower than 114 degrees celsius. But, the taste of whiskey will change, and the original spirits will vanish from whiskey in low temperatures.

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Does Whisky Taste Bad After You Store It In The Freezer?

Yes, it is very much possible that whisky tastes terrible after you keep it in the freezer. It can turn slushy and will lose its smoothness.

Many people think whisky does not expire as the older is the whisky, the better it tastes. Yes, it is valid to an extent but only for unopened whiskies. If you open the whisky bottle, it will lose its originality within a year or two.


Whisky will lose its color, texture, aroma when exposed to extreme temperatures. Generally, whiskeys like bourbon, Gin, Brandy go bad if not consumed within a maximum of two years.