Best Short Whiskey Glass

You might be wondering, what difference does a whisky glass make? After all, it’s the whisky that matters. Well, this is not true. Just as your sleep depends upon the mattress likewise, your whiskey glass affects the richness of your stress buster-whiskey!

The best glasses deliver the right temperature and taste to your tongue. The stem of the glass affects how you hold its surface and thus variates the warmth of your hand reaching the whiskey. True whiskey lovers are aware of how important the crystal cut of the glass is to retain the vibrancy of your favorite flavors.

So here we are with a list of the five best short whiskey glasses to save you from skimming through various websites in search of them.

#1. Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Get ready to be piqued by the alluring design of this whiskey glass. When it comes to premium scotch glasses, Glencairn serves the best on the table. The curved surface provides a perfect circumference to let the aroma of the whiskey reach your nose.


  • Easy to hold
  • Lead-free
  • Declared as the official whiskey glass

Extremely easy to hold: The curvey design is not only attractive but easy to handle. You can hold the glass by the stem that provides a sturdy grip and keeps your body temperature from influencing the drink’s temperature. Their lightweight design makes them notch the first position in this list.

Lead-Free surface: The lead-free glass surface prevents any harmful leaching into your drinks.

Declared as the official whiskey glass: Get ready to enjoy the regal drinks in the royal glass, which has won the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy and attractive design
  • Lightweight and short whiskey glass

If you’re a fan of regal and vintage glassware, then this one’s for you.

#2. Glencairn 4oz Whiskey & Sherry Glass Goblet

These tulip-shaped whiskey glasses are all set to cut a dash with their awesome designs. One of the things that make them the most popular choice is the lid that allows the aroma of the whiskey to settle and lets the whiskey interact with the air near it.


  • Beguiling tulip design
  • Official whiskey glass
  • Apt size for small hands

Tulip design: The perfect tulip shape allows the retention of the vapors of the liquor. Once you pour the whiskey, the lid should be closed to encapsulate the scent of the whiskey. The whiskey glasses with wide necks reduce the aroma of the drink, thereby diluting the experience.

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Lineage: Glencairn takes pride in being the supplier to many of the world’s best distilleries.

Apt for small hands: the 4oz capacity and 6-inch height is perfect to be held by any person and make your gatherings ostentatious.


  • Tulip design to hold the aroma
  • Official whiskey glass
  • Perfect capacity and easy to hold


  • It might be a bit too small for some people

The reason why we’ve placed this glass on the 2nd number is its winsome design. If you are looking for lightweight glasses, then you must buy this one.

#3. Mofado Whiskey Glasses

We can’t stop gushing over Mofado’s Whiskey Glasses because of their beguiling crystal design with brilliant clarity. We have placed them on this list because of their special patent-pending design.

If you’re a fan of using oversized whiskey glasses, these are a must-have in your home to suit your bold statement.


  • Beguiling Designs
  • Perfect for gifting your loved ones
  • Explicitly designed glasses
  • 12-ounce capacity
  • Carry United States Patent and Trade Office

Attractive designs: Mofado offers extremely intricate and exclusive designs as their team handcrafts all the glasses. They boast their prowess in producing lead-free glasses, and the finest clarity piques customers in the crystals.

Best gifts for your loved ones: Their premium packaging makes them a perfect gift for occasions like Father’s day and Brother’s Day. They are a perfect option for those who love Manhattans, rye, cocktail, bourbon, or general whiskey enthusiasts.

12 Ounce Capacity: These bold whiskey glasses will highlight your audacious and bold personality. As they come in 12-ounce capacity, small-handed people might be a little reluctant to use them.

100% satisfaction guaranteed: One of the reasons we placed Mofado’s whiskey glasses on number one is that they gracefully replace the orders that the customers don’t like or have any issues with. This hassle-free service is a peculiar thing not all businesses offer.


  • Exclusive classic designs
  • Perfect gift options
  • The ideal capacity of 12 ounces
  • Good customer care service by Mofado
  • Easy to clean and hold


  • Not ideal for people looking for much smaller glasses
  • Not so lightweight
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We recommend you buy these whiskey glasses if you are looking for some sturdy and heavy designs. For people looking for lightweight short whiskey glass, hold your horses. We’ve got a variety for you as well.

#4. Glencairn Canadian Whisky Glass

We’ve included it at the 4th position because of the nexus to only Canadian whiskey. These glasses have a wide surface to retain the rich colors of Canadian whiskey.


  • Wide base
  • Hand washable
  • Easy to handle

Wide surface: The strong and wide surface of this set extends a sturdy base to enhance the colors of the Canadian whiskey.

Hand Washable: The curved surface makes it extremely easy to be washed by hands.


  • Perfect for Canadian Whiskey
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect budgeted gift for loved ones


  • You should use them for Canadian whiskey only.

These whiskey glasses draw in innovation from Scottish culture and thus are very appealing when it comes to elegance. With a simple and attractive design, adorn your shelf with these scintillating glasses.

#5. Libbey Signature Kentfield Glasses

These sleek and exclusive glasses with a broad base are perfect for adding enthralling vibes to your whiskey decanters. The best part about these glasses is that they cater to multipurpose needs. Be it quenching your thirst or pouring soft drinks, or tasting the rich whiskey, these glasses are what you need.


  • Wide rim
  • BPA and Lead-free
  • Fit for multipurpose uses
  • Libbey ClearFire glass

Wide Rim: The tapered and fine sides with a strong and wide base make them extremely comfortable holding. Some whiskey glasses remain unsettled in your hands due to their complex designs. Unlike them, these glasses have a sober and classy design to fit all types of needs.

Libbey ClearFire glass: The laser-cut rim with a thick base and thin edges enable you to maneuver your tongue to taste every drop of the drink you enjoy.

Fit for multipurpose: These glasses are not exclusively for serving whiskey. You can use them for serving fresh juices or impressing your guests with their favorite drinks.

BPA and Lead-Free: As it is bisphenol A and Lead-free, its materials don’t mingle with the drinks you put in it, and it is safe for the children and any other person.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Perfect gift for glassware lovers
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  • High weight (12 ounces)

You must consider these solid base whiskey glasses that are also perfect vintage glassware. If you love whiskey, then this set is a must-have for you.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Short Whiskey Glass

The three main things to look for in a whiskey glass are:


A good whiskey glass should allow the aroma of the whiskey to swirl around the nose and the palate. The mouth of the glass should not be too narrow nor too broad. A curved mouth ensures that the drink twirls in the glass so that you can enjoy its aroma.

What Are the Best Short Whiskey Glass


More than the design and appearance, the whiskey glass must have a good grip. It should not flee away from your hold.


Look for intricate and delicate designs as they never get out of fashion. Focus on the crystal cutting of the glass. Look for vintage designs to stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Whiskey Glass to Drink From?

A glass can cause a colossal difference in your drinking experience. It can make a drink taste bald, and if you choose the perfect glassware, it might catapult your taste buds. But the three most famous whiskey glasses are

  • The Tulip-shaped Glencairn whiskey glass
  • The Glencairn whiskey goblet
  • Mofado Whiskey Glasses

What Size Should a Whiskey Glass Be?

The ideal size of whiskey glass should be 7 to 12 oz. A size of 10 oz is perfect for sipping the right quantity of whiskey at a time.

Short Whiskey Glass

Are Whiskey Stones Worth It?

Unlike ice cubes, the whiskey stones don’t dilute the density of the whiskey. They are worth it when it comes to maintaining the richness of the drink.

Why Do Whiskey Glasses Have Thick Bottoms?

The thick bottoms prevent the heat from getting transferred to your drink. It keeps the warmth of your hand away from reaching the inside of the glass. Always look for glasses that have a thick and sturdy surface.

What Is the Difference Between Highball and Lowball?

You should use highball glasses to serve soft drinks, while the lowball is a shorter glass for serving whiskies and hard drinks.

Wrap Up

I hope you loved our selection of the best short whiskey glasses. Do leave your comments, suggestions, and whiskey stories in the comment box below!