Best Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Are you planning to buy a gift for a friend or a loved one who is a die-hard fan of Whisky?

If yes, this article is for you.

Buying gifts for whisky lovers can be confusing if you do not know their tastes and preferences. But, you need not worry, for the coming Christmas or birthday of your best friend, surprise him with the unique gifts we have selected for you.

Are you aware that people prefer drinking Jack Danials Tennessee whisky in America, as it is one of the most famous Whisky?

Therefore, when buying the best gifts for whisky lovers, keep in mind what they love. Gifting an expensive whisky is very common. It is crucial to think differently and give something unique. Read the article, and you will get a lot of ideas.

5 Unique Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

You need to look for a unique gift for someone special in your life who loves Whisky; here are a few ideas.

Subscription of Favorite Whisky

Doesn’t that sound exciting! These societies try to bring all whisky lovers to one place to know about all kinds of cask whiskeys, single cask whiskies, and more. These societies release almost 20 new single malt whiskies worldwide every month, especially from Scotland’s best distilleries.

They also have rums, cognacs, rye, Bourbon, and everything that a whisky lover can think about but all in a single cask. With the subscription, the subscriber will get a membership card and badge. When you log into their website, the members can write their personal preferences and ask any questions regarding whiskies and get detailed information.

You will have to pay a price that your pocket will allow for your whisky lover friend one whole year. It is one of the best programs that you can gift your loved one. He/she will be more than happy for sure.

Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Set of 2 or 4 Whisky Rocks Glass

Gifting your whisky lover friend a set of Liiton Canyon Rocks glasses will make him/her fall in love with Whisky more. Its unique design that depicts a mountain range will make the whisky lover think that Whisky is on the rocks. The canyon in the center of the glass helps develop and activate new hidden flavors of the Whisky.

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Thus you can pour it directly without draining it. Gift a set of two or four according to what your pocket allows. The glasses are dish-washer safe, acid-free, and safe for drinking any alcohol. The glasses are unique as they hold a fair amount of ice and give cocktails a new look altogether. It is ideal for drinking Whisky.

Original Grain Watch

If your friend is a watch lover, buy him/her a fit for every occasion. These watches are unique as they are of Original Grain, which is oak reclaimed from real whisky barrels. The watches available are beautiful and stand out from the crowd. Original grain watch comes in a wooden case and is available for both men and women with different wrist sizes. Gifting an original grain oak barrel’s wood watch to a whisky lover is an extraordinary gift that only a whisky lover can understand.

Dram Good Lamps

You can order your friend’s favorite whisky bottle lamp. It is one of the best ideas to preserve an expensive bottle of Whisky. Dram Good lamps have a wide variety of lights, with unique bottles that can make your whisky lover friend go spell-bound. You can get it customized and can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bourbon Nosing Kit

Another essential gift for a whisky lover who loves Bourbon and its authentic notes is a nosing kit. Every time a bourbon lover sips the Whisky, he/she gets the aroma or notes of cloves, cherry, leather, honey, mint, oak, vanilla, and much more. Every sip is different from the other.

Yes, indeed, what we taste is the same as what we smell. A nosing kit can make your friend familiar with the aroma he gets while drinking Whisky. Recognizing each note of the Whisky will become much easier with the help of a nosing kit. It is a simple way to make your senses sharp and will help you to recognize the aroma of Whisky. This kit is available at a price you can afford for your best friend, a whisky lover.

Buy any of the gifts from these five gifts for whisky lovers and make your friend feel special. You need not worry if your friend is a male or a female all the gifts are unisex anyone can use them.

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Few Other Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

  • Pair of cufflinks made from whisky barrels– get your friend’s initials engraved on the cufflink made from a Jack daniel oak barrel. Gifting this unique gift to a whisky lover friend will make him more than happy.
  • Gift a whisky encyclopedia: if you want your best friend to know more about his/her favorite Whisky, then gift a “The complete whisky course” encyclopedia. It will give an in-depth knowledge about different types of Whisky and their notes and flavors.
  • Bourbon aroma tea: Everyone drinks tea even a whisky lover does. Then why not gift a jar of Bourbon flavor tea. It has loose-leaf and has the flavor of black tea. Now you can help your whisky lover friends start their day with a flavor that they love, which is Bourbon.
  • Bourbon barrel-aged sweet syrup: some cocktails are incomplete without maple syrup or any sweet syrup. Why not give a friend who is a whisky lover something that he/she can cherish for a long time. Gift a Vermouth sweet syrup aged in a bourbon whisky barrel for more than six to seven months will be a special gift for your loved one.
  • Large ice cube tray mold: if your friend loves to drink Whisky on the rocks, then gift a set of silicone large ice cube trays. One of the well-known ice tray brands is Glacio. It brings a combo try option for all whisky lovers. Adding large ice-balls to Whisky not only enhances the taste of the Whisky but does not let it melt quickly due to its large size.
  • Whisky subscription for one year: for whisky lovers, getting a whisky subscription will make them feel on top of the world. Let your loved one get a tasting box, a few hand-picked whiskeys that will help them taste new spirits, and much more every quarter. What more will an alcohol fan ask for. Different types of subscriptions are available to choose from Flaviar, Whisky Loot, Craft whisky club, Caskers, and much more yearly and quarterly whisky subscriptions are available. Choose the best subscription for your friend or loved one who is a whisky fan.
  • Whisky lover set: for making a flavourful cocktail, you must chill the Whisky you use without losing its original flavor and spirits. One of the best options for a whisky lover set is by Williams Sonoma. It has four designer glasses, two ice molds made of silicon that make ice cubes of size 2.25 inches. The whisky lover set also has two cubes set available in a gold finish and silver finish.
  • Gift a whisky decanter set: having a vessel to store the spirits of Whisky in its natural way and that looks authentic will be a perfect gift for a whisky lover. Why not gift a globe-shaped decanter set with two glasses. Whisky stays as it is in a glass vessel or a whisky barrel. Buy an Etched Globe whisky decanter for your loved one. Gifting this decanter set with similar etched whisky glasses will be the talk of the cocktail hour.
  • Whisky flavored lip balm: another gift for a female friend of yours who loves to drink Whisky due to its extraordinary spirits and aroma. There are several whisky lip balms available in the market. Choose the flavor that your friend or loved one loves to drink. There are cocktail flavored lip balm sets available, old-fashioned bourbon lip balms, coke and Whisky flavored creams, and much more.
  • Beard oil and Moustache wax available with whisky aroma: another authentic gift for all the gentlemen in your life who love Whisky. The gift set has four different things that have the scent of Whisky. There is a lip balm, beard oil, mustache wax, and beard balm. What more will your father, friend, or uncle love than everything that has the scent of Whisky? It’s one of the best gifts for whisky lovers.
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Next time you want to buy the best gift for a whisky lover, you will no more be confused. All the presents mentioned above will help you choose the best present for your special one. Surprise the whisky man/woman in your life with these gifts. I hope the gifts mentioned above will not only surprise them but will make them fall in love with Whisky more and more.

If you liked our suggestions, then share them with others also and spread the word.