Silver Tray for Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey decanters are a classy way of storing your whiskey, and what if we say that you can make it even better by having a silver tray that goes with it?

Tray for whiskey decanter might seem a simple thing, but it must match your taste and also complement the decanter. So choosing the ideal decanter tray is to make the correct statement in front of your guests.

If you ask my opinion, I would say that the La’raze Elegant Mirrored Round Silver tray is the best one of the lot.

#1 La’raze Silver Mirrored Round Tray

If you plan to have something different and gorgeous, nothing can be more simple than the La’raze Silver Mirrored Round Tray. Its simplicity is what adds to its glamour.


  • 16 x 11 inches
  • Unique round design
  • Durable material
  • Mirrored finish
  • Perfect size


Durability is one of the main features of this decanter tray that makes it popular among buyers. It is made of stainless steel and has a glazy chrome finish.

Size in Size

The size of this tray is neither too small nor too large. The perfect size makes it a good buy. You can keep your decanter on display on the table without taking too much space.

Unique Round Design

You will come across decanter trays that are oval or rectangular, mostly. The unique round design of the decanter tray makes it even more attractive to buyers.


  • It is durable.
  • It can be carried easily from one room to the other if needed.
  • The mirrored glass surface is easy to clean.


  • The size and shape of the tray do not leave room for many glasses along with the decanter.

If you are looking for something classy and sophisticated, I suggest that you consider the La’raze Silver Mirrored Round Tray as the best available for you.

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#2 Godinger Rectangular Tray

Are you looking for something simple yet classy? Then the Godinger Rectangular Tray is the one for you. The best thing about this tray is the simplicity of the design.


  • 16 x 11 inches
  • Sturdy
  • Simple design
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

Simple design

The simple design is what makes it an ideal buy for regular use. If you wish to keep your decanter on the table and not flaunt it to the guests, this is the best product for you.


If you are not planning to have it out for some special occasion, this is the best option. The decanter tray is sturdy and does not need much maintenance.


The silver decanter tray is available at a very affordable price and lasts for a long time. If you are low on the budget, you can consider this simple decanter tray for your collection.


  • It has a simple design.
  • It is made of stainless steel and hence is durable.
  • The silver plating gives it a classy finish.


  • If gets scratched easily with rough or sharp objects

Simplicity is classy, which is what the Godinger Rectangular Tray portrays. This silver tray for whiskey decanter is value for money, in my opinion.

#3 Alisveristime Turkish Ottoman Tray

If elegance is what you are going for, Turkish trays are the very definition of elegance. Have a look at this beautiful silver tray, and admire the craftsmanship and fine work on the tray


  • 15 x 10 inches
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Ornate
  • Durable


You will love the beautiful floral pattern on this silver tray.


The tray uses Zamak – a Zinc based alloy with a Silver coating. Zamak is known to provide durability and consistency at a reasonable price.

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Carrying out your favorite bottle of liquor on a tray should be easy on the hands, and of course, you wouldn’t want to drop anything! The handles on this tray help you get the job done without fuss.


  • Beautiful design, great for serving guests
  • Durable Zamak coated with Silver for a good finish
  • Handles for conveniently lifting it


  • A bit smaller than the remaining trays on our list

In conclusion, this is the most beautiful tray on our list. It’s got good durability, and you should give it a try if you get a lot of guests at your home.

Buyer’s Guide: Silver Tray for Whiskey Decanter


You must consider the material for the decanter tray while buying. There are different materials available in the market, out of which the stainless steel variant is the most popular. You will find many kinds of finishes on the stainless steel variants.

Stylish Silver Tray for Whiskey Decanter


Durability for a decanter tray is necessary. You will want a tray that lasts you long. So figure out the durability of the product before making the purchase.


As the decanter tray has to hold a decanter with whiskey along with a couple of glasses, make sure your silver tray for the whiskey decanter is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the set.


Decanter trays are available at various price ranges. Decide your budget for the tray before you shortlist your options.

Frequently Asked Questions: Silver Tray for Whiskey Decanter

Are These Whiskey Decanter Trays Made of Silver?

There are whiskey decanter trays made of Silver if you are looking for something as pricey. However, most of the silver tray for whiskey decanter is made of stainless steel or other such material and has a silver plating. Read the product guidelines well before narrowing down your choices for buying.

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What Are the Different Materials Used for Whiskey Decanter Trays Apart From Stainless Steel?

Wood, rubber, glass are the other common materials used for trays for whiskey decanter. These are generally selected because they look classy and complement the decanter.

Is There a Standard Size for a Decanter Tray?

Decanter trays are available in various shapes and sizes, and each one of them is unique. There is no standard size for a decanter tray. You can look into the product specifications and take your pick as per your requirement. Each of these trays has individual prices based on their material, design, and size.

What Is the Price for a Decanter Tray?

The decanter trays are priced based on their design, material, and size. The price ranges from 15 to 100 USD or more. Make sure that you pay for a genuine product.


Are you looking for the perfect silver tray for a whiskey decanter? Our best pick is the La’raze Silver Mirrored Round Tray. We have taken into account the different user reviews and ratings to conclude.

Among all the choices, our first choice is the La’raze Silver Mirrored Round Tray for its uniqueness in design and its perfect make. It is a little high on the budget, but it is worth the money spent.

The Golinger Rectangular Tray, known for its simplicity and class, is my value for money pick. You can select the best silver tray for whiskey decanter within your budget with the help of our guide.