Best Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey

Wish to spend a relaxed evening and sip your whiskey at the optimal temperature? The whiskey stones can help you with it. One of the best kinds of whiskey stones is those made of soapstone. It does not have any smell and hence suits best with whiskey or any other non-alcoholic drink.

There are many options available in the market, out of which, if you ask us, we will suggest that you buy the Spirit stones pure soapstone cubes. They are the best of their kind if you have the budget to spend on it.

#1 Spirit Stones Pure Soapstone Rock Cubes

If you are looking for long-lasting whiskey stones, the spirit stones whiskey stones are the best option. It is a set of 10 stones that comes in a classy pouch. If you have the budget, we suggest that you go for this whiskey stone.


  • Simple form
  • Pure soapstone
  • No-fillers
  • Dishwasher Safe

Pure soapstone

Being pure soapstone, it is non-porous and does not absorb water or soap while washing.

No smell

It does not have any smell of its own, making it suitable for the purpose. You can reuse these stones again and again without compromising on their quality.

Lifetime Guarantee

It comes with proof of purchase, and the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee with it. You can stay away from buying whiskey stones again and again.


The soapstone whiskey stones are made with utmost care and are durable in quality. You can use it for years. Furthermore, it is safe to wash in the dishwasher too.


  • It is USFDA approved
  • Grade A virgin soapstone
  • It comes with proof of purchase


  • It is expensive

If you are looking for a soapstone whiskey cube set that is value for the money spent, this is the best one available. The price is on the higher side, but the quality of the stones is top-notch.

#2 Epica Whiskey Chilling Rocks

If you are low on the budget to buy a set of whiskey stones, you can choose the Epica Chilling Whiskey rocks. It is a beautifully designed and handcrafted set of 9 whiskey stone sets. These whiskey stones are medium in size, about 5.08 cm on all sides.


  • Freezes quickly
  • Keeps the whiskey cool for 3 to 4 hours
  • Medium size
  • Gift set
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If you are looking for something budget-friendly, this is the best choice for you on a low budget. It is a beautifully designed product at a low price.

Gift Pack

The set of 9 soapstone whiskey stones comes in a classy muslin pouch, making it easy to carry around.

Long-Lasting Effect

The whiskey stones can keep your drink cool for 4 to 5 hours if you chill the whiskey stones in the freezer for 3 hours before use. It makes the product very convenient for the purpose.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Shows long-lasting effect
  • Needs low freezing


  • It takes time to cool the liquor

If you plan to gift whiskey stones to someone but have a fixed budget for it, the Epica whiskey stones can fit in the shoes. It is a budget buy and a quality product. The freeze time for these whiskey stones is quick and long-lasting.

#3 Chuzy Chef Whiskey Ice Cube Rocks

Are you planning for a whiskey stone on a low budget? The Chuzy Chef product is the one that will solve your troubles of sipping into warm whiskey forever. It is an inexpensive product available in a set of 9 stones that keeps your drinks cold. You need not worry about losing the taste of the whiskey due to dilution.


  • Non-porous material
  • Keeps drinks cold for long durations
  • It does not give off a taste or odor

Maintains the Original Taste

Its non-porous nature allows the stones to keep the beverage warm and maintain its taste.

Chilled Drinks for Long

Unlike many other soapstone cubes for whiskey, these can hold on to the chilled temperature of your drinks for long periods.

Within Budget

The whiskey stone is available at an affordable price. You can buy this product at a very reasonable price. The whiskey stone lasts for a long-time, and you do not have to worry about buying them time and again.


  • It is low on the budget
  • It can keep the whiskey chilled for a long time
  • It does not give off smell and odor


  • They are small in size compared to other whiskey stones.

If you think you would require multiple sets of whiskey stones and you can only spend a specific amount on it, the chuzy chef is the best choice for you. At a reasonable price, it provides a standard product.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey


There are three basic materials of Whiskey Stones available in the market. They are stainless steel, soapstone, and granite. With their sole purpose being the same, each of these materials has different costs, chilling quality, and aesthetics. While the soapstone varieties are inexpensive compared to the other two, stainless steel and granite stones can retain the temperature better.

Buying Guide for Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey


The cleaning process of whiskey stones should be easy. Check in the product specifications of your whiskey stones for the method of cleaning. If it is dishwasher safe, that is the best you can have.


Whiskey stones are generally available in sets. Try to understand your requirements before you purchase them. It can be decided based on how often you drink, how many guests turn over at your place for parties at a time, etc.


Many whiskey stone sets come with accessories such as gift boxes, carrying pouches, tongs, etc. See what is on offer with the one you choose and decide if you need them before you pay. If you are not planning to give the whiskey stone to someone, there is no need for the one that comes with a gift box. Select the one that suits your requirement the best.

Freezing Time

Freezing time and the freezing quality of the whiskey stones vary. So if you do not like your whiskey too cold, you can choose the soapstone over the steel ones. You can choose based on the time required to chill the whiskey stone in the freezer as well.

Each of the granite, steel, and soapstone whiskey stones has varying degrees of temperature retaining ability, and you can decide your option based on how you like your whiskey and how much time you spend with a glass of it on average.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey

How Do Whiskey Stones Impart the Temperature?

The soapstone whiskey cubes are not capable of generating the temperature. You need to freeze these stones for at least 4 to 5 hours in the freezer before they are ready to be used. Once it is cold, it can retain the temperature for a long time and impart it slowly to your drink. It helps to keep your whiskey below room temperature for a few hours while you sip on it.

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How Do Whiskey Stones Impart the Temperature

Do You Wash Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey?

If the product you have bought is pure soapstone, it should be non-porous. It indicates that the stone does not absorb soap or water, or any liquid. Thus, you should be able to wash it. However, if you ask, ‘Do you wash soapstone cubes for whiskey?’, I would say, yes, you should. Washing of the whiskey cubes regularly is not necessary. But rinse it every time after use to avoid any bacterial growth. You could check the manufacturer guidelines to see if you can put them in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Do Soapstone Whiskey Cubes Affect the Taste of Whiskey?

The design of the whiskey stones ensures that they do not affect the taste of the whiskey. These stones help you enjoy a cool glass of whiskey without diluting it with melting ice cubes. As for the cube, it is generally non-porous. It does not absorb the taste or impart any odor, making it an almost invisible entity in your glass of whiskey.

However, you need to keep these stones clean and in good condition for the best performance. Before you buy your soapstone whiskey rocks, make sure to read the manufacturer’s label. Check for the purity of the material. Sometimes, if there are fillers used along with the soapstone, there are chances that the product’s durability is not too good.


In this piece, we have tried to discuss the top 3 soapstone cubes for whiskey based on the reviews and ratings of previous users.

As per our opinion, the Spirit Stone Chilling Rocks is the best buy if you have the budget to spend on it.

If you are looking for something a little lower on the budget to buy for yourself or gift someone, the Epica chilling whiskey rocks are a good option.

On the other hand, if the whiskey rocks are solely for your personal use or use at home parties and for treating guests, where you might need several sets, the whiskey cubes from Chuzy Chef are the best options you have. These are available at a very reasonable price, and you can buy them in large quantities without burning a hole in your pocket.