Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve Review

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve is one of the finest whiskeys available. Midleton Distillery in Ireland manufactures the product. In 1988, Pernod-Ricard bought the distillery and named it Midleton Distillery, and it soon gained a prominent place in the liquor industry.

The Jameson Rarest Vintage is not available in many countries due to its limited edition. Midleton Distillery first launched it in 2007, and since then, it has been gaining appreciation by enthusiasts.

The product has a smooth blend of many ingredients, and it does not have an exact age statement. Let’s have a closer look at this rare vintage and understand why it has become so coveted that it often goes double the original selling price.


The bottle comes in a magnificent wooden box with applications. The box has a polished brass finish at the edges. The inner side of the box has a smooth finish of silk, alcantara, and brass. The box has polished brass screws at the four edges. It has some magnetic fixations to hold it closed.

There is a small pocket on the left side of the box where they have provided a leaflet. The leaflet provides a lot of information about the age statement, processing, and the legacy of this fine-quality whiskey.

On the right side, a curve is visible. There, the bottle of Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve sits. The wooden box adds a vintage, antique & classic look to the whiskey.


As mentioned above, there is no age statement about this great whiskey. It is not a single-malt whiskey. Instead, it is a smooth blend of many solutions. Some solutions are old while others are younger.

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One of the specialties about the whiskey is that it is an antique piece. The whiskey tells a story, the story of the processing of liquor. The whiskey tells about the improvisation of the liquor industry. It also describes how the ingredients have changed since ancient times.

Many liquor masters added different ingredients, including grains of barley, maize, and rye. Over the fermentation period, it acquires a stage. There, the distinction of different flavors becomes impossible. It is 46% ABV and approximately 80% proof. As with the age, the mash composition is not clear.

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve Detailed Review

Drinking Guide

A whiskey enthusiast will want to follow a few steps for appreciating a fine glass of this rare vintage.

First, one should choose an elegant glass for the drink. It can be a Rocks/Old Fashioned glass, a shot glass, a snifter, a cordial glass, or a nosing glass.

Secondly, one will pour the whiskey into the glass. The whiskey will need a round of stirring. Finally, by taking it near the nose, you will inhale the aromas to appreciate the liquor before sipping.

Next, you can begin sipping the whiskey, all the while appreciating all of its complexity as well as the work put in to produce this fine liquor.


Jameson’s rarest vintage reserve has quite a special and uncommon, bright gold color with some ruby/copper tinges in it. No artificial colors are added.


Jameson’s rarest vintage reserve is an ultimate expression of Jameson’s distilleries. There are different types of aromas present in the whiskey.

The intermixing of different whiskeys over the many years needed to produce this whiskey gives it a representative, aromatic quality that is quite unique among whiskeys. It has a sweetness of vanilla and chocolate, a burnt smell of oak, a sweet fruit scent, and finally a heavy scent of leather.

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The aromas are so pleasant that one would expect a lot from the taste. After the first sip, you will feel a touch of creamy dairy fudge. Next, a hint of dark chocolate, burnt and smoked oak, caramelized berries, and butterscotch. The formula feels oily and thick, a heavy richness running through every sip. At finishing, you will get a spicy punch of peppercorn, cinnamon, and many spices.


As great as this vintage whiskey is, its availability is undoubtedly an issue. Midleton Distillery launched the product in 2007 but in a limited edition. The whiskey is available in almost all European countries, as well as the US and South America. Unfortunately, it is tough to find a bottle in South Asian countries.

Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve Overview


Jameson’s whiskey is one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world. It costs around $400 on occasions in the United States, and often goes for more. In fact, it is often out of stock.

Parting Words

Undoubtedly, Jameson’s Rarest Vintage Reserve is one of the priciest vintage wines available. Yet, its pricing and rarity is arguably justified, with its brand’s long heritage, its fine craftsmanship, and its unique colors, aroma, and flavors.

This is certainly not a whiskey for everybody or even the average enthusiast, but those who can afford a taste of this fine rarity is sure to appreciate what its offering.