What to Mix With Apple Whiskey?

Are you bored of drinking Apple whiskey the same way? Do you want to try it with a new combination? According to Statista, around 32.5 % of Americans consume whiskey, scotch, or bourbon regularly. Most of them love to drink whiskey with many new combinations. And out of those, Apple whiskey gives us a wide range of options. Let us explore those combinations.

Crown Apple Whiskey

This is a Canadian whiskey that has the addition of apple flavor in it. It is not very sweet and has a mild effect on the drinker. Mixing different ingredients with Crown Apple whiskey will give out a variety of options. Crown Apple Whiskey is considered to be one of the best Apple whiskey combinations.

What to Mix With Crown Apple Whiskey?

Crown Whiskey Cocktail: If you have never tried the combination of apple, whiskey, and cranberry juice, then it is a must-try. It is to revive your taste buds and let us enjoy it the whole night, sip by sip.

Procedure: Add crown royal whiskey into a glass, pour some cranberry juice, and then use some apple slices to garnish the drink. Easy right?Yeah! Make one now and take a sip.

Washington Apple Crown Royal Apple Drink

It is also called a cran-apple cocktail. It is all about mixing apple whiskey into cranberry juice. It lets us explore two different tastes: the sweetness of apple and the cranberry’s tangy flavor.

Crown Canadian Apple “Martini”

It is one such cocktail that has ice cream in it. As a result, it has a sweet flavor. Vanilla is one of the significant ingredients in this cocktail, along with cinnamon. It is red and looks very royal.

Crown Royal Apple Manhattan

It is a finished product that comes out of crown royal whiskey, bitters, and also vermouth. It is best when it is served cold. Take a cocktail glass, add ice cubes, and this finished product into it.

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It is finally to be garnished with an orange twist.

Apple Whiskey Sour

This cocktail talks about the sweetness and sourness of apple whiskey with the combination of bourbon whiskey and lemon. It should also be added with simple syrup – a mixture of sugar and water. Once you have all the ingredients, blend them in a blender and serve them with ice cubes.

Apple Whiskey Sour

Apple Pie Whiskey

It is made out of apple pieces and fresh spices. It is out of a combination of apple, cinnamon, cloves, and honey. Add all these ingredients into a jar and store them in dark places for fourteen days. Taste it then and check if any alterations to be made and keep it further if needed.

What to Mix With Apple Pie Whiskey?

Apple pie cinnamon cocktail: It is considered the best when you take it during a family gathering. It shares the unique combination with fireball whiskey, vanilla vodka, apple cider, sugar, and honey. Adding this much variety of alcohol will not show your levels high. It is a little mix only.

Whiskey Apple Pie Float: As the name indicates, it will have a float of ice cream on top of it. This can also be called a DESERT cocktail as it just needs the addition of apple cider and ice cream to Crown apple whiskey, vanilla, vodka, and cinnamon. It is a favorite of many as it even offers ice-cream.

Apple pie old-fashioned: This uses a unique combination of rye, cinnamon syrup, aromatic bitters, and finally, apple blossom bitters. When you drink it, add all the ingredients into a glass of ice and stir it to drink. Add some ice cubes into the drink. Do garnish it with a cinnamon leaf to make it look appealing.

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Liquid Hot Apple Pie: Have you ever tried whiskey and rum together? If no, this is the drink. It is a mixture of rum, whiskey, cinnamon, apple juice, sugar, and ginger ale. As the name indicates, this is one type of pf whiskey that can even be served warm.

Apple Pie Moonshine: Moonshine, as the name indicates, is a corn whiskey. The other essential ingredients are apple cider, sugar, cloves, apple juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Boil all primary ingredients like apple juice, apple cider, sugars, and spices. Then add other leftover ingredients to this. Please leave it in the fridge for a night. Remove it and drain it the next day, and use. This is a tough drink where the corn whiskey is 100 proof unaged, so it has fifty percent alcohol.

Apple Cider Whiskey

As the name indicates, apple cider whiskey has a combination of apple cider in a whiskey. This whiskey has a significant advantage as it can go with any combination of rum, bourbon whiskey, vodka, and ginger sometimes—time to try some of its mixtures.

Apple Cider Whiskey

What to Mix With Apple Cider Whiskey?

Apple cider whiskey smash: To do this, take a cocktail shaker to add whiskey, lemon juice, and apple cider into it. Now with the help of a shaker, all ingredients will be blended. Always serve it cold. As the name indicates, it will give a smashing flavor to the taste buds and be loved.

Apple Cider Old Fashioneds: Using Angostura bitters as its unique additions and having apple cider, whiskey as the other major components in the drink will take us back to the old days. As in the case of different cocktails, garnish this with cinnamon sticks if necessary.

Hot Apple Toddy: This is a cocktail that is to be drunk in autumn and winter. It uses spices like cinnamon, cloves. The other primary ingredients are lemon and honey, which are added to the whiskey. As the name indicates, to make it hot, we have to add hot apple cider to make the cocktail complete. Finally, garnish as usual with cinnamon, lemon, and cloves. As it will be hot, this must be taken in winters to keep us warm.

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Easy Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

As the name indicates, this cocktail’s components are bourbon whiskey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon. To garnish, we will have to use cinnamon and apple slices and ginger. Take a cocktail shaker, add bourbon whiskey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice into it, and shake it with ice cubes. Once done, drain it into a rock glass having ice. Finally, garnish it with cinnamon and apple slices. If you don’t like bourbon whiskey, you are free to use any dark whiskey of your choice.

Apple Cider Cocktail

This is one of the easiest and delicious cider cocktails we come across these days. This would need three ingredients, apple cider vinegar, bourbon whiskey, and ginger juice, and it is effortless to make. Add cold cider vinegar to other bourbon whiskey and ginger juice and stir it well. Add some more ice cubes and serve it cold to all.

These are the new possible combinations for all. So explore and enjoy the best.


This article has various combinations that can work out with any whiskey with simple ingredients around us. I hope this helps you with multiple cocktails seen today. If you have found our article useful, share it around, and don’t forget to comment on your opinion. It will help us serve you better.