Difference Between Cognac and Whisky?

Are you a whisky lover, or are you fond of Cognac? Both are different drinks, and both taste different and have unique aromas and notes that are not similar. Cognac comes from the region of it is a special spirit made from grapes. It comes from the Cognac region of France.

On the contrary, whisky has a simple, gentle, and smooth spirit made from barley. I say this because it is sweet and grainy; it is smoky, spicy, peppery, and oaky for some. For the past 100 years, Scotland has been the leading producer of whisky.

But, the difference between whisky and Cognac is enormous. And you will agree with me when I say so.

Go through the article to get to know the clear difference between whisky, scotch, and Cognac.

What Is Cognac, And How Must You Drink It?

Cognac, as I mentioned earlier, is made from grapes and comes entirely from the Cognac region. You can also say it is Brandy. Yes, all cognacs are brandy as it is fermented from the fruit as Brandy is. Did you know Cognac is one of the most popular brands that are very expensive too? Hennessy is the most popular Cognac and has strong spirits, same as whisky, but it is brandy.

Cognac is made from popular grapes known as Ugni Blanc. It is then distilled twice between October 1st and March 31st and is stored in oak casks for the aging process. Based on the aging process, the Cognac is labeled in three different categories: Very Special this Cognac is fermented for at least two years. The other is “Very Superior Old Pale” it is fermented in oak barrels for at least four years. Extra old Cognac has been aged for more than six years. It is with the aging process, and Cognac gets its unique color and aroma.

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Are you aware of the fact that a few Cognacs have ingredients that are almost 100 years old?

Comparison Between Cognac and Whisky

What Is Whisky?

Whisky, as we all know, is made from barley. The distillation process takes place when it is mixed with yeast and water. After the distillation process, it is left in oak barrels to develop different aromas and flavors to become earthy, strong, sweet, vanilla, and smoky whiskey. Many countries produce whiskey along with the US, like Ireland, Japan, Scotland, and Canada. Jack Daniels is one of the most popular and the most selling whiskies in the world.

Which Is Better And Older Whisky Or Cognac?

Both whisky and Cognac have different tastes and flavors. But, both are distilled in different ways and then are aged or fermented in oak barrels. Thus, it is true that the difference between whisky and Cognac exists for sure.

The aging process of both differs as some cognac is only two years old, and some are more than six years old. On the contrary, whisky is as young as three months and as aged as 70 to 100. Glenavon Special Liqueur scotch whisky is almost 100 years old as it was distilled in 1851.

Scotch needs to age for at least three years, and you will be surprised to know the Mortlach 75 is seventy-five years old. Many Bourbon brands fermented for three months, and many need an aging process of a minimum of two years and a maximum of at least four years. Baker old rye whisky is one of the oldest whisky that was made in the year 1847.

How To Drink Cognac And Whisky?

Drinking Cognac neat is one of the best ways to get the actual fruity, sweet, and citrus note in your mouth. The best way to taste Cognac is on the rocks. It is a versatile spirit mixed with different drinks and mixers to make mouthwatering cocktails and drinks. Try mixing with soda, orange juice, lemon juice, and lemonade.

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Some popular cocktails are Sputnik, sidecar, Cognac, and orange sunset are some popular cocktails made with Cognac. Did you know 57% of Americans love drinking Cognac? Especially people between the age of 30 to 49.

All those who are true fans of Whisky love to have it neat. But whisky again has smooth spirits that can be mixed with different mixers to make authentic cocktails: whisky sour, Manhattan, Irish Coffee, Tom and Jerry, and many to pen down. Mixing whisky with water, ice, juice, lemonade, coffee, soda, coke, ginger ale, apple cider vinegar, and much more helps enhance the whiskey’s flavor. Thus, the difference between Cognac and whisky is due to its aroma and tasting notes.

What Is The Difference Between Cognac and Whisky

What Is The Difference Between Whisky Bourbon And Brandy?

The two drinks Brandy and Whisky, are very much different from each other. One is made with distilled wine, and the latter is made with Grain. Bourbon is a whisky that is made with 51% corn that means it has 40 % alcohol. Wheat, Rye, and malted barley also enhance the flavors of Whisky Bourbon. Bourbon has various flavors. Every sip of this whisky tastes different from the other.

There are sweet flavors of vanilla, honey, citrus flavors of a pear fruit, and peppery flavors of oak, nutmeg, and cloves in the Bourbon. Each bottle of Bourbon is different from the other. Did you know one of the smoothest Bourbon is Angel’s Envy, and the most famous Bourbon is Elijah Craig Kentucky is a 23-year single barrel?

Brandy is famous as it is made from different fruits like grape, apple, and cherry to make fruit brandy. The age of the brandy also defines its tasting notes. To some, it tastes like flowers, dried fruits, and to others, it tastes citrus. Drink it neat at room temperatures to enjoy every flavor.

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Brandy is perfect for winter days. When out for the winter holidays, do carry a bottle of brandy alexander. Remy Martin XO is one of the most popular brands and the most expensive being Louis XIII.

What Is The Difference Between Scotch Whisky And Cognac?

The Differences between Scotch and Cognac are many. Both the drinks come from their place of origin. This is common and is also the difference. Scotch comes from Scotland, and Cognac comes from the Cognac region. Scotch is a whisky that has a malty taste. The scotch, which is aged for a long time, has a fruity taste. It also has flavors of tart, cherry, and some citrus notes. Ardbeg is a ten-year-old scotch whisky and is one of the best brands of scotch available. Jonnie Walker is the most famous scotch. Chivas regal is another scotch that whisky lovers love to drink.

Cognac is fermented grape juice that converts into wine. Did you know Cognac is used in cooking delicious meat recipes and making desserts? Cognac is left to ferment in oak barrels, and the aging process takes years. This is the reason it is high priced.


Whatever your taste may be, all the whiskies as mentioned above taste explicit. Cognac is a brandy that is famous for its unique spirits and will remain as a status symbol. Whisky is a gentleman’s drink. I hope the difference between Cognac, whisky, and brandy is now clear to you? Remember, you can enjoy a drink if you taste it slowly and enjoy its notes and aromas sip by sip.