What Goes Well With Fireball Whisky?

Do you love fireball shots? Are you looking for a good pairing for fireball whisky? The fireball cinnamon whiskey is quite popular in American bars. This exciting cocktail is a versatile drink for all whiskey lovers.

A strong cinnamon flavor and sweetness from added sugar is a treat for your taste buds. Since 2018, this whiskey is among the top-selling whiskies in the USA. However, you can find different ways to drink it. What goes well with fireball whisky is a question that often comes to our mind.

We are here to guide you with some interesting ways to mix your fireball whisky. Some of the interesting recipes we are going to share with you.

How to Drink a Fireball Whisky?
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The fireball whisky is good to enjoy as shots, the gift to a fireball, or mixing it with cocktails. The cinnamon flavor goes well with apples so that you can add apple cider. You can also swap it with the spiced rum.

If you like sweet infusion, you can mix it with the fruits. However, if you are not on the taste’s sweeter side, you can mix your fireball whiskey with some of the best spices.

Spices or Fruits That Go Well With Fireball Whiskey

With some creativity and innovation, you can make interesting fireball recipes.

Spices or Fruits That Go Well With Fireball Whiskey

Salted Fireball Dulce de Leche Truffles

Chocolate and fireball are always a good option together. The truffle recipe can impress the taste buds of any dessert lover. With the fireball liquor, you can make crunchy truffles. The desert gives a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors.


  • 2 cup of salty and buttery crackers
  • ¼ cup of fireball whiskey
  • 8 ounces of dark chocolate
  • 2/3 cup La Lechera Dulce de Leche
  • Two teaspoons of pure coconut oil

Smoked Fireball Whiskey Meatballs

The yummy fireball whiskey meatballs are quick and easy to make. These little patties are good for those for a way to find spices that go well with fireball whiskey. You can make these meatballs with beef, pork, and bacon in BBQ sauce. The trio is blended with breadcrumbs to give a flavourful dish. The kick of cinnamon whisky adds to the taste of this dish.

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Orange Cinnamon Old Fashioned

The drink is made from fireball whisky with a twist of the classic. It is sweeter than the traditional old-fashioned because fireball includes sugar.


  • One sugar cube
  • Three dashes of orange bitters
  • Splash of soda water
  • 1 ½ ounce of bourbon
  • One strip of orange peel

Instructions to Follow

Firstly, take the rock glass and add sugar to it. You can also add the sugar water and let it soak for a minute. Crush the sugar by adding whisky or bourbon. You have to hold the orange peel and can squeeze the citrus oil.

Fireball French Toast Cocktail

This can be a great alternative for your breakfast. If you are a fan of French toast, this combination is good for you.


  • 1 ounce of bailey’s Irish cream
  • 1 bar spoon of heavy cream
  • Ice
  • ½ ounces of butterscotch schnapps
  • ½ ounces of fireball ounces.
  • 4 ounces of cream soda

Instructions to Follow

In a cocktail shaker, take heavy cream and combine it with other creams like Irish creams. After that, you can add ice and butterscotch schnapps as optional ingredients. You can strain all the ingredients into the rock glass and stain it. Can select a cocktail shaker, combine the heavy cream and the Irish cream.

Apple Pie on the Rocks

Apple is one of the fruits that go well with fireball whisky. It is spicy, tasty, and is easy to make. You can use

  • Apple Juice: apple cider or spiced apple works well with this recipe.
  • Cinnamon whisky
  • Vanilla vodka: regular or vanilla vodka is good to work with the mixture.
  • Brown or crumbled sugar
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Fireball and Bailey’s Irish Coffee

Do you want to spice up your Irish coffee? Then you must try this recipe. Adding a small amount of fireball whiskey can bring a whole new depth to the delicious coffee beverage.


  • 1 ounce of Irish whiskey
  • ½ ounces of fireball whiskey.
  • ½ ounces of simple syrup
  • 4 ounces of hot brewed coffee
  • Hand-whipped cream.

Instructions to Follow

In a coffee mug, add Irish or fireball whiskey and mix it well. Then add coffee into it, and you can also add hand-whipped cream over the top.

Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea

Hot tea is good to mix with fireball whiskey. It can be a great trick for a tea lover. You can prep a steaming teapot of chai and does it with whisky. It will give you a fresh and wonderful feel. This recipe is easy to make and takes only a few minutes.

Best Mixers for Fireball

Best Mixers for Fireball


Whiskey and coke are always considered a good pair. The fireball whisky blends well with coke. It blends easily into the flavors of coke. There is a little cinnamon in coke’s recipe. So you can add your fireball whisky with coke to get a flavourful drink.

Ginger Beer

The amped-up version of whiskey ginger is an exciting option to choose. You can take advantage of ginger beer’s bold flavor and fireball’s heat.

Hot Chocolate

You can add cinnamon to chocolate drinks as it is a good option for all whisky lovers. It can make a good drink to have for a bleak winter’s day.

Carrot Juice

It tastes good when you mix carrot and whisky. It feels like having earthy baking spices. You can make a tasty and healthy drink with a carrot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add Cinnamon to Whiskey?

To add cinnamon with the whisky, empty it into a large bowl. Add syrup and cinnamon sticks as well as seal in this bowl. Shake the bowl and then let it stay like that for five days. Then you can also shake it daily and check it at regular intervals.

Is Orange Juice Good to Mix With Fireball Whisky?

Fireball whisky has a strong taste of cinnamon with some sort of sweetness. When you add orange juice with it, you can add some maple syrup. It will give you a flavourful cocktail. You can make it easily and serve it to your guests.

Can You Drink Fireballs Straight?

Yes, you can drink fireballs straight. But some people mix it with other ingredients to make a tasty drink. However, the cinnamon flavor is often good for shooters and can add characters to a mixer drink.

Should You Refrigerate a Fireball?

You can chill a fireball at room temperature. The chilled fireball spice can hit a little later. But a fireball at normal temperature will immediately bring lots of flavor to you. You should store it in your freezer for an hour before having it.


Fireball is always a top choice among all whisky lovers. But a question always arises as to what goes well with fireball whisky. You can, however, mix it with different foods or fruits to get a tasty drink. There are certain drink mixers available for you to get your favorite drink. You can add flavors of your choice. Moreover, there are good and easy-to-make recipes with your fireball whisky. So you can easily experiment with this versatile drink.