Four Roses Small Batch Select Review

The newest addition to the Four Roses streamline is the Small Batch Select, which is made from a blend of 2 different mash bills, five different ages for 6-7, and bottled at 104 proof, adding to the smooth texture and flavor of the whiskey. The drink is quite different from conventional small batch bourbons in terms of proof and non-chill filtering inside the barrel. 

Before we get into the detailed review, let us understand the major constituents of the product and how the company makes this smooth drink. 

Composition of Four Roses Small Batch Select

The Kentucky-based Four Roses distillery makes their Small Batch Select whiskey from two different mash bills: rye and corn, and inoculates them in 5 diverse yeast variants responsible for ten different recipes. Clocking at 104 proof, it is the newest addition to the distillery and has fast become its signature product. 

All drinks from the Kentucky-based manufacturer are made from the salt river. The whiskey is also charred in a single-story rack house where the distillery maintains the temperature of 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Adequate space for storing the drink and capital infusion from Kirin makes it easy for the distillery to make the select version accessible. 

Four Roses Small Batch Select Review


The aroma of the whiskey is deep as you can experience lavish scents like cinnamon accompanied with a kind of sweeter vanilla, bark, and a little bit of spice at the end. The fruity whiskey is magnificent in providing a pleasant smell every time you open the bottle. As the drink is 104 proof, you will find it tough to control your senses as you will be attracted to the drink the moment you open it up.

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Once the rich whiskey drops down from the bottle into the mouth, you will experience its level-headed and pleasing spices. One of the prominent features I noticed in the drink is heavy summer fruit flavors with a peppery blend and lots of vanilla alongside oak.

Tasting Four Roses Small Batch Select

It is also much sweeter than you might expect as the sugar from the oak wood transfers while aging. The premium quality texture and smooth finish make it one of the best editions from the brand. The drink may not be a right match for bourbon lovers who prefer spice as it tends to focus on sweeter elements. 


From top to bottom, you will enjoy many spicy flavors combined with dry oak and vanilla, which will hit your taste buds hard. The manufacturer has also given the drink a nice and medium-length finish, which gives a pleasant feel when you take a sip. I am certain you will love the experience when this marvellous drink touches the tip of your tongue.


One of the best specialties of the drink is that blenders have combined ten different recipes and have used 6 out of them to provide an authentic feel to the drink. Undoubtedly, you will find it a unique drinking experience. The small batch uses four recipes, while the select version uses six recipes, and the bourbon uses the blend of all the ten recipes from start to finish. 


When compared to its family members, the small batch selection is extravagant and very heavily priced to match. Most experts argue that the company is mocking its standard versions by making small batch selection expensive, but this is only half the truth.

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According to some enthusiasts, the small batch selection acknowledges the value of all its standard variants making, and its pricing from the brand is fair enough if we compare it with the taste and unique drinking experience the select version offers. 

The classic bourbon has also won 96 points in the ultimate spirits competition, and it has also won silver at the World Whiskies Awards. This fascinating version by the brand is also the winner of the Denver International Spirits Competition. The value is a bit more justified with so many awards to define the drink’s worth in the market.

What Makes Small Batch Select Different From Four Roses Small Batch?

The Select version of the bourbon is non-chill filtered bourbon by master distillery Brent Elliot. The Small Batch uses four recipes out of 10, and its partner uses six recipes out of 10. 

Drinking Four Roses Small Batch Select

The version comprises six different recipes: OBSV, OBSK, OBSF, OESK, OESV, and OESF. If these terms are alien for you, then let me clear your confusion regarding these codes. The first letter, O, stands for the production facility, i.e., the distillery’s name. 

The second letters, like B, stand for 60%, 35%, and 5% Corn, Rye, and malted barley, whereas E stands for 75%, 20%, and 5% of those constituents respectively, but both are from different mash bills. 

The third letter is always S, as it defines the whiskey distillation. The last or fourth letter defines the yeast strain, where V is Delicate Fruit, K stands for Slight Spice, O designates Rich Fruit flavor, Q stands for Floral Essence, and Herbal Notes is designated F.  

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Both the popular bourbons from the distillery are aged in 6 to 7-year-old barrels. If you have ever tasted a small batch from the brand, you might experience a lot of fruit-based taste with a mellow mouthfeel. The amazing whiskey will offer you a clove-like flavor and is quite dense in flavor and texture compared to other products of the brand. 

Parting Words

I want to recommend the Select version to all the bourbon lovers who like dark-toned flavors and drinkable bourbon. It is also an optimum choice for bourbon lovers who love 104 proof bourbon.

The blend of six different flavors drives in an ultimate combination of sweet and spice, giving a classic tone to the drink. The drink is readily available and is also consistent in terms of flavor. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to justify the price tag which the drink brings along with it, yet the popularity of the Small Batch selection is quite high in the market.