Best Granite Stone for Whiskey

Does your whiskey become warm too soon? If you are looking for the best granite stones for whiskey, your search ends here. In this piece, we will be reviewing a few best-rated products to keep your whiskey cool even after hours. While you have to keep in mind that whiskey stones don’t keep your drinks cool for hours, they will allow you to enjoy your drinks at cooler temperatures for a couple of hours, at least.

Among the products we have reviewed here, the EM Collection granite whiskey rocks are the best-rated choice if you ask us. If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks for the additional accessories that come with it, this should be your pick for granite whiskey stones.

#1 EM Collection Granite Whiskey Rocks

No plans of diluting your whiskey with ice cubes? Looking for something to chill your whiskey within the budget, it is the best option for you. The EM Collection Granite Stones is the best of its kind. It comes in a complete set with eight whiskey stones, two glasses, two coasters, tongs in a gorgeous wooden gift box.


  • Elegant design
  • Gift Set
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-porous

Great Design

The overall design of this whiskey stone set is perfect for any occasion. It helps in keeping your whiskey at the optimal temperature. You can use this set as a classy option for whiskey stones at parties.


The granite stones are non-corrosive, ensuring that they do not react with your drinks to spoil their taste. It is almost an invisible entity to keep your drinks cool.


As this whiskey stone is non-porous, it does not absorb the liquid. It makes sure that you drink your whiskey to the fullest at the optimal temperature without worrying about spoilt taste.


  • Value for money
  • Complete whiskey gift set
  • Reusable whiskey stones


  • Only eight pieces of stones

If you are looking for something that complements the aesthetics and suits your taste, the EMCollection whiskey stones are here to save the day. Its beautiful design makes it worth the money spent.

#2 Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones Round Sipping Rocks

Are you looking for something different from the ordinary? These whiskey stones are round in shape and not cubes, giving your whiskey glass a classy appeal. It is one of the best products by Rocks Whiskey.

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  • Perfect size
  • Not edgy
  • Easy to wash
  • Eco-friendly


The whiskey stones come in 1.37 inches in diameter and 0.78 inches in thickness. It comes in a set of 6 whiskey stones which is suited for the purpose. You do not have to worry about adding multiple small cubes into your drink.

Premium Stones

Not just the look, these are premium stones available at affordable prices. Made of eco-friendly granite this stone set comes with a message to protect nature.

Quality Product

The whiskey stone is made of pure quality, non-corrosive granite and is known for its durability. There is no question to be raised regarding the quality of this product.


  • It does not scratch the glass surface as it is round in shape
  • Six premium stones suitable for the purpose
  • USFDA approved stone
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product


  • Expensive

Do not wish to compromise with quality and require proof of quality? Rocks whiskey has their USFDA approved whiskey stones for you. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can request a money-back.

#3 Rocksly Handcrafted Whiskey Stone Set

If you are looking for a clast variant of a handcrafted whiskey stone set for your loved one, this is a perfect buy. The product by Rocksly is a complete gift set that comes with a classy stand.


  • Complete whiskey kit
  • Traditional design
  • High freeze time
  • Durable

High Freeze Time

Freeze time is the main criterion for whiskey stones, and these stones come with a reasonably high freeze time.

Traditional Look

If you are looking for something traditional to flaunt to your guest at the party, this whiskey set is the perfect item for the purpose. It is a modern variant designed traditionally.

High Quality

The product comes with unquestionable quality. If you are looking for something on a high budget, this is the one to purchase. You do not have to worry about the quality of the stones at any point.


  • Unquestionable quality
  • Beautiful set for gifting on any occasion
  • It does not affect the glass surface
  • Washable
  • Responsive customer support


  • High budget
  • It does not have a smooth surface

Granite whiskey stones are the best of their kind; they are reasonable and cheap. Suppose you are planning to buy a set but not sure what happens if it does not work. The Rocksly whiskey stones have a very responsive customer support post-purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Granite Stones for Whiskey


While buying Whiskey Stones, you must take your budget into account. Based on your budget, you can buy whiskey stones of various kinds.

Buying Guide for the Best Granite Stone for Whiskey


There are three kinds of materials used for whiskey stones. They are granite, soapstone, and steel. Each one of them has a different price and also adds to the aesthetics. So you can choose the one that meets your taste.

Freezing Quality and Time

Freezing quality varies based on the material used. Whether you like your whiskey chilled or cold, choose your granite, soapstone, or steel whiskey stone.

Cleaning Process

It is essential to keep the whiskey stone clean and dry after every use for it to last long. Try to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it. If the whiskey stones are dishwasher friendly, it makes things easier for you.

Accessories Provided

Some of the whiskey stones come with glasses, tongs, gift boxes, carrying pouches, etc. Decide if you need any of those or you already have them. If you feel that the accessories are extra, purchase the whiskey stones alone. It might be comparatively less costly as a whole.

Proof of Purchase

Check the product instructions for proof of purchase. It is an assurance from the seller that the product quality is genuine.

Number of Stones

Check the product descriptions for the quantity. Decide how many of the whiskey stones you would require and make your purchase accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Granite Stones for Whiskey

How Do I Use the Granite Stones for Whiskey?

Granite stones for whiskey are the most used variant at present. To use it optimally, ensure that you clean them before use. You need to freeze these in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours before use. See if they are chilled enough before use. Take them out of the freezer and put them in your drink at room temperature.

3 Best Granite Stone for Whiskey

Do not expect them to cool your whiskey right from the first minute. It takes around 10 minutes for these stones to impart the temperatures. After the whiskey attains a temperature lower than the room temperature, it can retain that temperature for a couple of hours. Enjoy your whiskey till the temperature remains constant. After use, wash the stones with water before putting them into the freezer again for cooling. You can keep these stones in the freezer for long hours when not in use.

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Is Granite Used for Whiskey Stones?

Yes. Granite is a material that is one of the most used variants for whiskey stones at present. They are made in the purest form and do not react with your drink.

What’s Better for Whiskey Stone Soapstone or Granite?

Soapstone is the traditional variant of whiskey stones available. At present, granite is the best alternative for whiskey stones. These stones can retain the temperature for comparatively longer durations than soapstone whiskey cubes. If you have the budget, we suggest that you avail granite whiskey stones. They are more effective and durable compared to soapstone rocks.

Will the Granite Whiskey Stone Alter the Taste of My Whiskey?

These whiskey stones are designed only to impart a cold temperature to your drink. It should react with your drinks and change the taste or give off any odor. Make sure that you buy an original product to avoid any issues with the utility of the product. With these stones, you can enjoy your drinks at a cooler temperature within the room.


Here we have discussed three top-rated products based on their customer reviews. Most of the customers have loved these products.

In our opinion, the best granite stones for whiskey are by EMcollection. If you have the budget, it is a purchase worth making. Are you low on the budget and can do with a fewer number of whiskey stones? The Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones is the best option for personal use and gifting purposes in that case.

Furthermore, when having the budget and adding a traditional tinge to your gift, the granite whiskey stones set by Rocksly are the ones to choose from. Take your pick from the different variants of whiskey granite stones, available in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase the gift sets based on your requirement. These gift sets come with several useful accessories and presentable gift boxes for you.