Best Charcoal Filter for Whiskey

As we all know, American Whiskey comes in many facets, and among all the aspects, many of us did not understand the Lincoln County Process. The main feature of Tennessee Whiskey is its Lincoln county process. It is a subcategory of Bourbon whiskey.

You must be wondering what the difference between other whiskeys and Lincoln County processed Whiskey is. The critical difference is that LCP undergoes a charcoal filtration process.

What Is a Charcoal Filtration Process and How It Works?

Before we get into the filtration details, you must know that Whiskey made after a charcoal filtration process is known as Tennessee Whiskey.

A Tennessee whiskey is not the same as Bourbon Whiskey. Lincoln County process is used in making all Tennessee whiskeys. The process is all about using charcoal filters before it is kept for the aging process.

Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey come from states next to one another, and they look similar when poured in a glass. But calling a Tennessee whiskey a Bourbon whiskey is not doing justice to the process it goes through.

In earlier days, both Tennessee and Bourbon were made with the same recipe. First, they were distilled from corn and then kept into new oak barrels for ages. But now, Tennessee whiskey goes through a special charcoal filtration process.

The Whiskey is steeped into the best charcoal filter for Whiskey before it goes into a barrel for aging.

Jack Daniels Charcoal Filtration

Normally, Jack Daniels uses sugar maple wood. The Lincoln County process of Jack Daniels is different; the producer soaks wood into 140 proof whiskey to set the fire with reducing charcoal. With the help of pellets, new Whiskey is poured and placed into barrels.

Another Tennessee whiskey manufacturer, George Dickel, uses a different filtration process. The Whiskey is poured into 13-foot vats and keeps Whiskey with a maple charcoal filter at 40 degrees temperature. Filtering in frigid weather is better as it tastes better than keeping other colder climates. After soaking, it is headed to the barrel.

Charcoal Filter for Making Tennessee Whiskey

All Tennessee Whiskey has darker hues, great aromas, and more consistent than other whiskeys in the market. It is fun to taste Tennessee whiskey, so we provide you with a list of the best 10 Tennessee whiskeys made up of the best charcoal filter for Whiskey.

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Best 10 Tennessee Whiskeys

Jack Daniels Old No.7

The producer claims that Jack Daniels Old No.7 is a sour-tasted whiskey that is charcoal mellowed. The Whiskey’s every drop is filtered through 10 feet of maple whiskey charcoal filter before it is poured into its original barrels. This particular filtration process makes Jack Daniels Whiskey unique only when experts taste the oaky flavor and feel the aroma. After that, it is used for public consumption.

George Dickel Barrel Select

George Dickel whiskeys are the finest whiskeys in the market. People love it due to its smooth and distinctive flavor. Whiskey’s unique aging process and a charcoal filter make the Whiskey velvety and give a spicy vanilla taste that appeals to whiskey lovers.

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

If you are a whiskey lover, you either love having Whiskey with water or on the rocks means with ice. Also, many whiskey drinkers like to pour Whiskey in cold drinks or other cocktails. Then comes a category of whiskeys, where pouring anything is considered a crime. Here comes a Gentleman Jack; Charcoal mellowed liquor that does not require anything to pour; it comes in great caramel and vanilla taste. The producer uses the best charcoal filter for Whiskey, ensures the coppery liquid gives a remarkable rich and smooth flavor.

Uncle Nearest 1856

As we know, Tennessee is a region that has distillery to many fine whiskeys in the world, that includes Jack Daniels and George Dickel. Uncle Nearest is also an addition in the bunch that serves Whiskey based on Lincoln County Process, a filtration of Whiskey with maple charcoal filter to barrel aging. It is a truth that Tennessee Whiskey is a legend and recognized by its flavor. When we talk about Uncle Nearest 1856, it is well known for its double distillation and age, as it is kept under barrels for ages to make it perfect.

Nelson’s First 108 Tennessee Whiskey

Nelson’s brand name is derived by the number of years the state adopted the prohibition; to be precise, it is 108 years. With the original Tennessee recipe of Whiskey, the Whiskey is made up of filtered sugar maple charcoal. Nelson earlier filled 30-gallon barrels with Whiskey before it was poured in original barrels to complete the aging process. It works as a dessert, as it comes in a taste of butterscotch and brown sugar.

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Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey

It is a 5th generation whiskey that started in Prichard, and it is still gaining popularity in the market due to its unique recipe. Also, the Whiskey is entirely on the sweeter side compared to other Tennessee and bourbon whiskeys in the market. This Whiskey is unique as it uses the best charcoal filter for Whiskey, and the mellowing makes it different. Although, this does not taste like other Tennessee whiskeys as it has its distinctive taste. As per whiskey lovers, it is one of the delicious Whiskey all around the globe.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey

The first thing that you must know about Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey is it has a mahogany hue and indicates its age due to its complexity. The single barrel gives a taste of spicy-sweet fruit and caramel. Single barrel whiskey is impressive because it provides a note of ripe fruit and toasted oak. It offers an excellent aroma and delicious flavors.

Rollins Tennessee

A new addition to Tennessee whiskey is Rollins Whiskey. The producer uses the complete  Lincoln County Process, which uses the best charcoal filter for Whiskey with rich sourced ingredients to produce sour mash golden color whiskey. The caramel aroma attracts many whiskey lovers, along with the spicy cinnamon and clove rounds the malt. The Rollins Tennessee Whiskey is one of the most highly awarded whiskeys due to its fantastic taste. It is worth its taste and price; if you want to add something new to your whiskey cart, I suggest you go for Rollins, Tennessee.

George Dickel Classic 8 Whiskey

Another addition of George Dickel, this is a bolder whiskey than Barrel select. This Tennessee whiskey comes with a smooth and balanced flavor with a caramel and wood aroma. It also offers maple and butter corn flavor. If you like traditional whiskeys, then for sure, you will love to add this to your cart.

Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey

Wonder, what is the difference between one Tennessee whiskey and another whiskey? When we talk about Clayton James, it has everything to do with Lincoln County Process. The first step to make this Whiskey is the fermentation of white corn and grain mash, then it is distilled in a copper pot, goes through a charcoal filter for Whiskey, and the last is cutting of tails and heads, then leaves for the aging process. This practice of Clayton James uses charcoal filtering to give the Whiskey a sweet and smoky taste.

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What Is Lincoln County Process?

The Lincoln County Process is famous in Tennessee, and the critical difference between Tennessee and other Bourbon whiskeys is they don’t use this process.

Best Charcoal Filter for Making Tennessee Whiskey

The first thing that producers do is get complex sugar maple trees for the production of charcoal. As Tennessee is an indigenous region, there are plenty of sugar maple trees available. If you think about why sugar maple trees are used, they are hardwood, and burning hardwood at higher temperatures gives great production of charcoal. Then charcoal is chipped in the roller to make chips of charcoal. If you want to know what size charcoal to filter, Whiskey must be used, and you must understand that charcoal chips are best, no matter whether it is round or square. The producers never go for large pieces as it becomes hard to go through the whole way. Although this filtration is a time-consuming task, the filtered Whiskey’s taste is significant.

Why Is Whiskey Filtered Out With Charcoal?

You must be thinking about why charcoal is used to filter Whiskey? Well, charcoal is a natural filter that has the capacity of absorbing some amount of the spirit and modifies the spirit character. This, in turn, works in providing a mature flavor to the Whiskey.

Wrap Up

Are you a Whiskey Lover? You might be looking for the best whiskeys in the world. The above list of Tennessee whiskeys is among the best due to their unique Lincoln County process. The producer uses the best charcoal filter for Whiskey to give outstanding taste and aroma of the Whiskey.

Do try one of these drinks and let us know if you could feel the mature flavor of charcoal filtered Whiskey and how it was different from other Bourbon whiskeys from around America.