What Is Whisky Made From

Has the taste of whisky surprised your taste buds? While drinking whiskey, are you curious about what is whiskey made from? If thinking of the components or the raw materials used in the formation of whiskey, read further.

Primarily 90% of the whiskey comprises food grains, but once it is distilled, it releases bacterias and becomes a spirit full of flavors.

Here is the complete guide to learning how whiskeys are made.

Various Whiskey And Their Manufacturing Items

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from malt, fermentation, and grain. Different whiskey’s making uses various ingredients, which are barley, corn, rye, and wheat. These ingredients went through the process of malting.

Wooden barrels are where you can store the whiskey for an extended period, but you have to make sure that it should be made of charred white oak. Not everyone can drink whiskey as it is an alcohol brand, so there are restrictions worldwide to drink a different whiskey. Age limit is one of the main factors in this.

The second thing is class. There are types of people belonging to different categories, and not all are allowed to drink every kind of whiskey. One of the main factors in this is the pricing. Some whiskey’s which are well aged and well fermented with genuine grains will cost you so high that an average person will not be able to buy it.

There are various brands to make low price whiskeys so that everyone can drink them. There are whiskey’s which are made in different countries, and from other ingredients, some of them are Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, wheat grain whiskey, malt whiskey, and rye whiskey.

Various Whiskey

What Whiskey Is Made From?

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch whisky has its origin in Scotland. There are several rules to make scotch whiskey. This is because there are 133 distilleries of scotch whiskey in Scotland, each with its recipe.

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What is Scotch Whiskey made from? Scotch Whiskey is mainly made from barley and malt. Malt is a cereal grain. For making a Scotch malt, grains were dried, from which it germinates the water, and then it germinates with hot air.

This is the process of malting. Barley is like grass but also a cereal grain which is also used to make scotch whiskey. Beer can also be made from barley. As in the 18th-century, whiskey was made from wheat and rye, but now it was originally made from malted barley. Scotch Whiskey can be classified into single malt, single grain, blended malt, blended grain, and blended Scotch Whiskey.

These whiskeys should remain in barrels for at least three years. You can see the marking in numerical form on the bottle. The age of the whiskey defines how good it is. The first scotch whiskey was recorded in 1494. It came with vodka and aquavit.

Irish Whiskey

It is made in Ireland Islands. The word whiskey itself came from Irish which means water of life. Irish whiskey once was the best whiskey worldwide, but it started declining from the late 19th century because of industry damage. In the 1890s, Ireland had 28 distilleries which in the late 19th century decreased to 2 only.

Irish Whiskey

Suddenly, from 1987, a new distillery started, which took over the market by 15 percent. From that time to now, Irish Whiskeys are the most loved and fastest growing whiskey brands. What are the ingredients used in the making of Irish whiskey? The ingredients used in Irish whiskeys are the same as scotch whiskey but what makes Irish whiskey more special is peat. Peat, also known as turf, is a material of vegetation that has decayed. It is found in peatlands.

Wheat Grain Whiskey

It refers to any whiskey made from wheat or grain except malted and barley. Malt whiskeys are generally made from malted barley. From what grain is this whiskey made? This type of whiskey could be made from corn, wheat, and rye. It just needs some enzymes of malted barley for only mashing if it is Irish or scotch whiskey.

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Americans and Canadians are the people who manufacture these types of whiskey. They love to drink only wheat and grain whiskeys. Malted whiskeys should have to be put in barrels for a very long period, but wheat and grain whiskeys are not that types, these types of whiskeys don’t need to be stored in barrels and can be put directly in the bottle.

Malt Whiskey

What is malt whiskey made from? Malted barley is the crucial ingredient in the making of malt whiskey. It is made at single distilleries with some restrictions. Malt whiskeys are commonly called single malt whiskey. However, it can be made from various grains such as rye or other malted grains. But then it will not be called single malt whiskey.

The whiskey’s name should be from the grain’s name, for example, rye malt whiskey, buckwheat malt whiskey. The government gives strict rules and regulations for malted whiskey like if you are making malted whiskey or scotch whiskey, you should have to put them in barrels for at least three years. Except for malted barley, no other grains should be used for malted whiskeys and single-malt whiskey.

Rye Whiskey

There are two types of rye whiskey. One is American rye whiskey, and the other one is Canadian rye whiskey. What is rye whiskey made from? The ingredients between these two whiskeys are different as American rye whiskey has 51 percent of rye grains.

The other components may include corn and malted barley, and Canadian rye whiskey does not include any rye grains as it is only named by rye whiskey. Rye whiskeys are usually put in the barrels for at least two years, but for Canadian rye whiskey, it is different.

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Rye Whiskey

Canadian rye whiskey should be placed in the 700 Litre barrel for two years. American rye whiskey doesn’t have alcohol more than 80 percent. Pennsylvania is the center of rye whiskey. Rye whiskey was produced in the late 1700s to early 1800. By 1808 farmers started selling half barrels of whiskey to women, children, and men.

One distillery was the single largest producer of rye whiskey at that time. They have produced around 30,000 barrels a year. Since that time, the rye whiskey industry has started to grow more and more. After that, in the late 19th century, the rye industry began to grow in different countries.

One of them was America, rye whiskey was quite popular at that time for the Americans, and soon later, they also started manufacturing it on a large scale.

But the first choice for them now is bourbon whiskey which was made from 51 percent of corn. On the other hand, Canadian rye whiskey is different because it is not made of rye. They just have an approved name tag from which they can sell their whiskey with the name of rye. It is mainly made up of wheat and corn.


For relishing a glass of whisky, it is important to know what these whiskies are made of and who makes them. Instead of being confused, you now know what these are made of. Hopefully, you also have an idea of which of them is suitable for you.

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