Best Lemon Juice for Whisky Sour

A whisky sour is a drink by mixing whisky, sugar, ice, and lemon juice. It’s an effortless drink which you can prefer both in summer as well as winter. During the summer days, a glass of whisky sour can quench your thirst. Well, you can also drink in winter as a refreshing beverage!

You can prepare this drink within a few minutes and can serve this drink to your friends. Sometimes guests arrive unannounced at your house. You may get confused about which drink to offer to entertain guests. A whisky sour is a perfect choice for guests. It’s a very refreshing drink and even good for health.

It’s good even for people who don’t like drinking whiskey because it takes out the intense flavor of whiskey and replaces it with lemon. In this article, we will discuss which is the best lemon juice for whisky sour.

History of Whisky Sour

The history of whisky sour is a bit chequered. One hundred years ago, people didn’t like the combination of sugar and sour taste in whisky.

A man named Elliot Scubb prepared the first whisky sour in 1872. But, it has not gained that much popularity in those years. After two decades, the recipe came in newspapers, and it became famous. Nowadays, many homes in the US love this drink.

Due to the balanced sweetness and sourness of this drink, it has a unique taste. Today it’s a trendy drink, and people celebrate 25th August as whisky sour day.

Best Lemon Juice for Whisky Sour

The best lemon juice for whisky sour is to use freshly squeezed lemon in your whisky. It will just taste fantastic. It has no preservatives. You need to cut the lemon with a knife and squeeze it. It is very simple.

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But, sometimes you don’t have lemon at home. You may have bottled lemon juice for whisky sour. The bottled lemon juice is readily available in the market. You can store it for months in your refrigerator. But, it is not suitable for health. It contains preservatives like sulfites which may cause illness and even reduce the taste.

Whisky Sour Preparation

Orange juice can be a good lemon juice substitute for whisky sour. Orange juice has lower acid content than lemon. It goes well with all varieties of whisky. So, the taste of whisky sour will not be spoilt.

A well-made whisky sour can make you feel relaxed. You need to mix fresh lemon juice in whisky sour. Again all the ingredients in a whisky sour to be added in a balanced manner. Too much sugar or lemon juice can spoil the taste.

Whisky Sour Preparation

It is very simple to make. You can prepare whisky sour within a few minutes.

#1. Whisky Sour By HomeMade Sugar Syrup


  • Whisky
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Lemon peel or maraschino cherry to decorate
  • Sugar syrup


You can make sugar syrup at home. Just mix the equal amount of sugar and water and simmer it on the stove. When the sugar particles completely dissolve, then you can switch off the stove. Allow the syrup to cool down completely.

You can cool it a bit more in the refrigerator. One can store simple sugar syrup in the fridge for at least one month. Whenever you need to make a whisky sour, you need to take it out from the refrigerator and add other ingredients.

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The whisky sour will taste good with the homemade sugar syrup. Now it’s time to prepare your whisky sour. Gather all the ingredients together. You can bring a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Then add whisky, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and sugar syrup and shake it.

Always try to use freshly squeezed lemon juice in whisky sour, which is the best lemon juice for whisky sour. Even a good quality should be preferred while making whisky sour. Otherwise, it may spoil the taste.

Shake it until it becomes completely cool. Now it’s ready to pour. Try to pour in a glass that will have some ice cubes. Garnish it with lemon peel or maraschino cherry. It will look great. You may also prefer orange peel to garnish your whisky sour.

#2. Whisky Sour By Egg White

Some people mix egg white in the whisky sour drink. It’s a unique taste that will make the drinker smoother. Using raw eggs may contain salmonella bacteria that can cause illnesses like upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, and cramps in the stomach.

Best Whisky Sour Preparation

Whenever you are using egg white, you prepare whisky sour, then don’t mix ice with all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker. The ingredients are the same as above, i.e., fresh lemon juice- the best lemon juice for whisky sour, sugar syrup, and whisky. When you need to serve your guests or family, at that time, you mix ice and shake for 30 seconds and do it.

#3. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup will taste awesome as compared to sugar syrup. You need to add many freshly squeezed lemon juice -the best lemon juice for whisky sour, maple syrup, ice, and whiskey in a cocktail shaker.

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Just add a pinch of cinnamon into this juice. It will give a warming flavor in the winter season. Shake all the ingredients together and strain it in a serving glass filled with ice cubes.

Maple syrup contains minerals and various antioxidants. So, it is suitable for your health.

It is a natural sweetener that you can extract from the sugar maple trees. You need to drill a hole in the maple tree and extract the syrup from the hole. You can then gather it in a container. Then you have to boil it till all the water evaporates.

Now the syrup is filtered and then ready to use. It is suitable for the health of people. Even when you use this syrup in your whisky sour, it will not increase your calorie.

Wrap Up

The freshly squeezed lemon juice is the best lemon juice for whisky sour. It’s pretty simple and easy to make. You need to mix all the ingredients properly and can prepare a healthy whisky sour drink.