Is Whiskey Stronger Than Vodka?

Are you confused between whiskey and vodka? Don’t know which of the drinks is stronger? Here we will help you to choose and find a conclusion which of the drinks is stronger.

U.S. sales of Jack Daniel’s whisky were nearly $318 million in 2019, while Smirnoff vodkas were over $321 million. We can very clearly see that there is a cutthroat competition here. But which is stronger and has a more intense flavor, let’s check it out.

Let’s know whiskey is stronger than vodka from these facts first.

Some Facts About Whisky And Vodka

Here we have listed some common facts that can justify which alcohol is better and stronger.

According To Scientific Justification

Scientifically, vodka is a mixture of ethanol and water with an ABV of 40%. The ethanol present in vodka is purified, dilated, and in the final product, it is just for the name. The vodka in the last is just water and spirit. Whereas whiskey is a combination of malting cereal fermented and diluted for years and matured with 40-60% of ABV. It has a more alcoholic presence, and the older the whiskey is, the harder it will be.

Whisky uses cereal as raw material, whereas you can make vodka with any starch-containing raw material. Whiskey doesn’t contain natural alcohol while vodka has. Also, scientists have shown that drinks with a higher ABV are stronger in flavor. Hence, it is clear through scientific justification that whiskey is stronger than vodka.

According To Health

As per the harmfulness of alcohol on the human body, most of the research and studies have found that whiskey is more harmful than vodka because it contains more harmful mixtures and chemicals. Vodka is refined alcohol and is processed servers times, distilled to make it almost equal to water and spirit.

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Whiskey Vs Vodka

However, we always say that an excessive dose of these liquors can be harmful and might harm your liver and complete digestive system. These alcohols are nothing but chemical and produce hazardous substances to your vital organs and might delay various organs’ procession. On the other hand, any alcohol taken in the right amount is okay.

So preferable if we talk about health hazards, consuming vodka is better than whiskey.

According To Flavor

As per the whiskey and vodka flavor, vodka has a light taste mixed and distilled with more water. You can find more information about this when visiting a gin distillery in Scotland. While the whiskey is a direct drink, the flavor and odor are intense, making a person have a stronger feeling.

It depends on the human body how the body and the nervous system react to the odor and taste of the particular drink.

But according to the flavor, most people feel whiskey is stronger. You can try and give your review.

According To Alcohol Strength

Alcohol depends on its strength, or say, the presence of alcohol in the drink. All the hard drinks are a combination of alcohol and diluted with other content. The more the percentage of alcohol in a drink, the more it is stronger.

According to law, whiskey and vodka both have 40% alcohol by volume ABV. But some of the whiskeys even have more than 40% ABV also. The strongness and strength depend on the % of alcohol present in it.

Also, both vodka and whiskey are stronger in their ways and respect. If you want to even go for a stronger drink, you can go for a drink with a higher ABV percentage.

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According To Hitting Capacity

Alcohol hits differently to different people. It depends on the person, and it isn’t easy to analyze. The concentration of harmful mixtures is more in the whiskey and less in vodka, making vodka a base point.

This harmful mix means the hangover from vodka is more while the hangover from whiskey is less as the chemical substances in the whiskey block negative influence. Moreover, if you drink bad whiskey, it can go opposite as well. It can hit you. Overall, it depends on brands and substances in it.

But concludingly vodka has more intoxication and hitting capacity. Over everything, whisky hits slowly and slowly. It makes you high but for a longer time. At the same time, the vodka hits early and gets down early.

According To Organoleptic Properties

Organoleptic properties include its color, smell, and taste. Whiskey is light-yellow to brown, smells, and tastes bad depending on how old it is. Simultaneously, the vodka is white and has no smell, over that its taste is if not good but not bad also. It is drinkable. Especially for a new drinker, this drink is perfect.

Moreover, if you go for a strong vodka, it will have no smell and taste. So, as per the organoleptic properties, vodka is a better choice.

Comparison between Whiskey and Vodka

According To The Consumption

Last but not least, the group of consumption matters a lot. If you wish to drink at a private place to engage in the atmosphere and get into group activities, you should go with whiskey.

On the other hand, when you are with your friend’s group or a loud group of acquaintances who are not into much drinking, you should prefer vodka. Vodka is suggested liquor, not for experts. Those who have good knowledge about the styles of whiskey can go with it.

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So, both are strong. It is just which group you are sitting in. You can choose whisky or vodka accordingly.


As per the judging facts, vodka wins from more points as it is more refined and distilled for a longer time, which means it has no imperfection, fewer chemicals, and toxic products.

Moreover, vodka gets you an early hangover and has a more demanding market as it comes in various flavors and immediate health benefits.

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