Glendronach Distillery

Glendronach Distillery

Glendronach received it’s license in 1826 but by then the distillery had been operating for several years. Glendronach is Gaelic for ‘Valley of the Brambles’.

In 1837 the distillery was struck by fire and as a result had financial problems. Glendronach was sold to Walter Scott in 1837. Scott, who previously had worked at the Teaninich Distillery, restored and expanded the distillery. In 1920 the distillery was acquired by Charles Grant (the founder of Glenfiddich and the son of William Grant). The distillery changed hands again in 1960, this time being sold to William Teacher & Sons.

In 1966 an extensive modernization vas done and two more stills were installed. Allied Distillers bought the distillery in 1976. Glendronach was mothballed in 1997 due to overcapacity. In 2002 the stores were back down to acceptable levels and distillation was resumed.

Production at Glendronach

Glendronach take their water from local sources in Dronach valley. The distillery used to control the entire production process, but since 1996 they buy their malt from central malting companies. The mash tun is made from cast iron and the nine washbacks are made from Oregon pine.

The current stillhouse is from 1967 and houses four stills which are coal-heated –the only ones in Scotland. The whisky is matured on site and is stored exclusively in used sherry casks which are used up to three times. Bottling is done in Dumbarton.

Glendronach is used in many blended whiskies produced by Allied Distiller’s, but is primarily used in Teacher’s..

Contact Glendronach

Glendronach Distillery
Forgue, Aberdeenshire
AB54 6DA

Phone: +44 (0) 1446 730 20
Visitors: Open all year round monday-friday. Tours start at 10am and 2pm. Admission is free.

Owner: Allied Distillers

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