White Oak Barrels for Whiskey

If you love whiskey, then you must love oak. The oak in which your whisky rests decides its taste, color, and flavors like vanilla, stress, caramel, and red fruit. According to the University of Missouri experts, a college of agriculture and natural resources, some of the world’s finest whiskey needs oak. Undoubtedly, the quality of whiskey depends on the white oak barrels for aging whiskey.

In this article, we will find out why white oak barrels are essential for whiskey products. You will also get to know about the significance of white oak barrels for whiskey. We also take a look into some of the best white oak barrels for whiskey.

#1. Sofia’s Findings American White Oak Barrel (2 Litres)

If you are looking for White oak barrels for aging whiskey, then Sofia’s findings are one of the best places where “aging is a good thing.” They offer a wide range of personalized American white oak barrels for whiskey. You cannot make whiskey at home with conventional 200 liters aging barrels. Sofia’s findings offer customized barrels for your personal needs of whiskey.


  • Hand-crafted American white oak barrel.
  • 90 day warranty period.
  • Engraved with a laser for perfection.
  • A perfect barrel to age wine, beer, whiskey, and rum.

Made From Authentic American Oak: One of the best takeaways of this 2-liter barrel is its authentic American oak.

Personalized Options Available: If you want to print your logo or any other name on the barrel, Sofia’s findings offer you the room to create your barrels with ease.

Medium Charred Interior: If you don’t like strong flavors, then you and this barrel are perfectly made for each other.


  • Hand-crafted to offer perfection for your needs.
  • It comes with a stand, bung, and spigot.
  • You can also use it for home decoration.


  • Presence of the wood chips inside the barrel.
  • Variation might occur as the barrel is hand-crafted.
  • You have to also seal the barrel in the right way by using the instructions given by the brand.

Sofia’s findings also offer 1-liter white oak barrels for aging whiskey. They also offer various other sizes, but the 2 liters one is their specialty.

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#2. Longhorn Barrels American Oak Barrel (5 Litre)

According to Longhorn barrels, using traditional barrels for aging whiskey is outdated. If you agree with them, you will love to explore the 5-liter American oak barre offered by Longhorn barrels. We all know that Missouri is famous for harvesting white oak and Longhorn barrels using the special American oak from Missouri, Kentucky, and California.


  • Hand-made by multi-generational coopers.
  • Charred from inside.
  • Enter your model number for a customized barrel.

Charred From Inside: Every single barrel from Longhorn barrels is deeply charred from inside to ensure that you get the natural sugar flavor from the woods.

Made With 100% Oak Wood: If you prefer quality over quantity, you must shop for barrels from Longhorn barrels.

Durability: 100% oak wood engineered with precision makes the barrel a reliable option to age your perfect drink.


  • The barrel comes with a stand for providing comfort.
  • It is a perfect Christmas gift option for all whiskey lovers.
  • Inside, the charing caramelized the sugar in the wood.
  • Barrels are processed well and checked before shipping.


  • Not made for brewers who love deep charred levels for whiskey.
  • Normally, 1 liter of Longhorn Barrels for whiskey takes five weeks to age.
  • The time taken for aging is directly proportional to the size of the barrel.

All in all, the 5 liter American Oak barrel from Longhorn Barrels is a perfect choice to age your favorite spirit.

#3. Thousand Oaks Barrel White Oak Barrel (1 liter)

Thousand Oak Barrels Co. is the leading oak barrel manufacturer in California. Founded in 1999, Thousand Oak barrels Co. provides perfect American oak barrels for aging your favorite drink. They foster premium quality oak barrels to ensure that your drink gets the perfect flavor which it deserves.


  • The only bourbon aging mini-barrel available in the market.
  • Mini-barrels are a perfect option for decoration.
  • Available with a spigot stand for extended use.
  • 8×10 times the increased taste of your favorite spirit.
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Age Your Favorite Cocktails: Apart from aging whiskey, bourbon, tequila, and scotch, you can also use the barrels for aging your favorite cocktails like negroni and Boulevardier.

Available With Barrel kits: The barrel is also available with a wooden stand, wooden bung, essential tool kits, and a handy manual.


  • Perfect barrel for home.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Beautiful home decor option for whiskey freaks.
  • It infuses natural wood sugars in your favorite spirits.


  • Limited quantity not for crazy drinkers.
  • Medium-charred.

Thousand Oak Barrels Co are not newcomers in the industry, and they offer barrels made from natural oak to bring in the best flavors.

#4. AIMEE-JL Whiskey Barrel (5 liters)

If you love maturing your spirit in vintage barrels, then nothing can match the conventional nature of this 5L whiskey barrel dispenser from AIMEE-JL. The whiskey barrel brings unique vintage styles and designs that make it perfect for traditional homes.


  • It comes with smooth unfinished wooden surfaces.
  • Classic small barrel for personal use.
  • Made with 100% oak wood.

Customization: You can use this barrel according to your needs as you can customize your flavors.

Elegant Display: If you are looking for a beautiful home decor product, then this barrel is the best option available in the market.

Small But Mighty: The whiskey barrel only provides 5 L storage, but it is enough for domestic purposes.


  • Perfect gift for adults.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ready to use the option available.


  • Plastic lining means no infusion of wood sugars.
  • You can only use it to highlight your bar theme.

If you need something extravagant to make your bar look amazing, this is the right product you must shop to give a classic feel to your bar.

What Are The Different Types Of Oak Woods?

Now that you are well aware that wooden casks or oak barrels significantly impact the taste and quality of the whiskey. Let us know how different types of oak woods provide additional flavors to the whiskey.

White Oak Barrels

American Oak

American oak or white oaks are prevalent in the eastern part of America. The American white oak tree also grows faster when compared to various other oak trees, which count for its scalability and affordability. They are also very dense (770kg/m3) when compared to their European counterparts.

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European Oak

European oaks have their lineage in Europe, Turkey, and Russia. The European oak tree also grows a bit slower when compared to the American white oak. You can find abundant gallic acid in the European oak, which is responsible for the bitter taste. It is also less dense (70 kg/m3), making the whisky a bit spicy.

Mizunara Oak

Mizunara oak comes from North-East Asia. The main job of the Mizunara oak is to make premium-quality furniture. It is also highly dense, and its staves are not straight, making it difficult to cut. Mizunara oak also doesn’t have oil enzymes like American oak and European oak, and because of this, a lot of spirit and whiskey evaporates and escapes through its walls.

Maple Oak

Maple is one of the most common types of oak found in Europe, Asia, Northern America, and Central America. It also has the lowest density, which is (653 kg/m3) which makes the oak special.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reuse Oak Barrels for Whiskey?

According to research, you can reuse an oak barrel 4 times for whiskey. With too much use, the impact of oak reduces. Hence you can see a downfall in the taste of the whiskey. You can also reuse the barrel for small plants.

How Much Do Whiskey Barrels Cost?

The average price of a whiskey barrel is 189 US dollars. The price range for oak barrels for whiskey lies between 149 US dollars to 229 US dollars. The price is also affected by the quality and quantity of the oak barrels.


You have to understand the oak barrel to create good whiskey. Share this article with all the whiskey lovers in your circle to make them understand its rich tradition. Also, do post your opinion about whiskey casks and oak barrels in the comments section below.