Why Add Water To Whiskey?

Are you bored of drinking the whiskey regularly? Do you want to see what goes well with the whiskey? They can be water, soda, apple cider, sweet vermouth, and also coffee. According to alcohol’s chemistry, some additives like water should be added to enjoy whiskey’s real flavor.

To know why you should add water to the whiskey, read here!

Why Add Water To Whiskey?

Water is not a new component to whiskey makers. One of the main ingredients in any whiskey is water. Water is critical in the distillation process. Every famous whiskey brand always tries to balance chosen flavors, ethanol, and water when they make a whiskey. Ethanol and water always work to hold all the flavors together. They give the best combination out of all these ingredients. In general, before whiskey is bottled, some water is added to dilute the whiskey to reach about 40 percent of alcohol by volume.

When We Add Water, What Happens To Whiskey?

When we add water to the whiskey, it is going to bring certain flavors out of it. It is like opening up the flavors distributed and sometimes deposited at the bottom and letting them emerge. This deposit happens because water will rearrange all the existing molecules of the whiskey resulting in new flavors.

The interaction of water with flavors varies between types of whiskey. Some flavors might react very strongly with water, whereas some may not show any impact of this. Some might even extract new flavors out of the whiskey and bring out a fresh aroma.
So it is conditional and differs from component to component.

Some molecules might have a slight reaction with water and stay with it in the glass, whereas some might come out from the glass when they repel in the form of aroma, giving out a pleasing smell of the flavors. You can enjoy this smell by pulling the glass close to your nose and then take a sip of your whiskey.

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What Happens When You Add Water To Whiskey

Does The Type Of Water Matter?

It indeed does because the type of water you add will influence the flavors in the whiskey. It necessarily need not be distilled water; it can be the regular water you drink because that taste is familiar to your taste buds. Remember, you should avoid water with any new type of minerals because it will influence the whiskey’s flavor.

Why Add Drops Of Water To The Whiskey?

If you want to give new flavors to your whiskey, you can add drops of water to it. Adding little drops of water will always enhance or give out new flavors or aroma to the whiskey. It is going to disturb the molecules in the whiskey and give out new flavors.

Why Add A Splash Of Water To The Whiskey?

When you find the whiskey very strong or too bitter, you can add a splash of water into it. Adding a splash of water will reduce the bitterness and make the drink subtle; you can taste it now. If you find it still bitter, you can add more water and then sip it up if you like the taste.

When You Add a Splash Of Water – What Happens?

When you add a splash of water into the whiskey, it will disturb the evenly distributed molecules or molecules settled in the whiskey’s bottom. The aroma and other flavors come out of it.

What Else Can We Add To The Whiskey To Bring Out Flavors?

Below are examples of five options that we can mix with the whiskey to bring out different flavors.

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What Else Can You Add With Whiskey

Lemonade: Lemonade is one of the childhood favorites of all. When you mix it with bourbon whiskey, it is going to give the best barbecue flavor. Also, adding up fruits like blueberry or blackberry will add a fruity flavor to the same.

Soda: When you add soda to your whiskey, it will have a neutral effect on the whiskey as soda tastes neutral. But the output drink out of this will have fewer calories.

Sweet Vermouth: As the name indicates, sweet vermouth will add a sweet flavor to the whiskey. Do try it with bourbon because it will give out a lovely sweet version of the new cocktail. When added in the correct ratio, two parts of some whiskey and one part of sweet vermouth give out Manhattan.

Apple Cider: The Addition of apple cider when it is hot or cold gives out beautiful flavors in the whiskey. Adding hot apple cider will make a hot cocktail, whereas cold gives out oak and caramel flavors from the whiskey.

Coffee: Having a whiskey spiked with coffee is the best. Add two ounces of bourbon and add an equal amount of coffee and hot chocolate to it. This combination is going to taste bitter, and you will love it. If you like the flavor, try more of such combinations to enjoy the whiskey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ok To Add Water To The Whiskey?

Adding water to the whiskey is ok. It either does these outcomes once added. The addition of water can bring out new flavors in the whiskey d.or it may not show any effect on certain flavors. Sometimes if there is no variation in taste, the aroma can be seen when you add water.

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How Much Water Can You Add To The Whiskey?

The quantity of water to be added depends on one’s taste. If you want to experiment to see new flavors, you can add a few drops. But if your drink is very strong or tasting bitter, you can add a splash of water-based on taste.

Which Water Can You Add To The Whiskey?

You can add the regular drinking water we use in the house to the whiskey because this has a familiar taste to us, and a change in the flavor of whiskey won’t be that much of an issue to us.

How Much Water Is In The Whiskey Before We Add It?

Water content in the whiskey varies from type to type. Whiskey is a combination of flavor, ethanol, and water. The amount of water, in particular whiskey, depends upon the distillation process applied. Water content depends upon the proof coming out of that whiskey.

Does Drinking The Whiskey Diluted In Water Will Deteriorate The Taste Of The Whiskey?

Not necessarily; when we answer this question, we have to consider two factors. One factor is a change in the taste based on the flavor’s reaction and the quantity of water added, and how it is drunk? Is it gulped or taken as sips. You can relish any whiskey when taken sip by sip.


Having a whiskey is all about satisfying our taste buds. Explore more and enjoy the unique flavors it offers. Try adding some water into your whiskey today and get the taste of a new flavor. If our article is useful, please share it further, and share your comments and suggestions