17 Best Gifts To Buy A Whisky Drinker

Whisky or alternatively, whiskey, is one of the most popular distilled alcoholic beverages around. Created from fermented grain mash and aged in wooden casks, its proponents love it with the kind of passion that one usually associates with ardent sports fans.

In light of this, we have created a guide to the best gifts to buy a whisky drinker celebrate the unique love that whisky drinkers have for this distinct spirit. Fortunately, for those looking for gifts for the whisky lover in their lives, whisky gifts exist in abundance. Some of them celebrate the drink itself, while others celebrate the spirit that went into creating this amazing drink.

On the Rocks Chilled Granite Rocks Set

Whisky on the rocks takes on a whole new meaning when you give the whisky lover in your life this clever rocks set. Made from granite stones taken from the beaches of New England, these rocks will never dilute the flavor of your whiskey.

To use them, you simply put the rocks in the freezer for a couple of hours before using. Once you’re ready to to serve your whisky, drop the chilled stones in the glass. Once you’re done using them, wash them off and place them back into their holder. Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them again.

Whiskey Wedge Ice Maker

n the other hand, if you believe the whisky drinker in your life only wants rocks of the frozen North kind, then you may want to gift him the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. This silicone ice form creates a piece of wedge-shaped ice that perfectly chills your whisky. All the user needs to do is freeze some water in the tumbler that’s included with the order. It freezes in the glass in wedge form. The set includes the whiskey wedge and the matching glass.

Like Whisky for Chocolate

Or is it the other way around? Either way, this set of five two-ounce chocolate bars introduces whisky lovers to the world of chocolate enhanced by spirits. Created by San Fransisco-based master chocolatiers, each chocolate bar is a blend of gourmet milk and dark chocolate, as well as a handful of special ingredients. These ingredients – spicy cinnamon, maple syrup and succulent honey – draw you into the moment, creating a truly unique tasting experience. The chocolate bars enrich five whisky flavours in all.

Bourbon Marshmallows

Since you’re already ordering chocolate for the whisky fan in your life, you might as well go ahead and order him some of these bourbon marshmallows, too. Talk about a recipe for some pretty stellar S’mores. These marshmallows are made with Makers Mark Straight Bourbon Whisky, cane sugar (instead of corn syrup), pure vanilla extract, kosher gelatin, cream of tartar and confection sugar. Yum.

The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem

“The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem” graphic novel-style cocktail recipe book is just what whisky fans would expect to come out of The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog bar in New York City. The vibe of this cocktail recipe book retells tales from the era of “Gangs of New York,” but puts a cool modern spin on them. The illustrations in the book have a “Sin City” kind of vibe and provide a perfect backdrop for the cocktail recipes found inside this collectible book.

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Comic art collectors will love the book for its sleek illustrations. Whisky lovers will love the 90 cocktail recipes. This is one of the cleverest and best gifts for whisky drinker we’ve seen in a while.

Subscription for Flaviar Spirits

Why make your favourite whisky fan settle for one bottle of excellent whisky when you can send him a new variety of spirits every month? If you order a subscription for Flaviar Spirits, he won’t have to settle for just one bottle.

Similar in concept to the wine of the month club, this subscription service sends members an excellent bottle of spirits each month. It’s also possible for members to try Flaviar-exclusive spirits, which have been co-created with the input of club members.

Membership additionally includes virtual and live tasting events, an awesome referral program and free shipping each month. As far as whisky gifts go, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Bourbon and Brown Sugar Candle

Spice up your favourite whisky lovers man cave with this clever gift. This long-lasting soy wax bourbon and brown sugar scented candle subtly fills the air with the sweet scents of double-oak bourbon and salted brown sugar caramel. Once the candle burns down to nothing, the container becomes part of the gift recipient’s whisky tumbler collection.

Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey

A man’s gotta eat, and when he does, nothing tastes better than pork and pickles washed down with a bit of whisky. Fortunately, chef John Currence, a James Beard Award-winning chef that hails from the South, has got you covered on that front.

This cookbook covers various cooking techniques, like pickling and canning, roasting and braising, boiling and simmering, muddling and stirring and smoking and brining to name but a few techniques. The 130 recipes inside have been designed to taste great when paired with some of the most popular flavours of whisky.

Stunning photography, fascinating personal stories and music pairings provide a gorgeous backdrop for the recipes inside. Whisky lovers can download the songs that go with each of the recipes on Spotify.com. This is a truly unique book.

Whisky Sour Pickles

Speaking of pickles, if your whisky-loving friend’s pickling and canning abilities aren’t quite up to snuff yet, the Brooklyn Brine Co. has got him covered. The company’s Whiskey Sour Pickles brings the flavour of rye whisky to your pickle jar. These pickles pack an extra punch. Your favourite whisky fan will be forgiven if he eats the contents of the jar in one sitting. Better get him two just in case.

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101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Created for whisky enthusiasts by whisky enthusiasts, this book may just be the whisky drinker’s Bible. While the recommended whiskies offer the whisky drinker a unique experience, the whiskies are not obscure nor do they cost a fortune.

Rather, the list was created to allow both experienced whisky aficionados, as well as novices, the opportunity to try some out-of-this-world spirits. If you can only buy one book for the whisky drinker in your life, you might want to make it this one.

Pappy & Company Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

While some die-hard whisky drinkers may stick to plain whisky in a glass, others like to sweeten the experience with flavours, like maple syrup. For them, there’s Pappy & Company’s Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. This sap-harvested maple syrup ages for at least six months in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. This accounts for why pancakes, waffles and your whisky drinker’s favourite spirits have such an unbelievable taste when a little of this sweet maple syrup gets added to the mix.

The Night’s Watch Oban Bay Reserve Single Malt

“Game of Thrones” changed the television landscape forever, creating a cultural phenomenon whose influence will last for years to come. Case in point? The Night’s Watch Oban Bay Reserve Single Malt by Reserve Bar, which pays homage to the guards of the Night’s Watch, the men who keep the Night King and his minions on the right side of the wall.

The spirit of Castle Black lives at the Oban distillery, the maker of the Night’s Watch Whisky. High above a bay on a steep cliff in Scotland, this distillery overlooks the sea just as Castle Black overlooks the wild lands of the haunted forest.

As for the whisky itself, it was made to keep cold nights at bay, with its candied orange peel, cherry pie and creme caramel overtones. It’s a collector’s item for both whisky aficionados, as well as fans of “Game of Thrones.”

A Field Guide to Whisky

New whisky fans are born every day, and for them, there are few better ways to get up to speed on their favourite spirit than with “A Field Guide to Whisky.” This compendium distills down all the information that your gift recipient needs to know in just over 300 short blurbs, which explain everything from why whisky has two spellings to the different types of whisky. Whisky fans can read it cover to cover or skip around to find the exact information they need.

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

The Old Fashioned counts as an old standby for whisky drinkers everywhere. This sweet and musky concoction mixes sugar that has been muddled with bitters and a twist of orange or lemon.

While it’s not a difficult drink to make, an Old Fashioned kit allows whisky drinkers to spend less time making drinks and more time enjoying them. This kit comes with a three-chile simple syrup and mandarin chips. To prevent the spicy kick of this drink from taking its toll on the tongue, a side of chocolate bitters is included to help turn spicy into smooth. This kit makes up to eight drinks. (Whisky is not included in the kit.)

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Flask and Funnel Made of Stainless Steel

This stainless steel flask and funnel set by Top Shelf Flasks is perfect for bringing spirits along on camping expeditions, road trips and more. It holds eight ounces of liquid and includes a funnel to make it easier to pour the spirits. The screw-down cap ensures that the cap won’t be lost in travel, and a welded, leak-proof seal keeps the contents inside.

Tantalus Wine and Liquor Bottle Lock

A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, and when it comes to protecting his spirits, that might mean locking them up. Usually, this is behind the closed doors of a liquor cabinet, but when that’s not available, the Tantalus wine and liquor bottle lock might be the next best thing. It’s made to fit most standard wine and liquor bottles. Its locking mechanism is tamper-resistant. Give this to the whisky fan your life and earn a life-long pal.

For the Guy Who Has Everything…

Everyone knows that a good glass of whisky makes you float just a bit higher through the day, at least metaphorically. Now, it can be literally. If the whisky lover in your life pretty much has everything, you may have to think outside the box (or the glass) to really impress him. That’s why a levitating cup for whisky, beer, coffee and more needs to be on your list of best whisky gifts.

Made by Levitating, this levitating glass will provide more than just a few minutes of mirth. It might just be the main feature at the next party your favourite whisky drinker has. Turn on the wireless chargeable base to make beer, wine and liquor float magically. The set comes with a shatterproof faux-glass and the wireless base.

So, What Are The Best Gifts To Buy A Whisky Drinker?

While it’s true that you can take a trek to the local liquor store and buy the whisky drinker in your life an ordinary bottle of spirits off the shelves, it’s likely that you want to do something that makes more of a statement. This is particularly true if the whisky drinker in your life is your dad or granddad or someone else who’s special to you.

Buying one or more of the gifts on this lists ensures that your favourite whisky fan will not only love the gift you give him, but use it often. From the floating whisky tumbler to the whisky of the month subscription, these gifts are both clever and unique. As a whole, the gifts list includes gifts for whisky drinkers at every level of experience from the newbie to the bonafide aficionado, so there’s something for everyone.